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Issue of January 2006 

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“802.11n will be usable in all environments”

Dileep Kumar, Technical and Product Manager, ADC Krone discusses the features, adoption and acceptance of next generation Wi-Fi 802.11n.

What feature enhancements can we expect in 802.11n?

With 802.11n the users can look forward to higher WLAN data throughput, increased range, robustness, immunity to interference and a reliable user experience. The primary feature of 802.11n is speed. It is designed to replace the current 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g standards, with data rates of 100 Mbps or above. Enhanced Wireless Consortium (EWC) specification includes PHY transmission rates up to 600Mbps which supports applications requiring high data rates (such as transmitting multiple HDTV streams), and reduces battery drain by minimising the time required to send and receive data streams.

Will there be issues while deploying wireless networks using this technology?

IEEE expects a smooth transition to the 802.11n standard with backward compatibility built into new equipment, allowing consumers and businesses to upgrade network equipment gradually. The faster speeds will allow robust applications to be effectively run over public hotspots and private LANs, and greater range is projected.

What verticals or business sectors will adopt it? Why?

802.11n will support all major platforms, including consumer electronics, personal computing and handheld platforms, and will be usable through all major environments, including enterprise, home and public hotspots.

How will 802.11n technology change the network scenario prevalent today?

802.11n is the third-generation wireless LAN standard and it supports speeds comparable with Fast Ethernet. This speed advantage can lead to a much better acceptance level for Wireless LAN.

When will 802.11n be launched in India and globally?

EWC hopes to speed up the ratification of 802.11n standard, while enabling an ecosystem of high performance WLAN products built to a common set of guidelines. Product developments are happening parallelly and we can expect the global launches immediately after the standard ratification.

Kumar Dawada

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