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Issue of March 2007

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March 2007- Cover Story
IT In Retail
- Overview
- Software
- Hardware

February 2007- Cover Story
Case Study Special - The Best of 2006
- Disaster recovery
- Servers
- Government
- Wireless & mobile enablement
- Document Management

January 2007- Cover Story
Microsoft Security Strategist Awards - The Class of 2006
The Microsoft Security Strategist Awards were presented at Technology Senate 2006 in front of an audience of over 180 CIOs while cruising on the high seas to Lakshadweep and back. Through these awards, the Indian Express Group recognises the most secure organisations and the individuals who are responsible for security at them.

December 2006 - Cover Story
Techscope 2007
10 technologies that will transform enterprise computing.

November 2006 - Cover Story
The Art of the IT deal
When it comes to IT deployments there's often more than meets the eye. First off, a CIO has to win over the CEO/CFO and the board of directors to his way of thinking and convince them that a deployment is necessary. Then comes winnowing the grain from the chaff as negotiations with vendors commence. After that it's off to legal for a once-over of the contracts and SLAs; this is where the fine print gets put under a magnifying glass. Somewhere in between is the knotty process of picking out the best software licencing model.

October 2006 - Cover Story
For a few papers less
Although the concept of a paperless office hasn't become a reality, it has had a far-reaching impact on most organisations.
Foremost among such technologies is perhaps the EDMS (Electronic Document Management System).
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the technology that simplifies the interchange of information between computers. Then there are digital signatures. Although adoption has been slow so far, the technology has tremendous potential as an authentication and verification mechanism that could grease the squeaky wheels of e-commerce-be it B2C or e-procurement.

September 2006 - Cover Story
21st century DR
3DR, CDP, ILM-these are some of terms that are bandied about when one talks about Disaster Recovery (DR) today.Then comes Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), and multi-city DR.A look at how all these components can be an integral part of the 3DR big picture if executed right.

August 2006 - Cover Story
Server Update 2006
x86 servers are gaining ground as dual-core server chips are making their presence felt and chip-assisted virtualisation is becoming a feasible reality on this platform. The emergence of an entire virtualised ecosystem around the server in the form of virtual I/O has been unexpected.

July 2006 - Cover Story
Mobile goes the app
Enterprise applications on mobile devices have acquired quite a bit of buzz. Initially centred around the PDA, the action's moved onto encompass smartphones.
With more powerful hardware, dependable communication links, better throughputs, and lower costs-it's a no-brainer. Be it EDGE or GSM, CDMA or Wi-Fi, mobile devices are reliably connected with links that can match the performance levels demanded by enterprise applications.
Mobile applications have also matured, and most vendors provide mobile versions of many applications. That's precisely why an increasing number of enterprises already have, are, and will go mobile.
While concerns such as security are associated with mobile applications, the pros outweigh the cons.

June 2006 - Cover Story
Infrastructure Strategies '06
India Inc's IT Plans
Investment trends across technology verticals
CIO commentary on key findings


May 2006 - Cover Story
On the shoulders of giants
Newton's admission (though not exactly intended that way at the time) is apt in the enterprise IT context of today because there is no technology deployment which does not derive lessons learned from earlier projects deployed within the organisation or elsewhere. Keeping this in mind, Network Magazine decided to take a retrospective look at some of the outstanding deployments that we have had the fortune of covering over the past two years. The menu covers topics from enterprise networking to enterprise-wide applications to empowerment of the masses. Join us in this walk down memory lane as we turn the pages of history to help the introspection process. After all, it is but the same spoke which turns time and again when it comes to implementation challenges.
April 2006 - Cover Story
Spinning the RIO web
Technology brings the world nearer, and the CIO's cse has been no different. In fact, relationships become crucial to the CIO's new job role, and more importantly, to his survival. These relationships spectrums consist of end-users, business entities, top management, vendor-partners, service providers, and so on. Maintaining these will make the difference in a CIO's career path, and it is this integration capability which will enable CIOs to move ahead in today's organisations. This is why it is time for CIOs to don the role of an RIO-Relationship Integration Officer. Read on to see how many a successful CIO has already traversed this new path.
March 2006 - Cover Story
The great IT-ITO makeover
It is a testing time for the CIO and his ITO as companies attempt to maximise returns from existing investments.They have also started to test the waters with trends such as SOA to re-architect the way IT components are put together. In this month's cover story we present the makeover that IT architecture and the ITO are undergoing.
February 2006 - Cover Story
More than meets the eye
While much has been written about the benefits of Business Intelligence (BI), and how to deploy it, two crucial aspects of BI have been overlooked in the past-preparing for BI, a major endeavour in itself, and hooking up BI to customers and suppliers. For our February cover story we talked to BI specialists and CIOs of organisations that have deployed BI to get their take on best practices regarding data clean-up, readying data sources, optimising Extract Transform Load, and finally linking BI to other systems for optimal benefit.
January 2006 - Cover Story
Ushering in 2006
It is the time of the year when we put on our forecasting hats and read the tea leaves to pick out the top technology trends that will have an impact on enterprise computing in the coming year.This is why TechScope 2006 is more about a look at the technology choices that a majority of Indian enterprises are likely to go in for during this year. Choices and trends that have moved past the ‘concept’ or initial stage. Turn this page for a look at what the year holds for India Inc. on the technology front.

December 2005 - Cover Story
The Devil Lies In The Details
Do you have a DR or BC plan for your organisation? This is a question to which many Indian organisations will nod in the affirmative. But ask about the efficacy of these strategies in real-life situations and the answer is likely to be hazy. The following stories are an attempt to look at the present DR and BC status of Indian organisations.

November 2005 - Cover Story
The Class Of Innovators : 2005
Innovations—small, medium, and larger than life — are routine for the Indian CIO and his organisation. Projects are undertaken and they provide business benefits while a tight focus is maintained on cost, time and quality. These endeavours are examples for those who want to follow the successful trail that the winners have blazed.
October 2005 - Cover Story
The Lords of Security Strategy
We presented the most brilliant enterprise information security strategy makers of the nation with special awards to encourage them, and other aspiring winners to keep their organizations secure against all threats - internal and external.
September 2005 - Cover Story
S is for storage?
Storage is perhaps the costliest element in enterprise infrastructure. It also happens to be one of the most difficult to manage.
August 2005 - Cover Story
IT For The Common Man
An attempt to show how IT is reaching out to the masses. It is about technological efforts that attempt to ease a common man’s life. It deals with the challenges that folks implementing these extraordinary projects have faced.
July 2005 - Cover Story
Server Update 2005
It's an exciting time in the server mart as x86 servers go 64-bit and attempt to move beyond the application tier into the heart of the data centre, which is still dominated by RISC boxes from Sun, IBM and HP.
June 2005 - Cover Story
Chicken soup for the CIO
If there is one survey to rule them all in the landscape of Indian IT, it's the one that you hold in your hands. The team at Network Magazine and the folks at IMRB have come out with an exhaustive compendium of information that tells you what CIOs think about everything under the IT sun.
May 2005 - Cover Story
Getting your CRM right
In the past Indian companies focussed themselves on being product-centric and sales-centric. But in the new economy, where competition is fierce and on a global scale, the customer can pick and choose the company he or she wants to go with.
April 2005 - Cover Story
IP Storage to the fore
Constantly rising datasets mandate investments in storage that form a significant chunk of IT budgets. Storage vendors are combating these with a slew of technologies.
March 2005 - Cover Story
Driving Regulatory Compliance
Our cover stories this month deal with the regulations that organisations need to comply with, and how IT can help them do just that.
February 2005 - Cover Story
Forecast 2005 - The year ahead in IT
Forecast 2005 showcases India's business and technology leaders' prognosis for the year in IT. It also looks at ways in which IT will enhance business value by enabling more efficient and reliable operations.
January 2005 - Cover Story
Powering the inner circle
Is Cat 5 still a viable option when it comes to LANs? What is the status of the much touted Cat 7 standard? How far (or close!) are Gigabit Ethernet, fibre to the desktop and 10 Gigabit over copper from India's corporate LAN? Read Network Magazine's status check on the wired Indian enterprise LAN and find out. by Anil Patrick R
December 2004 - Cover Story
Recognition for the innovators
The Indian enterprise is at par with the best of businesses out there. Thanks to our ability to create innovative solutions to enable the business and take it to the next level. This is the story of organizations that dared to dream. And this is our endeavor to honor them—this is the Computer Associates Intelligent Enterprise Awards 2004. by Anil Patrick R
November 2004 - Cover Story
The League of enterprise Defenders
Does thy organization have a Security Strategist? This is a question that enterprises should ask themselves if they intend to stay in business, or else corporate espionage and internal user threats will bring them down if the viruses, worms, and script kiddies don't. Every organization needs its own Security Strategist and we look at the qualities that make one. by Anil Patrick R
October 2004 - Cover Story
Outsourcing - A Strategic Decision?
Does strategic outsourcing actually benefit an organization? Or will it backfire in the long run? Here's how outsourcing has impacted organizations in India, and how it can benefit you. by Soutiman Das Gupta
September 2004 - Cover Story
Documented Storage Policy and ILM
LG Electronics Private Limited has a documented storage policy and uses ILM-specific strategies in its network.

August 2004 - Cover Story
Married to the Organization.
Despite the oft-repeated phrase, "No one is indispensable," every organization acknowledges that people are a valuable asset. Because when people move on for better opportunities, they take with them skill sets that are essential for the business.

July 2004 - Cover Story
Will wireless work for you?
The Wi-Fi storm brewed a couple of years ago and made many promises to the Indian enterprise. But was it all just a storm in a teacup? Though it was touted as the 'next big thing' for enterprises, not many Indian companies actually put their money into this technology.

June 2004 - Cover Story
The changing role of the CIO
The CIO is now considered a part of the executive management team, and the role of the CIO designate is fast evolving.
May 2004 - Cover Story
Corporate data centers come of age
As exponential growth and global organizations become prime focus areas, centralization is the order of the day. The mantra for today's business is 'right information at the right time', and the corporate data center plays a pivotal role.

April 2004 - Cover Story
Storage on tap
Tackling issues like interoperability and scalability is a routine thing for CIOs. But what really matters today is the availability of information. by Prashant L Rao and Abhinav Singh.

March 2004 - Cover Story
From the wire-room to the boardroom
A CIO of a mature organization of today has shed the so-called 'strictly techie' status to step into a leadership role in business strategy planning. by Minu Sirsalewala

February 2004 - Cover Story
IT on a platter
To provide IT as a service, the CIO has to evolve the IT department into a service provider within the company. And in such a situation, it's important to take a fresh look at the IT infrastructure and devise strategies to manage it optimally. by Soutiman Das Gupta

January 2004 - Cover Story
The next big thing in enterprise technology
A look at the infrastructure trends that have impacted enterprises around the world recently, and that are likely to impact Indian Enterprises in 2004

December 2003 - Cover Story
Network Cabling: New possibilities
IAlong with enterprise hardware and software, companies should also upgrade its existing cabling infrastructure. A look at the current and future cabling possibilities for networks in an enterprise. by Soutiman Das Gupta
November 2003 - Cover Story
Enterprise Under Attack!
In the information economy, IT infrastructure and the Internet form the pulse for business. In this scenario, can you allow a single person to hold your business to ransom? by Brian Pereira
October 2003 - Cover Story
ERP: Striking it right
The main causes for ERP failure are not technical or integration issues. The success of ERP depends on how one handles change, as one's organization migrates from a legacy system to ERP. by Brian Pereira
September 2003 - Cover Story
Managing your storage infrastructure
With multiple terabytes of data being generated by Indian companies, managing storage infrastructure is a big challenge say Abhinav Singh & Akhtar Pasha
August 2003 - Cover Story
Walking the fine line
The success of an enterprise-wide IT project depends on good planning and design. Here's an account of the few things that really matter. by Brian Pereira
July 2003 - Cover Story
From raw to intelligence
A look at how Business Intelligence tools can help your company achieve cost and strategic benefits, and the ways in which it helps businesses in different verticals derive more value of the data already present in its systems ... by Soutiman Das Gupta
June 2003 - IS2003
What’s behind IT investment?
Which technologies are CIOs planning to invest in this year? Is IT aligned with business in Indian enterprises? Do CIOs calculate financial ROI, or are they more focused on the intangibles? Does the CFO play a role in evaluating IT investments? The answer to all these questions is what 'Infrastructure Strategies 2003' (IS 2003) is all about.
May 2003 - Cover Story
Powering up the business
Power conditioning is essential for any enterprise that wants to provide five-nines uptime. Here are some typical power-related problems and ideal strategies to counter them. by Soutiman Das Gupta

April 2003 - Cover Story
Information Security: A new approach
Due to factors like globalization and directives from regulators, certain Indian companies are now more serious about Information Security. But the rest are complacent and need to do a lot more than just solutions implementation. by Brian Pereira

March 2003 - Cover Story
The Linux question
When the Linux kernel was written by Linus Torvalds, many thought that the new open source OS was just hype.
February 2003 - Cover Story
Shopping for Servers
Buying servers may seem like risky business, especially since it involves big spending. But by taking the right steps IS managers can make cautious decisions and choose the right solutions to ensure return on server investment. by Brian Pereira
January 2003 - Cover Story
TechScope Trends in 2003
2002 was the year of regulated IT budgets, ROI-focused investments and increased efficiencies. So what will be the likely scenario in 2003? Will enterprises allocate more for IT? Which are the technology areas they will or should invest in?

December 2002 - Cover Story
Addressing Storage Management Challenges
Spurred mainly by explosive data growth, enterprises have wisened up and moved to network-centric storage models to keep its data safe. But the real task is to manage the storage in spite of its challenges. by Soutiman Das Gupta

November 2002 - Cover Story
How Effective is your Security Policy
Indian Inc is now more serious about IS security. But security begins with a policy and not many enterprises have a formal security policy. Among those that have a policy, many admit it isn't effective enough or it isn't on par with international standards. by Brian Pereira
October 2002 - Cover Story
Case Study Special: An overview

Connecting theory to practice
A collection of eight case studies that talk about companies that re-modelled themselves into smart knowledge-driven enterprises ...
September 2002 - Cover Story
A suitable software licensing policy
Software vendors offer licensing policies catering to the differing requirements of various organizations. So what's on offer and how does one pick the best policy? by Brian Pereira

August 2002 - Cover Story
Implementing a Business Continuity Plan
When business is heavily dependent on IT infrastructure, all risks and threats need to be considered. A well documented Business Continuity Plan ensures that your data and infrastructure are covered. by Brian Pereira

July 2002 - Cover Story
Realising ROI > 8 Industry Veterans share their Views
Calculating ROI (Return on Investment) on IT is no longer optional; it is rapidly becoming a requirement prior to any capital investment in IT. In the recent Network Magazine-ORG-MARG survey (Infrastructure Strategies 2002), 34 percent of the IT Heads said they consider ROI as an important decision-making parameter for an IT investment.
June 2002 - Cover Story
Infrastructure Strategies 2002 > Maintaining a fine balance
The days of carefree IT spending has given way to an era of regulated IT budgets, ROI focused investments and increased efficiencies.
May 2002 - Cover Story
Broadband: How much bandwidth do you need?
Bandwidth will soon be available on tap and there are a plethora of broadband connectivity solutions. But are enterprises using bandwidth-hungry applications yet? by Brian Pereira
April 2002 - Cover Story
Enterprise storage: A strategy to consider
Data generated in your company is not getting any lesser even in the trying economic times. A networked storage strategy with specialized architectures will help store the growing volumes, apply management techniques, and provide easy access to all.
March 2002 - Cover Story
The 64-bit question: Will enterprises bite the bait?
The 64-bit platform has been around since the late 90's when Digital Equipment (now a Compaq company) introduced its Alpha systems in the country. Ever since, large enterprises deployed servers, operating systems, middleware and applications at the backend.
February 2002 - Cover Story
Speak Easy
The VoIP market is set to explode once the telecom sector opens up and IP Telephony is legalized in April 2002. Some enterprises have already deployed this technology and are leveraging its benefits. by Brian Pereira
January 2002 - Cover Story
A holistic approach to network management
Network management is not just about using software to monitor performance. It's important to 'tune' applications, address issues like security and bandwidth optimization.
December 2001 - Cover Story
Enterprise Security: Chinks in the armor
Digitized information is a highly valued asset for most enterprises, but how serious are companies about information security?
November 2001 - Cover Story
Lan in the Sky
Wireless LANs can be implemented fast, and provide mobility and easy access. Here's how you can make it work for your enterprise.
October 2001 - Cover Story
Management Services
Following a global trend, hosting providers, systems integrators, and xSPs in India are quickly adapting infrastructure for management services.
September 2001 - Cover Story
Network Management should be proactive and pre-emptive
As business dependence on IT infrastructure increases, network management goes beyond troubleshooting and device configuration
August 2001 - Cover Story
Servers shape up for scalability, availability
Though mainframe computers continue to exist, servers rule the roost in today's businesses, and borrow from mainframe designs the threat to Unix servers has increased now that Intel has launched its 64-bit processor. Itanium's new architecture has attracted manufacturers of RISC-based servers
July 2001 - Cover Story
Firewalls Gatekeepers to your network
In this age, information is power. It therefore makes good business sense to protect your corporate data from being accessed, stolen, or modified.
June 2001 - Cover Story
Bluetooth: Connectivity without wires
Bluetooth has been around for over two years now. What is this technology all about? How does it work? Is it the usual hype that follows any new technology? Here are some answers.
May 2001 - Cover Story
Linux Basics
So what is Linux all about? Is it only a bunch of files for the operating system and a few utility programs? No—it's more than that. The following section gives you the lowdown on this powerful OS.
April 2001 - Cover Story
Frame Relay For Wider Reach
Today's competitive business markets continue to shape the very nature of how we communicate.
March 2001 - Cover Story
Designing an Enterprise Storage Network
Enterprise Storage Network (ESN) is an architecture used to extend the reach and flexibility of a storage infrastructure in order to leverage its value to enterprises.
February 2001 - Cover Story
Local Area Networks Sans Wires

Here is a brief description of the technology behind wireless in the LAN environment, the applications and benefits it offers over wired networks.
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