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Issue of April 2006 

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The common man’s story

I am writing with reference to Network Magazine’s August 2005 article titled The essential ‘e’ in e-Governance. It was interesting to read about the various initiatives that have been undertaken to benefit the common man.

The IRCTC case-study deserves a special mention. It is amazing to see the extensive way in which the project has managed to make things easier for common people like us. Having used the system many a time, I must really appreciate the way the concept has been executed, especially when you consider the immense scale of the project.

Please do carry more articles on the same line. It will be quite interesting to see in-depth coverage of such issues which are of use to the common man.

Biswajeet Chatterji

Thank you very much for the encouraging words. We will feature more such projects in future. Similar projects are in different stages of implementation, and we will provide you with timely updates regarding the same.

Kudos to the strategists

I came across Network Magazine’s Security Strategist 2005 Awards on the Internet while doing some research on Indian security deployments. It was quite enriching to read about the work on the security front that many of our Indian CIOs have managed to achieve in their organisations.

The most notable feature which I found interesting is that Indian companies have realised that there is more to security than just pure-play technological defences. Being an NRI, I was of the mistaken notion till lately (till I came across the Strategist Awards) that Indian companies do not have enough in terms of information security mechanisms and policies. The strong emphasis on all aspects of information security was thus an eye-opener.

I would like to request you to convey my best wishes to all the endeavours of these CIOs. May all power be with these exceptional minds. Do keep such awards in full flow to appreciate efforts like these since it is rare that achievements on the security front are recognised.

Rohan Samnol
Durban, South Africa

It is great to know that you found the Security Strategist Awards to be a great endeavour. We attempt to recognise India’s best security implementations and the outstanding personalities behind these projects through these awards.

More of technology management

I have been a regular reader of Network Magazine for the past two years. The magazine’s articles are quite relevant and have helped me considerably in enriching my knowledge levels of enterprise IT, especially when it comes to current technology.

I have a small request to make in connection with this. Management of technology is becoming quite important these days. Is it possible to have stories that deal with such issues?

Rajesh Boricha

Thank you very much for this highly relevant pointer. It has been our constant endeavour at Network Magazine to provide a balanced content ratio of technology, technology management, and other topics relevant to the modern-day CIO.

In fact we hope that the issue you hold in your hands, which discusses the transformation of a CIO to a Relationship Integration Officer (RIO) is a step in that direction. We will be following this initiative with more advanced technology management issues.

You can send us feedback by e-mail, or write directly to any of us here in the editorial department.

The Editor
Network Magazine

Business Publications Division
Indian Express Newspapers (Mumbai) Ltd.
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Mumbai 400021

You’ll find our writers’ e-mail addresses at the end of their respective articles. We look forward to hearing from you.

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