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Issue of September 2006 

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September 2006

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Infrastructure Strategies 2004
Business Continuity

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21st century DR

The 3D Road to Recovery
Classification + protection = a safe organisation
Damage control, the multi-site way
DR tales

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The secret of successful SOA
Indian SMBs to invest $8.73 billion in telecom
Firefox code gets vetted
Citibank deploys PayMate
ERP for Suguna Poultry
‘‘MPLS separation is better than VLAN separation’’

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Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Shelf Space

A man of many talents
He is a man of diverse tastes. From being a fan of all kinds of music to being an enthusiastic Net user to enjoying theatrical performances, Manoj Chandiramani, the VP of IT at Man Financial, reveals his inner self to Rishiraj Verma.


Keeping a tab on IT resources
When it comes to a state’s Department of IT (DoIT), it is important to keep a check on every system and make sure that IT resources are not being abused. Then there’s the barrage of attacks by cyber criminals. Rishiraj Verma reports how the DoIT of the Government of Punjab has gone about solving its problems.


Gridding along
The grid computing concept shows promise for organisations wanting to make full use of their existing computing power. Rishiraj Verma reports on some of the new developments in the field.


Training should not be done out of compulsion
Training for IT personnel tends to be focussed more on completing IT projects that have been bagged than helping individual team members enrich their respective domains. Prof Sunil Rai, Joint Director and Chairperson, Centre for IT at the S P Jain Institute of Management & Research, elaborates concerns and issues in IT training.


The Next Generation Network roadmap
The introduction of next generation networks—effectively the migration from a hotch-potch of different infrastructure technologies towards one network based on IP—will affect all ICT players. Dan Bieler, Research Director of Ovum, takes a look at the big picture and what enterprises will see on the VoIP and service pricing fronts.


“Standardise, consolidate, automate”
Seema Ambastha, Director, Sales Consulting, Database Technologies, Oracle India, talks to Dominic K about the factors that have an impact on database uptime, and how grid computing can integrate with database solutions.


Driving enterprise agility
The truth about mobile IP
Outsourcing: Strategic advantage or disadvantage?


On intrusion detection and prevention
Intrusion Detection & Prevention offers to help security officers in understanding ways in which to enhance their existing security systems and prevent attacks both from within and outside.

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