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Issue of April 2006 

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“Monitoring technology should be agent-less”

Atul Hemani, CMD, Omnitech Solutions, on infrastructure and application-monitoring tools.

What are the types of infrastructure-monitoring tools available today?

Common monitoring tools are based on SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and are of two types: home-grown and industry-standard tools. In the case of the former, service-providers do not have to pay for licences, hence they can offer value-for-money services to end-customers. Those of the latter type are required for various platforms to monitor hardware and software.

What are the pre-requisites for buyers going in for monitoring solutions?

Monitoring technology should be agent-less, without the need to install agents—either software or hardware—at a client’s site. The tool should be installed on a single PC or server at the service provider’s site, and be able to extract information from the client’s systems. A customer’s application data should not reach the service provider, only information regarding the customer’s systems should come in, and which is used for infrastructure and application-monitoring purposes.

— Kumar Dawada

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