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Issue of January 2006 

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Affordable BI at last?

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (code named Yukon) remained under development for five years but the features it is providing are quite interesting. The product was launched globally on November 7, 2005, with the India launch overseen by Bill Gates himself.

Until this version, MS SQL Server was never in competition with RDBMS heavyweights such as IBM and Oracle. It was just another easy-to-use, inexpensive RDBMS used by SMBs. However, MS claims to have launched itself in the stratosphere of enterprise RDBMS solutions with the SQL Server 2005. Paramesh Vaidyanathan, Director, Developer Tools, Microsoft India says that MS SQL Server 2005 exceeds expectations thanks to the features it offers. “It focusses on enterprise data management, developer productivity and business intelligence.”

The enterprise data management capabilities include high availability, a suite of data management tools, security enhancements and scalability advancements. Developer productivity features include XML integration, transact-SQL enhancements and Common Language Runtime (CLR) integration. Business Intelligence includes features such as analysis, data transformation and reporting services and data mining features.

Vaidyanathan elaborates that SQL Server 2005 targets computer users from all occupations. The Express Edition targets students, educational institutions and developers for building robust and reliable applications or acquire skills via free download for use and royalty-free redistribution.

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