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Issue of November 2006 

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Shelf Space

SSL VPN appliance

Aventail EX-1600

This appliance supports 25 to 250 concurrent users. The device also supports clustering with active stateful failover and integrated load balancing for a two-node cluster. It comes standard with 2 10/100 Ethernet ports for LAN/WAN connectivity and one 1000 Base-T port for a common connection. It features an SSL-based Layer 3 tunnel, which enables access to all network resources with granular policy and bi-directional access controls. It also offers server-side digital certificates, and supports Microsoft Active Directory, and LDAP and RADIUS directories. It supports WAP, smartphone, iMode and PDA browsers, and one serial bus connection. The device is powered by an Intel Pentium 2.4 GHz CPU, 533 MHz FSB with 1 GB DDR RAM.

Price: Rs 4.99 lakh
Contact: Aventail
Tel: (91) 92434 74402

Biometric authentication device

Fujitsu PalmSecure

This palm vein biometric authentication device consists of a small palm vein scanner that reads the unique vein pattern of a user when the person holds his/her palm a few centimetres above it. Palm vein authentication cannot be compromised by external factors such as scars, abrasions and wounds.

Fujitsu’s internal research states that the PalmSecure exhibits a false acceptance rate (FAR) of less than 0.00008 percent, and a false rejection rate (FRR) of only 0.01 percent. The FAR is the rate at which an unauthorised person is incorrectly granted access, while the FRR is the rate by which authorised people are not recognised.

Price: Rs 15,750 per sensor
Contact: Fujitsu
Tel: 92233 10644

Networked storage

Hitachi TagmaStore

Hitachi's AMS200 and AMS500 scale from under 1 TB to over 200 TB SATA and Fibre Channel Intermix (raw capacity). They support plug-and-play SAN kits compatible with Microsoft Simple SAN. They also come with a RAID-6 dual parity striping. They support cache partitioning. Up to 1024 virtual ports are supported with host storage domains and 4096 LUNs for concurrent support of large heterogeneous open systems environments. The user has a choice of 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, or 4 Gbps host fibre channel connections. The AMS200 and AMS500 series can be upgraded to the AMS1000. The AMS1000 helps you move from server internal storage to scalable external storage. It helps consolidate SAN, iSCSI and NAS into a single platform (any two protocols supported).

Price: AMS200 Rs 4.7 lakh;
AMS500 Rs 9.4 lakh;
AMS1000 Rs 21.15 lakh
Contact: Hitachi
Tel: (022) 2652 6100, 98201 25620


Tadiran’s Coral IPx Office

The Coral IPx Office offers a range of IP functionalities. There is IP NET networking, voice messaging, Web-based GUI administration and door relays. Additionally, the product offers firewall protection and allows multi-party conferencing and automatic call distribution.

It is Linux-based and has eight integrated LAN ports. It offers native support for Session Integration Protocol and Media Gateway Control Protocol. The product also offers NAT support for SOHO/ROBO systems using the Sentinel Optional voicemail. Further, it supports up to 240 IP end-points, softphones (PC and PDA), up to 48 digital keysets, up to 28 analog phone ports, up to 2 E1/T1 trunks using CAS or PRI signalling, up to 20 analog trunk ports, and up to 64 media channels.

Price: Rs 230,572
Contact: Tadiran
Tel: (011) 2585 0446

Secondary storage


Users can monitor, diagnose and report the health of their tape storage environments, as well as leverage DLTSage WORM and tape security features while using this device. The DLT-S4 can only read tapes produced by the previous two generations. Its native capacity is 800 GB, and quoted native transfer rate is 60 Mbps.

Price: Rs 2,02,275
Contact: Quantum
Tel: (098) 9254 2246

Carrier equipment

ZyXel VES-1624F-44

This device combines a 16-port/24-port IP-based DMT VDSL2 switch with a P-872H/P-870MH VDSL2 modem. It enables ISPs to offer triple-play services. ZyXel’s VDSL2 solution combines various features that optimise broadband performance and quality of service.

The product enables IGMP snooping on the VES-1616F-44/VES-1624F-44 to improve service quality for IP multicasting applications. In addition, the Multicast VLAN Registration feature allows the VES-1616F-44/VES-1624F-44 to forward the same video streams to devices in specific VLANs. Through this intricate technology, duplicate video streams can be reduced.

What’s more, the device comes with a rate limiting feature which allows service providers to limit bandwidth on subscriber ports using steps of 64 Kbps.

Price: Rs 69,900 onwards; taxes extra
Contact: ZyXel
Tel: 98685 01614



The TigerSwitch SMC8042L2 is a Gigabit switch with 24 auto-MDIX 10/100/1000 ports in a 1RU chassis with 4 combo ports (RJ45/SFP). Salient features include a 48 Gbps switch fabric with QoS that supports four priority levels, with weighted fair queuing and L2/3/4 IP precedence. Several ports can be joined together to form a group link using link aggregation (LACP) to provide higher bandwidth of up to 16 Gbps. Other management features such as IGMP snooping allows IP multicast traffic transmission to the registered members resulting in bandwidth savings, reduction of IP multicast traffic, and increase of LAN performance. The SMC8024L2 supports up to 256 port-based or tagged VLANs with advanced QinQ support and automatic GVRP LAN registration spanning tree per VLAN.

Price: Rs 19,512
Contact: Sanjay Kakar
Tel: (011) 6640 1384, 6640 1385
Fax: (011) 6640 1372


Digital Waves’ Tempest i5000PT

The Tempest i5000PT motherboard (S5383) is targeted at the 1U rack-mount space. It supports 16 FBDIMM memory sockets, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual PCI Express slots, and remote management and power management options, all in a 1U-centric layout. It comes with 8 PCI-E expansion slots.

The product supports up to two Intel Xeon processor 5000/5100 series with 1066/1333 MHz FSB support (dual core). It features 16 DDR2 FBDIMM sockets, and support up to 64 GB of DDR2-533/667 memory. It has four integrated Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, four SATA-II, and eight SAS/SATA ports.

Price: Rs 30,342 to Rs 38,992
Contact: Digital Waves
Tel: (80) 4113 2444

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