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Issue of September 2006 

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Mobile IP enterprise

The articles in Network Magazine’s July 2006 issue on Mobile Enterprise were really great. Three years ago Wi-Fi was the big thing, but in no time we’ve gone from the non-connected iPAQs and Axims to seeing that PDAs only have utility when they are connected. That is a significant thing for the enterprise.

Mobile IP is an open standard designed to deliver unparalleled stability, performance and scalability. It addresses the core requirements of seamless, secure roaming in enterprise environments. Now we have the real opportunity to move beyond mobile e-mail and begin to leverage the millions of mobile devices in order to deliver critical corporate information directly to where it’s needed. The devices now have full Web-browsing capabilities and support many of the standards typically found on a desktop or laptop browser.

— Vivek Dharia
KNP Sec Ltd

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will attempt to bring more such issues to you in future.

VoIP matters

I am a regular reader of your magazine. This has helped me to be informed about various matters. I work with a company as a Systems Engineer.

Now I want to set up a VoIP termination centre in India which will only receive calls from abroad and then route them to the local PSTN. Can you please inform me if there is any legal limitation to set up this type of centre?

— Santanu K Das

While routing of VoIP calls through the Indian PSTN is technically possible, it is still not possible from a legal standpoint due to the regulatory restrictions of TRAI.

This is because TRAI has approved the use of VoIP only in a Closed User Group, mainly to ensure that there is no loss of revenue to the traditional PSTN players. The moment there is routing of a VoIP call to the PSTN network it becomes illegal.

We can but hope that this scenario will change in the near future, but at the moment it is illegal to route VoIP calls through the Indian PSTNs—and the punitive measures are quite strict.

Technology Senate Award details

This is with reference to our earlier e-mail regarding Technology Senate and the Intelligent Enterprise/Security Strategist awards. I am really grateful for the dedicated time you have given to solve our queries. I would be on the lookout for updates on the Technology Senate Web site.

Nevertheless, if there is any update which we are supposed to know, I request you to e-mail us.

In addition to this, could I subscribe someplace to get information on all the three awards regarding

1. Nomination form
2. Last dates
3. Events/Forums
4. Contact details for all the three awards?

— Rachana P
Reliance Industries

The usual process for Technology Senate and the awards are as follows. Once we launch the awards, campaigns are run in Express Computer and Network Magazine. We also send out e-Direct Mailers to our database and make the forms available on the website.

The application process for this year is slated to begin by mid-August 2006, prior to Technology Senate, for the awards.

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