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Issue of September 2006 

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Shelf Space


D-Link DRO-250i

D-Link has launched its DRO-250i multi-service access router. The DRO-250i is part of D-Link’s Multi-Service Access Router series’ designed for connectivity of remote sites to corporate networks.

The DRO-250i has an XScale architecture (ARM core with NPEs) from Intel (IXP425) and the hardware is designed with one Ethernet LAN and four WAN interfaces (Ethernet WAN/DMZ, V.35, ISDN BRI and AUX). V.35 is the primary interface for WAN connectivity in the product. ISDN BRI is the secondary WAN interface and this can be used as a 128 Kbps back-up line.

DRO-250i offers Internet, Intranet and Extranet access with VPN and firewall protection. The routing supports both static routing and dynamic routing (RIP V1 and V2, OSPF) along with load balancing.

Contact: D-Link
Tel: 22 26526696
Fax: 22 26528476
Price: Rs 30,000

ADSL router

ZyXEL P-2602R/RL-DxA

ZyXEL has launched its P-2602R/RL-DxA Series ADSL 2+ VoIP IAD (Internet Access Device). The IAD claims to provide users with high-speed Internet access along with VoIP applications using a high-speed ADSL2+ connection.

RE ADSL (Reach Extended ADSL) is also supported on the product for better performance at greater distances. With standard SIP v2 (Session Initiation Protocol, RFC 3261) protocol end-users should be able to access VoIP services through SIP numbers. This can be freely assigned to the two FXS POTS ports.

Through the implementation of TR-104 on this series it is claimed that service providers can manage and configure the devices remotely through ZyXEL’s Easy Provisioning Management using an Auto-configuration Server (ACS).

Contact: ZyXEL Communications Corporation
Tel: 22 5623 8376
Price: ZyXEL P-2602-R Rs 5,100
ZyXEL P-2602-RL Rs 6,200


Dell PowerEdge with Woodcrest processors

Dell has announced that it is now taking orders for ninth-generation PowerEdge servers that would be equipped with Intel Xeon 5100 series (Woodcrest) processors. Buyers can now order PowerEdge 1950, 2950, 2900 and 1955 blade servers with Intel Xeon 5100 series processors.

Dell claims to have engineered the PowerEdge 1955 blades to deliver enterprise investment protection and leverage the current 7U chassis. It should also help users to deploy the Dell PowerEdge 1955 with existing PowerEdge 1855 blades.

Contact: Dell
Tel: 1 600 33 8044 or 80 2506 8050
Fax: 80 2558 6107
Price: 1950: Rs 92,195
2900: Rs 87,166
2950: Rs 95,591
1955: Rs 68,928


Juniper M 120

Juniper has announced its mid-range 10 Gigabit multi service edge router. The product is targeted at traditional and mobile telecommunications providers, cable operators and large enterprises.

The M120 utilises JUNOS software. Ethernet support with multi service edge backs up to 128 Gigabit Ethernet subscriber ports and two 10 GB uplinks. The product also claims to support Ethernet, VPLS (Virtual Private Lan Services), MPLS, IP, frame relay and ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Modes) VPNs.

For the larger enterprise the product includes a WAN gateway. It claims support for Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs including enterprise MPLS and VPLS with advanced Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities.

Contact: Juniper
Tel: 80 5190 4000
Fax: 80 5190 4590
Price: Rs 46,78000 to 11,695000 approximately


Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise 10

Novell has released SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 which includes enterprise server and SUSE Linux enterprise desktop. The product will be available in Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali and Marathi.

SUSE Linux Enterprise buyers gain access to the latest software enhancements, bug fixes and security patches via the Novell Customer Centre, an online portal that also provides access to technical support and is completely integrated with Novell ZENworks Linux Management. The customer centre can be reached online at

Contact: Novell
Tel: 22 2834 2244
Fax: 22 2834 2223
Price: Rs 2,650 (Desktop edition)

Multimedia projector

Epson EMP-S4

Epson has released its multimedia projector EMP-S4. The EPSON EMP-S4 is targeted at the SOHO and SMB segments.

The product is based on Epson’s 3 LCD technology. This is claimed to create sharper, clearer and better visual reproduction. The images are further optimised using Epson’s E-TORL (Epson-Twin Optimise Reflection Lamp) technology. This is claimed to boost lamp brilliance by reducing light leakage and diffraction.

According to Epson the product also has a four-second start-up time and instant-off functions. Epson EMP-S4 comes along with an A/V mute slide feature. This claims to cut out all light and reduce fan noise when projector operations need to be suspended momentarily by the user.

Contact: Epson
Tel: 80 3051 5000
Fax: 80 3051 5005
Price: Rs 52,500


SMC EliteConnect wireless access point series

SMC Networks has launched its EliteConnect series of wireless access points, SMC2552W-G2 and SMC2555-AG2. These are targeted at SMB and enterprise networks. The product claims to meet stringent wireless security, range and performance requirements.

It includes Multiple Service Set Identifier (SSID), Wireless Distribution System (WDS), Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) tagging and Wireless Multimedia (WMM) support. The network can be managed through Command Line Interface (CLI), Web, Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH) and Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).

Contact: SMC Networks
Tel: 11 6640 1384,6640 1385
Fax: 11 6640 1372
Price: SMC2555W-AG2—Rs 14,031 and
SMC2552W-G2—Rs 16,370 respectively


ESS ebizframe

ESS claims to have developed the ebizframe, a mid-range, Web-enabled ERP system. The company specifically wants to target the product at the mid-market segment.

The product is a multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-location software based on Oracle 10g and Developer 2000. Apart from Windows, ebizframe also runs on Red Hat Linux.

ESS states that it has implemented and customised ebizframe across industry verticals including auto ancillaries, engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, garments, hospitality, retail, and FMCG.

Contact: Eastern Software Systems (ESS)
Tel: 11 4161 6241-45
Price: Rs 3.5 lakh for up to 25 user licences

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