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Issue of April 2006 

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Anti-virus/IDP accelaration


ZyXEL ZyWALL UTM series is an anti-virus/IDP acceleration card based on the Network Security Turbo card. Some of the features of the card include firewall, IPSec VPN, dual WAN load balancing, bandwidth management, content filtering, IDP (Intrusion Detection and Prevention), the Mailshell anti-spam gateway and the Kaspersky anti-virus solution.

The product has an anti-virus/IDP chip that employs DFA (Deterministic Finite Automata) algorithm and CPI (Complete Packet Inspection) technologies for speed and accuracy.

The company says that it can be deployed within six minutes without altering networking and configuration. The product can download the latest virus and attack signatures to respond to escalating network threats and cyber attacks.

Company: ZyXEL Communications
Tel: 022 5623 8376
Price: Rs 10,000 onwards

x86 Server

Acer Altos R710

Acer Altos R710 is a dual-core Intel Xeon processor-based server. Supp-orting Intel HT Technology with four physical processors in a dual socket sub-system, the product is said to be equivalent to a 4-way server for certain applications. It comes with a choice of PCI Express and PCI-X slots for peripherals.

Altos R710 is a Web or database server with up to six HDDs for 876 GB of storage. It has an option of 700 W hot-swappable 1+1 redundant power supply with dual-port Gigabit Ethernet network capacity. The server has front-access USB and VGA ports. Some of its other features include 2U rack-optimised form factor and a heat-dissipation design. It comes with redundant power supply and SCSI RAID support.

Company: Altos India
Tel: 080 2521 9520
Fax: 080 2521 9535
Price: Rs 1,24,990 onwards


NeoAccel SSL VPN-Plus

NeoAccel SSL VPN-Plus is targeted at KPOs, BPOs and outsourcing organisations. It is said to provide latency of 10 milliseconds for VoIP calls and video conferencing sessions between multiple corporations for encryption and tunnelling.

It is based on acceleration architecture, and also works in wireless LAN environments. It runs on Intel-based servers and IBM/Intel server blades, and is available in software and hardware appliance configurations.

Applications requiring low latency and quick access to corporate networks (like VoIP) run even in a wireless environment. The Enterprise Edition can support up to 20,000 concurrent users with high-availability throughput of up to 950 Mbps (with one 1 Gbps NIC configuration), and the SMB Edition gateways can support up to 500 users. Optional SSL acceleration is available for leading encryption co-processors.

Company: NeoAccel India
Tel: 022 2783 0195-96
Fax: 022 2783 0197
Price: Rs 1,32,000 - 44,00,000

Network appliance

F5 Networks’ WANJet

F5 Networks’ WANJet is a suite of appliances that deliver LAN-like application performance over the WAN. It is said to accelerate file transfer, e-mail, client server applications and data replication for WAN users.

For data centres, the WANJet 400 features fault tolerance and scalability for up to 10,000 optimised connections. For branch offices, the WANJet 200 combines fault-tolerant features, silent operation and performance for up to 2,000 optimised connections. WANJet solutions work seamlessly across all wide area networks including dedicated links, IP VPNs, frame relays and even satellite connections.

Company: F5 Networks
Tel: 022 5503 2167
Fax: 022 5503 2167
Price: Rs 1,76,000 - 72,60,000

Audit/licence management

Sassafras K2

Sassafras K2 is an automated software auditing and software licence management solution. Some of its features include software auditing, usage management, licence compliance, cross-platform support, unattended software auditing, auto-discovery and monitoring of installed applications.

The software can support all Windows, Macintosh, Mac OS X, thin clients and Linux. It is said to have a common software licence for single-use, concurrent use, site licences, and custom limits and restrictions.

It is also said to support scheduled usage of software licences or blackout selected software usage; allocate software to multiple user groups based on custom access privileges. It provides simultaneous support for TCP/IP, IPX and AppleTalk network protocols; licence counters cross client crashes and network failures; and manage applications stored on local drives and file server volumes.

Company: Sassafras software
Tel: 080 5110 4412
Price: Rs 660 to Rs 2,992 per user (approximately)

Infrastructure- monitoring appliance


Omnitech has laun-ched the OmniMonitor, an IT infrastructure monitoring service wherein Site-Scope, a standalone appliance with an agentless architecture is installed at the customer’s premises.

It continuously monitors the performance of critical distributed systems including hardware, operating systems, network, application and application components in all tiers of distributed computing in real-time.

It works on what is called Pull Technology, which extracts all the desired information from various devices connected to the network and IT set-up, and measures the parameters that are pre-set by customers.

Company: Omnitech Infosolutions
Tel: 022 4095 6666
Fax: 022 4095 6565
Price: Rs 40,000 per month

Tape drive

Quantum DLT-S4

Quantum DLT-S4 is a tape drive for tiered storage architecture. It is available in Quantum PX720 tape library offering tape automation system with 1 PB capacity in single frame, 5PB in five frames and 25 TB in 2U tape autoloader. PX720 has DLTSage tape security keys which can be saved, backed up or exported to another PX720 library. The tape drive uses DLTtape S4 which is a media cartridge of 800 GB native and 1.6 TB compressed capacity. It also has DLTSage for data protection including DLTSage WORM and DLTSage tape security.

Company: Quantum Corporation
Tel: 080 2353 2610
Fax: 080 2363 6879
Price: Rs 3,00,000

Application performance management solution

Symantec i3 7.5

The new version of Veritas i3, called i3 7.5 application performance management software, is for Web-based applications. This version of the software provides enhancements to performance problems of identification, root cause analysis, and proactive management of J2EE platforms.

It supports the Sybase database environment providing operating system and database support to its users. The Portal Server Management module for IBM WebSphere Portal Server and BEA WebLogic Portal Server helps identify performance issues. It also has a dashboard to control user-named views of J2EE performance data.

Other features include J2EE instrumentation modes, memory leak detection, and protection against CPU overhead surges.

Company: Symantec India
Tel: 022 2657 0658
Fax: 022 2657 0671
Price: Starts at Rs 66,000

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