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Issue of March 2006 

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“A single brand cannot have the best technology in all product segments”

Dharmendra Kumar, Director, Enterprise Business, D-Link India discusses their outlook on the Indian enterprise.

What are the top challenges that you see from an enterprise perspective?

A major challenge is to convince the customer to look at their network requirement realistically. Some customers still follow the vendor product data sheet and define the network requirement. This way they ask for features that they will never use or not ask for features that are essential to their network requirement.

Another challenge is dealing with customers who ask for networking equipment of the same make or OEM. A customer loses by this approach on three fronts–technology, innovation and price.

Inter-operability is an issue even in a single brand. It is impossible that a single brand has the best technology in all product segments. The customer also loses his negotiating power as he has fewer or no options to choose from.

Can you detail your new approach towards high-end network products?

High-end systems sales are project-centric and the enterprise interacts with the OEM to understand the product, get solution design and support commitment. For this purpose we established the Enterprise Business Unit. It is a team of skilled sales and network consulting engineers and skilled post-sales support personnel.

Kumar Dawada

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