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Issue of May 2006 

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Shelf Space

Desktop autoloader

Iomega REV Loader 280

Iomega REV Loader 280 is a desktop autoloader for backup and archive duties. The loader comes with hard drive components for access to 280 GB of storage with eight removable 35 GB REV disks which are 17 cm and 13 cm wide. It delivers up to 25 MB/sec data transfer rate with random access capability.

It connects to a server through its USB 2.0 interface and has disk data protection features. The loader offers a licence for CA BrightStor ARCserver Backup for disaster recovery solutions.

Company: Iomega Corporation
Tel: 44 2822 4949
Fax: 44 2826 2447
Price: Rs 64,675

Gateway firewall

Kerio WinRoute Firewall

Kerio WinRoute Firewall is a gateway firewall. It is equipped with a VPN, anti-virus, content filter and Internet access management.

The firewall claims to provide protection for networks and servers and can support VoIP and VPN protocols. The firewall has a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server for network management and proxy cache server for Internet browsing. The firewall is scalable up to 7,000 users and can work with DSL, cable, ISDN, dial-up or wireless Internet connections.

Company: Kerio Technologies
Tel: 011 5536 0147
Fax: 011 2248 1777
Price: Rs 19,950 for 10 users


IBM DS4000 series

IBM DS4000 is a storage system series. It comes with an EXP810 4 GB expansion unit scalable up to 4.8 TB capacity. The unit has a 16 disk drive bay with a switch for speed selection between 2 Gbps and 4 Gbps.

The storage system comes with Integrated Backup for Databases (IBD) for restoring processes. It also offers VolumeCopy and combination of FlashCopy/Volume Copy for storage consolidation.

The FlashCopy is designed to create a copy of disk volumes while the VolumeCopy is designed for making full copy of a FlashCopy volume for data protection.

Company: IBM
Tel: 080 2206 3949
Fax: 080 2206 3871
Price: Rs 4.5 lakh for 1TB

Patch panels

D-Link Smart Patch Panels

D-link Smart Patch Panels are cords with a metal frame of aluminium and the front end of the metal is covered by plastic bezels. The panels are made 19” x 5.7” rack mount frame (1U) and powder-coated. They have eight-pin polarised connectors and phosphor bronze spring contacts.

The patch panels provide an information window for port identification and a rear cable guide. It comes in a rear slant panel design with cable clips. Under the cat 6 range, the panels are available in four models with 6 ports, 12 ports, 18 ports and 24 ports.

Company: D-Link India
Tel: 22 2652 6696
Fax: 22 2652 8914
Price: Rs 6,600

Reporting server

Business Objects Crystal Reports Server XI

Business Objects Crystal Reports Server XI addresses the reporting process for data access, report designing and report integration.

Its main features include report publishing wizard, zero-client user interface, report scheduler, HTML preview, report object depository, security options for user, group, object and folder. The server comes with a one-year technical support and maintenance.

Company: Business Objects
Tel: 22 2657 1005
Fax: 22 2657 0736
Price: Rs 3.6 lakh for five concurrent users

Threat management

Symantec DeepSight Threat Management system 7.0

The Symantec DeepSight Threat Management system 7.0 gives warning service alerts with risk ratings of unwanted programmes to organisations. The product alerts on targeted attacks and is claimed to be the first early warning service to offer security alerts with risk ratings of potentially unwanted programmes such as adware and spyware. The system includes domain alerts given to an organisation when its domain is being specifically named by a malicious code. It provides analyses about unwanted programmes including their code behaviour and mitigation with removal instructions.

Company: Symantec India
Tel: 22 2657 0658
Fax: 22 2657 0671
Price: Rs 4,49,775 for one-year subscription and gold support

Internet security suite

CA eTrust Internet Security Suite r2

CA eTrust Internet Security Suite r2 comes with a preconfigured setting and PC updates.

The suite comes with eTrust Anti-Spam r4 for checking whether the e-mail is actually coming from the sender indicated on the message. It displays visual warnings on suspicious e-mails with product updates.

It also has an eTrust PestPatrol anti-spyware in the suite for detection, scanning and removal of pests from the memory. The suite also comes with eTrust EZ anti-virus for e-mail scanning and heuristic scanning for unknown virus. CA eTrust firewall offers an option for stealth mode, programme configuration, theft protection and advertisement blocking.

Company: CA Computer Associates India
Tel: 22 5641 3800
Fax: 22 5641 3810
Price: Rs 2,500

Virtual tape library

NetApp NearStore VTL600 and VTL1200

NetApp NearStoreVTL600 and NearStoreVTL1200 are disk-to-disk backup storage appliances for physical tape libraries. They scan backup data on a disk and make copies of the data to physical tape.

The appliances are based on NetApp hardware, NetApp VTL software and NetApp Data ONTAP backup software. The appliances can store from 4.5TB to 168TB. The appliances offer Self-Tuning and Tape Smart Sizing for workload balancing, physical tape creation and data integrity.

Company: Network Appliance India
Tel: 080 2532 7470
Fax: 080 2509 2331
Price: Rs 60 lakh for 8 TB configuration

Threat management

CA Integrated Threat Management r8

The CA Integrated Threat Management r8 is a solution for malware, spyware, rootkits, blended threats and other forms of malicious code across the enterprise. It comes with a centralised Web-based console, and is said to automatically give alerts to security technicians for a new threat detected; it also gives administrators updates on versions, patches and virus signatures. There is an agent for monitoring enterprise computing assets. Other features include spyware detection and removal, automated database backup, and bandwidth-saving signature updates. A phone-home feature for desktops broadcasts their status to a central management console.

Company: CA India
Tel: 022 5641 3800
Fax: 022 5641 3810
Price: Rs 2,070 per user for 1 to 49 users with one-year maintenance

Patch cord

Dax PatchSee patch cord

Dax PatchSee series patch cords are targeted at SMBs and large enterprises. The series is said to reduce downtime by speeding up the process of identifying the extremities of an RJ45 patch cord. PatchSee Intelligent Patch Cord comes with 16 colour-removable clips for colour coding the latch of the RJ45 connector. It is available in the range of Cat 6a, Cat 6 and Cat 5e patch cords in UTP and FTP, and 2-pair patch cords for telephone applications.

Company: Dax Networks
(Distributor: Micro System Enterprises)
Tel: 011 4160 7360, 4160 6590-92
Fax: 011 2643 4346
Price: Rs 523 to 1,011 per patch cord

Security appliance

Juniper Secure Service Gateway 500 series

Juniper Networks Secure Services Gateway (SSG) 500 Series is a set of firewall/virtual private networking (VPN) plat-forms with integrated local-area network (LAN) and wide-area network (WAN) interfaces.

The series includes the 520 and 550 platforms to address the security and connectivity requirements of branch and medium-sized offices. The platforms enable distributed enterprises to roll out LAN- and WAN-based services to the branch, and scale them as per requirements. It comes with firewall/VPN and content security for broadband-connected branch offices. Security zones can be set up to divide wired and wireless networks into segments, each with its own security policy.

Company: Juniper Networks India
Tel: 022 3068 0011
Fax: 022 3068 0010
Price: Rs 28,600 to Rs 46,200

Customer management solution

Sage ACT! Premium

Sage ACT! Premium is a customer management solution aimed at small and mid-sized companies. The solution can be installed on a server and accessed by remote and local users without requiring end-user client software to be installed.

ACT! Premium for Web can also be used in conjunction with ACT! for Workgroups 2006 to enable dual-use environments with online and offline access to ACT! data.

Other features of the solution include customisable opportunity fields, custom user permissions, en masse contact access settings, scheduled automatic database backup, remote user permissions to allow database back-up, restore and maintenance functions; database synchronisation up to 365 days to assist remote employees with data security and expired databases.

Company: Sage Accpac India
Tel: 011 2691 303/04
Fax: 011 2691 9305
Price: Rs 12,000 per user

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