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Issue of July 2006 

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Shelf Space

Tape library

Exabyte Magnum 224 LTO

Exabyte’s Magnum 224 LTO Tape Library is aimed at small and mid-sized businesses, and branch offices of large enterprises. Exabyte says that the product’s scalable nature will enable SMBs to create custom configurations.

The product is available in two drive configurations—a single LTO-2 half-height drive and empty bay for a second LTO-2 drive, or with a single LTO-3 drive. The product is said to have the capacity to double or triple the initial capacity and speed of Magnum 224 when an upgrade is required. The total capacity as stated by Exabyte ranges from 4.8 TB for an LTO-2 drive configuration with a single media magazine to almost 20 TB for a 24-cartridge LTO-3 drive set-up.

Exabyte also says that power is not required to remove media from the unit. The standard Magnum 224 package includes the drive, 12-cartridge magazine, an SCSI interface, 2U height robotics, a rack kit, remote management capabilities and a barcode reader.

Company: Exabyte
Tel: 080 2362 3103
Price: Rs 3,30,750 onwards

Wired networking

Siemon 10G 6A UTP patch cords

Siemon says that their new range of 10G 6A UTP patch cords achieves optimum alien cross-talk performance through a dual-jacket design that provides protection from interference by other cables. The company states that this can be done without increasing the cord diameter. These cords can be routed through standard management products. The cords are said to maintain performance and standard bend radius because of the dual-jacket design that removes the outer jacket layer about six inches from each plug. The 10G 6A UTP patch cord is also said to be easy to use as far as removing and inserting are concerned because there is no need to depress an external latch.

Company: Siemon
Tel: 011 5562 9661
Fax: 011 5562 9660
Price: 3 feet patch cord Rs 415
7 feet patch cord Rs 480

Design software


This B2B software is targeted at both small retailers and large manufacturers of jewelry. It comes bundled with its hardware components named REVO 540 Multi-axis Milling System, System Six Digital Imaging System, and Image Dome Digital Imaging System.

The manufacturers, Modern India, say that the software will be preloaded with almost 20,000 designs of various gems and colour options, giving the user a chance to come up with appropriate designs and colour schemes the day before placing the final order.

Company: Modern India
Tel: 022 6662 4181
Price: REVO 540 Multi-axis Milling System Rs 3 lakh
System Six Digital Imaging System Rs 3 lakh
Image Dome Digital Imaging System Rs 18 lakh


Hitachi TagmaStore AMS1000

This midrange storage product is said to provide the customer with capabilities such as 32 Logical Cache Partitions, non-disruptive on-the-fly data movement across multiple tiers of storage, and fully embedded multi-protocol support for iSCSI, NAS and Fibre Channel with no reliance on external servers or adapters.

According to Hitachi Data Systems, customers can mix and match multiple tiers of storage in a single rack (including 250 GB, 400 GB and 500 GB SATA HDDs). The product is also said to deliver 13 GB per second of cached bandwidth, full 4 Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity, support for 4,096 LUNs, and 16 GB of cache.

Company: Hitachi Data Systems
Tel: 022 2652 6100
Starting Price: Rs 22.5 lakh

Enterprise communications

Cisco Unified

The Cisco Unified Personal Communicator is said to simplify sharing of information by enabling users to communicate in real-time because of the use of voice and video which can be accessed by remote or travelling users.

The Cisco Unified Presence Server aims at providing users with a way of communication by keeping a tab on what communication device users may or may not be using at a particular time.

The product is said to reduce communication time by doing so.

The Customer Interaction Analyzer is said to maximise effective communication with customers by using information from customer interactions with the organisation such as customer distress, agent distress, silence and word patterns.

Contact: Cisco
Tel: 080 4159 3226
Price: Rs 2 lakh (10 port set-up)


EMC Clariion CX3 series

The EMC Clariion Ultrascale platform will allow midrange users to upgrade existing versions of Clariion. The platform is said to work on a full end-to-end 4 Gbps fibre channel technology which will enable users to scale their system capacity to around 239 terabytes.

The architecture is also said to support high-speed 2 and 4 Gbps Fibre Channel disc drives and high-capacity 2 Gbps low-cost fibre channel (LC/FC) disc drives for flexibility.

Company: EMC
Tel: 011 5556 3811
Price: (for 365 GB hardware configurations)
CX3-20 Rs 12.15 lakh
CX3-40 Rs 23.04 lakh
CX3-80 Rs 45.45 lakh


Xerox WorkCentre PE 220

The product is said to print at speeds of 20 ppm, and scan documents at 4,800 dpi image quality. Xerox says that this product can copy the first page in 11 seconds with a duty cycle of around 5,000 pages per month. The main tray capacity is 150 sheets.

Contact: Xerox
Tel: 0124 256 1930
Price: Rs 18,500


NetApp FAS 6000 series

NetApp says that this family of fabric-attached storage (FAS) systems provides storage solutions (primary and secondary) for both department and enterprise data centres. The product is said to provide scalability in terms of frame array systems using a flexible, modular storage architecture.

There are two products under the category: FAS6030 that can be configured with 840 disc drives totalling 420 TB of capacity, and FAS6070 that can handle data up to 504 TB spread across 1,008 disc drives. SATA disc drives and FC disc drives can be used on the FAS 6000 series.

NetApp also says that the product will be able to help in storage and data consolidation because of its flexible nature. It is said to be able to help users in disaster recovery and 4 Gbps FC SAN implementations.

Company: NetApp
Tel: 022 3068 4008
Price: Rs 1.5 crore upwards
(pricing based on configuration)


Dell PowerVault MD1000

Dell’s new storage management product is said to provide better server utilisation with direct attached storage. The storage enclosure incorporates 3.5-inch SAS drives. This technology is said to enable organisations to manage and administer applications that are bandwidth-intensive. The PowerVault MD1000 is said to be the IT industry’s first based on the Storage Bridge Bay specification. Some of the features include a capacity of 4.5 terabytes with the option to expand up to three shelves for a maximum of 13.5 terabytes and drives of sizes 36 GB, 73 GB and 146 GB operating at 15,000 rpm; and 73 GB, 146 GB and 300 GB drives operating at 10,000 rpm.

Company: Dell
Tel: 1 600 33 8044 / 080 2506 8050 / 22 5693 5278
Fax: 022 2665 0078
Price: Rs 1,21,451


Lexmark E120n

The monochrome printer is targeted at small office, home office users. The networked printer is said to print up to 20 ppm. Its resolution settings are adjustable, allowing the user to save on toner while at the same time optimising print quality.

Company: Lexmark India
Tel: 022 2605 7744
Price: Rs 7,999

KVM switch

Raritan Master Console Z

Raritan has introduced its secure BIOS-level access master console that can manage and control up to 64 servers without a switch. The Master Console Z is a switchless KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse). The server can be added anywhere in the chain that can be about 700 feet long. The product is specifically targeted at SMBs; it includes a KVM-over-IP solution for remote access and management.

Company: Raritan
Tel: 0124 410 7881
Fax: 0124 410 7880
Price: Rs 27,000 (approx)


SecureGate V 5.0

Gajshield Infotech has launched SecureGate Firewall version 5.0 with enhanced features and a new console for firewall management. It includes an SNMP-based network monitoring system (NMS) that monitors the Gajshield firewall. Different NMS-based products from various vendors (HP’s Openview, IBM’s Tivoli, and CA’s Unicentre) can be integrated for CPU utilisation, network traffic, and disc and memory utilisation by the network and system administrators. The product includes remote infrastructure management and administration. The current version also includes IPS and IDS.

Company: Gajshield Infotech
Tel: 022 5660 7450
Fax: 022 5660 7454
Price: Rs 10,000 onwards

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