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Issue of August 2006 

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McAfee Internet Security suite

Besides protection from viruses and spyware, it is said to help prevent access and damage to data. The suite is a multi-layered solution. The program is also said to prohibit unauthorised access to and from the Internet, as well as block unwanted or persistent pop-up ads. The suite includes cookie management and e-mail content filters.

Company: McAfee
Telephone: 022 5693 5278
Fax: 022 2665 0078
Price: Rs 2,500


WatchGuard Firebox X e-Series

This unified threat management security solution for enterprises features gateway anti-virus and intrusion prevention, URL filtering, anti-spyware, and spam blocking.

The Firebox X Core and Peak models, named the e-Series, offer more ports and is said to have increased firewall and VPN performance when compared to earlier versions. The cost varies depending on the number of ports and features opted for.

Features include integrated protection from network threats like SQL injections and buffer overflows including DoS, DDoS attacks and policy violations.

Company: WatchGuard India
Telephone: 022 2521 5657
Fax: 022 2521 5658
Price: From Rs 1.43 lakh to Rs 10 lakh


IBM BladeCenter blade

IBM has launched its BladeCenter blade server, with the aim of reducing power and cooling costs while delivering performance gains compared to earlier technology.

The new IBM BladeCenter HS21 is a high-density modular blade server designed to support the entire family of BladeCenter chassis. It is also said to allow users to double their performance using their current BladeCenter infrastructure.

The new systems will enable up to 90 percent better application performance, and over 160 percent better performance per watt. The systems are designed to support computing with future quad core CPUs.

Company: IBM
Telephone: 1800 425 3333
Fax: 080 206 3617
Price: Rs 5.45 lakh upwards


F5 FirePass controller

It provides end-point security checks, as well as visually defines host auto-remediation if a client does not comply with the check. The controller can help eliminate the need to manage multiple technologies and products for centralised access control within an enterprise, and manage access policies with all user scenarios. The product is shipped with built-in support for all access modes (network access, application access, portal access) and end-point security.

Company: F5 Networks
Telephone: 022 5503 2167
Fax: 022 5503 2169
Price: Rs 3 lakh onwards


Fortigate 5000 series

This TCA (ATCA) compliant product is a load-balancing switch with security blades for 10 gigabit networks. It works with the company’s FortiGate-5000 Series security systems. The product is targeted at telecom carriers, managed security service providers, and large organisations with bandwidth-intensive requirements.

The FortiController-5208 blade includes two 10 GbE interfaces and eight 1 GbE interfaces for data centre network deployments. The 5208 also provides switch-based interconnection to distribute traffic to other FortiGate blades.

Company: Fortinet
Telephone: 80 2532 5800
Fax: 80 2532 5900
Price: Rs 20 lakh to 30 lakh


Dell Precision 690 and 490

Dell has introduced its Precision 690 and 490 workstations with dual-core Intel Xeon processors. The workstations feature dual independent front side buses with up to 1333 MHz FSB support. The desktops also feature serial-attached SCSI (SAS) disc storage that are said to deliver up to 50 percent higher performance than comparable SATA drives.

While Precision 490 can have up to 32 GB quad-channel DDR2 fully-buffered DIMM ECC memory, the Precision 690 can support up to 64 GB with new DDR2 fully-buffered ECC DIMMs. The Precision 490 comes with a compact dual-orientation (tower or desktop) chassis and six slots for expandability.

Company: Dell
Telephone: 080 2506 8050
Fax: 080 2558 6107
Price: Precision 690 starts from 1.16 lakh.
Precision 490 starts from 1.05 lakh.


Foundry NetIron MPLS

Foundry Networks has launched NetIron M2404 Series MPLS-enabled metro access switches. The multi-purpose switch comes in a compact moveable one rack unit form factor.

It offers wire-rate forwarding, and advanced MPLS-based Carrier Ethernet features with cost-effective bandwidth management. The switch also allows service level agreement enforcement with hierarchical Quality of Service, and resilient sub-50ms service recovery time with comprehensive MPLS.

Company: Foundry Networks
Telephone: 022 2652 6696 / 3061 6666
Fax: 22 2652 8476 / 8914
Price: Rs 5.7 lakh

Wi-Fi security

Zyxel P-336M wireless MIMO firewall router

Zyxel has announced its P-336M 802.11g wireless MIMO firewall router. The product includes a smart antenna and Zyxel’s StreamEngine QoS technology, providing wireless connectivity for home and small business router users.

Features include Zyxel’s 108 Mbps Super G Wireless and MIMO Smart Antenna Technology. Backward compatibility exists with any IEEE 802.11b / g Wi-Fi certified device. To protect wireless data transmissions, the P-336M provides Wi-Fi Protected Access and WPA2 featuring the AES standard.

Company: Zyxel Communications
Telephone: 1 800 255 4101
Fax: 022 5623 8376
Price: Rs 9,350


KLG Systel e-POS

KLG Systel has launched its retail point of sale solution in a tie-up with Sage to offer e-point of sale solutions for the Indian SMB retail segment.

The product is meant to deliver feature-rich applications for high-volume, multi-site retail operations. This solution will also give retailers a view of their activities and inventory management.

It also provides real-time integration with the ERP to and from the centralised inventory and customer database. It is said to help save valuable time by eliminating month-end reconciliation.

Company: KLG Systel
Telephone: 022 2757 6789 / 90 / 91; 2757 7327 / 28 / 29
Fax: 022 2757 6461
Price: Rs 3.5 lakh for a single store set-up


D-Link DVX-1000 IP PBX

D-Link has introduced its network telephone exchange, DVX-1000. The SIP-based solution is targeted at addressing the VoIP communication requirements of small and medium enterprises.

DVX-1000 has a built-in call server, IVR and an auto attendant service with voice mail and conference functionality.

It helps VoIP devices like SIP phones and gateways to make and receive calls, implements a host of voice-call features, and manages accounts and auto provisioning of D-Link end-points. DVX uses CPL and VoiceXML for call control and feature implementations. DVX-1000 is developed around hardware and embedded software.

Company: D-Link India
Telephone: 91 22 2652 6696 / 3061 6666
Fax: 91 22 2652 8476 / 8914
Price: Rs 38,500


Symantec Veritas Cluster Server 5.0

Symantec has released Veritas Cluster Server 5.0, a key component of the Veritas Server Foundation family. Server 5.0 is said to reduce planned and unplanned application and database downtime.

It is targeted at government and enterprise customers to standardise on a single layer of infrastructure software across their entire data centre. This is also said to enable them to reduce data centre complexity, improve service levels, and drive down operation costs.

Company: Symantec
Telephone: 22 2657 0658
Fax: 22 2657 0671
Price: Above Rs 30 lakh


HP OfficeJet Printers

HP OfficeJet Pro K 850 series is a wide-format colour inkjet printer with individual ink cartridges targeted at small offices and businesses.

The product offers fast print speeds of up to 24 pages per minute (ppm) black, and up to 21 ppm colour in draft mode. Photo-quality resolution is up to 4,800 optimised dots per inch.

Company: HP
Telephone: 011 96281 23123
Fax: 011 2682 6030
Price: Rs 20,999

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