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Issue of January 2006 

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Shelf Space

Thin Cient Appliances

Neoware c50/e370/Image Manager

Neoware c50 and e370 are thin client appliances and the Neoware Image Manager is a software that enable thin clients. The range provides the functionality of a personal computer at lower cost, and increases security and manageability for businesses.

Neoware c50 has more processing power, providing a choice of Windows CE, Windows XP, and Linux operating systems. Neoware e370 is a 17-inch flat panel thin client with 30 percent more viewing area than comparable 15-inch displays.

Neoware Image Manager eliminates hard drive and flash memory usage in a thin client. The software streams the Windows XP operating system from server to PCs or thin clients on-demand.

Parrus IT Solutions
Tel: 080 3061 7684
Price: Neoware c50: Rs 9,000 to 10,000
E370 & Image Manager: NA

Network Backup Storage

Maxtor Shared Storage Plus

Maxtor Shared Storage Plus is aimed at small offices and home networks. The solution provides features such as backup, centralising, organising and sharing data, data protection, videos, photos or music on a network.The drive has capacity up to half a terabyte (500 GB).

It is available in capacities of 200, 300 and 500 GB. The device comes with a 10/100 Ethernet port and network configuration is automatic.

Maxtor claims to have the capability to automatically identify and sort more than 100 different Windows file types and put them in specific music, photo, movie, Web, software or documents folder.

Maxtor Corporation
Tel: 011 5160 9661
Price: 200 GB—Rs 14,997
         300 GB—Rs 19,997
         500 GB—Rs 24,997

SAN Switch

EMC Connectrix MDS 9020 switch

The EMC Connectrix MDS 9020 switch is a fabric switch for mid-sized enterprises. Based on technology from Cisco, it is designed to simplify the deployment and management of a storage area network (SAN).

MDS 9020 has a speed of 4 Gbps on each Fibre Channel and is available with 20 ports. It has built-in management capabilities for consolidating information and moving it among storage tiers based on business requirements and an aggregate bandwidth of 160 Gbps in full duplex mode.

The switch comes with non-disruptive software upgrade capabilities to minimise service disruptions and ensure high availability of information. The built-in management features can be accessed through a command line interface or through the integrated Cisco Fabric Manager software.

EMC India
Tel: 011 5556 3800
Price: Starting from US $10,800

Analyser Appliances

Fortilog 2000 and 100A

Fortilog 2000 and 100A are targeted at SMBs and large enterprises respectively. The products have a vulnerability scanner, network analyser, and event correlation capabilities. They also support features such as centralised quarantining, IM and e-mail content archiving, data mining and generation of reports.

The Fortinet appliances provide a single source for gathering, correlating, analysing and storing event data from dispersed FortiGate security appliances across their network security infrastructure. The FortiAnalyzer-100A supports logging for up to 100 FortiGate security appliances.

The FortiAnalyzer-2000 system supports logging for up to 700 FortiGate security appliances, depending on configuration.

Tel: 080 2532 5800
Price: Fortilog 2000—Rs 17 lakh
         Fortilog 100A—Rs 1.3 lakh

Security Appliance

StoneGate : SG-1000-Q

SG-1000-Q FW/VPN gateway is for large enterprises and branch offices. It has a gateway with eight auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps interfaces for network segmentation, clustering set-ups, multi-homing connectivity and firewall/VPN operations. It is licenced according to firewall and VPN throughput.

Stonesoft India
Tel: 022 2642 5461
Price: Rs 16 lakh

Business Intelligence And Performance Management

Ramco DecisionWorks on SQL Server 2005

The new version of Ramco DecisionWorks is a business intelligence and performance management solution, based on SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005.

This solution can be used for performance management, analysis and reporting on organisation-critical business processes.

Ramco DecisionWorks is offered as a set of multiple seamlessly integrated applications for the performance management needs of an enterprise, such as Business Decisions for performance management and intelligent reporting, Business Integrator for data warehousing, planning and budgeting for planning, and target setting, and Analytical Workflow for process and document management.

Ramco Systems
Tel: 044 2235 4510
Price: Between 10 and 50 lakh depending on the scope and complexity of engagement

Security Appliance

Cyberoam UTM CR–500i IDP enhancement

Cyberoam Unified Threat Management Appliance is meant for corporates, educational institutions and government organisations. It has made enhancements in one of its features, viz IDP (intrusion detection and prevention).

These enhancements are related to alerts and prevention of threats. Its features include multi-policy capability which allows enterprises to focus on critical alerts. It claims to bring them to a manageable number, ensuring high security.

Tel: 079 2640 5600
Price: Rs 1,65,000

Server Room Management

ATEN 2-Console LCD KVM

ATEN’s Slideaway LCD KVM solutions are designed for enterprise customers. It provides flexible, space saving and cost-effective server management solutions for network environments.

The CL-1208 and CL-1216 have built-in 8 and 16-port KVM switches respectively, which enable administrators to daisy chain up to 31 additional KVM switches and control up to 512 servers from a single 1U device. For those server rooms that already have Aten’s KVM switches installed, the CL- integrates with existing KVM switches and can give control over the installation from Slideaway LCD Console.

The Slideaway module features a 15’’ or 17’’ LCD monitor, keyboard and touchpad, can slide back into the rack and automatically falls into sleep mode when not in use.

Aten International
Tel: 040 5582 2894/95
Price: CL-1208—Rs 90,000 (approx), CL-1216—Rs 1.2 lakh (approx)

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