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Issue of June 2006 

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Substantial RoI from RIO

The article “Spinning the RIO web” in the May 2006 issue of Network Magazine was informative. You have covered a topic, which is of great use to readers like me.

The reading material was relevant to me as a technologist, and more importantly, as an aspiring RIO. This topic covers areas which most CIOs are doing constant battle with. Not only do we have to deal with hard-core technology and the people who run it but other business units and in some cases external entities as well.

In such a context, it is essential that the transition to an RIO has to be undertaken by every CIO. While acronyms come and go, the transition shift to a relationship-based way of management is going to remain for a long time. After all, what is in a name?

Keep up the good work.

—H Majumdar

Dear Mr Majumdar,

Thank you for your encouragement. The RIO topic has been one that has been close to our hearts for quite a while since many in the CIO community feel that this paradigm shift is the need of the hour for success as a CIO.

It will be great if you can give feedback on the magazine as well as provide us with some more information on the topics that you would like to see featured in Network Magazine.

MPLS considerations

We are planning to freeze the requirement for MPLS -VPN connectivity. I have read an article on this topic in your magazine and based on that I am sending you a list of locations where we want this connectivity.

Please provide your suggestions as to the technology we should select and why?

My technology choices include:

1. MPLS-VPN from telcos
2. MPLS-VPN - Multiple service provider solutions from system integrators
3. VSAT technology
4. RF connectivity

Please evaluate the technologies and comment on positives and negatives and give your recommendations for remote connections as well.

Technology-wise, which of the following is the best—Reliance, HCL Infinite and Sify, Tata Indicom VSAT and why?

—Niloy Ghosh
Bata India

Dear Mr Ghosh,

I would suggest you look for the following:

(1) Uptime and QoS: The maximum you can get at a reasonable cost. If service provider X says he can give you 99.5 percent uptime, check for the fine print first and see the possible loopholes. Once this is done, check with the other vendors to see what they can offer (in comparison to what X is providing) which fits your budget.

(2) SLA: This is where most companies get trapped. Someone competent at SLA matters (technical as well as legal) has to study the SLA thoroughly for loopholes and inconsistencies. It is best to go through revisions till you get what you are looking for.

(3) Have a consultant on standby: This might not be a necessity if you already have expertise on board.

(4) Stick to leased lines as much as possible: Lower latency, higher throughputs, and prices have come down substantially. In your case, I think that except at Mokhamaghat you will be able to manage leased line connectivity at all the other locations.

We always look forward to hearing from you. Please e-mail your comments, suggestions and queries to, or snailmail us at

The Editor
Network Magazine
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