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Issue of December 2005 

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Shelf Space

Network Controllers

Infranet Controller 4000 and 6000

Juniper Network’s infranet controller 4000 and 6000, and the accompanying software and infranet agent, are components for the enterprise network.

The controllers use a combination of identity-based policy and endpoint intelligence to give enterprises real-time visibility and policy control throughout the network so that IT departments can control access, prevent threats, ensure compliance, and deliver secure and assured network services.

The infranet controller 4000 targets medium enterprises or remote branch offices. It can scale up to handle thousands of concurrent endpoints, and can be deployed in cluster pairs. In comparison, the infranet controller 6000 is designed for the large enterprise. It can handle tens of thousands of concurrent endpoints.

It is field upgradable, has a hot swappable power supply, and can be deployed in multi-unit clusters.

Contact: Juniper Networks India
Tel: 080 5190 4000
Fax: 080 5190 4590
Price: NA

Unified Threat Management

Fortigate 1000A and 1000AFA2

Fortinet’s FortiGate 1000A and FortiGate 1000AFA2 are security appliances for large enterprise networks.

Key features of the enterprise security appliances include multi-gigabit performance, clustering, device failure detection, notification, and dual hot-swappable power supply and fan. Integrated multi-threat protection integrates firewall, VPN, anti-virus, Web filtering, intrusion prevention, anti-spam and traffic shaping to protect against all types of network and content threats.

Contact: Fortinet
Tel: 080 2532 5800
Fax: 080 2532 5900
Price: FG-1000A-UK: Rs 11.6 lakh plus taxes
FortiGuard for FG-1000A (AV, IDP, AS, and content filtering): Rs 7.25 lakh plus taxes
FG-1000AFA2: Rs 14 lakh plus taxes
FortiGuard For FG-1000AFA2: Rs 7.25 lakh plus taxes

Security Solutions

Worry-Free security solution

Trend Micro’s Worry-Free security solution is a three-in-one component suite that targets the small and medium business segment. Its three components are automatic threat protection, integrated defence against a variety of threats, and zero administration.

Trend Micro Client Server Security for SMB 3.0 is based on the existing threat prevention technology and includes features to monitor, respond to and defend against security threats. Protection against spam, phishing and inappropriate e-mail content is also present in the solution.

Contact: Trend Micro
Tel: 011 5269 9000
Fax: 011 5269 9099
Price: Trend Micro Client Server Security for SMB 3.0—Rs 2,184
Trend Micro Client Server Messaging Security for SMB 3.0—Rs 3,900

Managed Layer 2 switch

DAX 5025 MG

Dax Networks’ DX-5025 MG is an SNMP managed layer 2 switch targeted at SMBs and large enterprises. Its features include various levels of access security including user name and MAC address verification with which unauthorised nodes can be restricted from accessing the switch.

A configurable port with bandwidth ranging between 100 kbps and 200 Mbps is provided; this optimises the use of the bandwidth available in the network. It supports broadcast storm prevention enabling the reduction of network downtime.

The switch includes a fail-over function that provides redundant backup against port malfunction. It also supports port-based VLAN and tag-based VLAN to provide simplified network traffic segmentations, broadcast domain extension, and other benefits of constructing VLANs.

Contact: Dax Networks
Tel: 93805 73663
Price: Rs 25,370 (inclusive of a 3-year warranty plus online support to its customers.)

Recovery solution

Winternals Recovery Manager 2.0

Winternals Recovery Manager is an enterprise recovery solution. It is aimed at reducing server, desktop and notebook recovery time, and eliminates data loss.

Recovery Manager takes scheduled snapshots of data sets such as the operating system, application files, application data, user data, user settings or the entire volume. If a system goes down due to a virus attack, faulty patch, end-user error or any other reason, it can remotely restore a single system or thousands of systems simultaneously, and rapidly bring the machines online without overwriting critical data.

According to Winternals, its Recovery Manager combines remote, multi-system accessibility, advanced diagnostics, surgical precision and network speed to achieve rapid system recovery.

Contact: Mentor Infotech
Tel: 022 2388 7797
Fax: 022 2387 0098
Price: starts at $47

Converged Service Infrastructure

Linksys One

It is a group of solutions which targets small businesses and aims at providing a single converged services infrastructure for phones, fax, data networking, Internet and business applications.

Linksys One includes the Linksys One 16-Port Services Router (SRV3000), an integrated plug and play switch and a router. It includes features to allow a small business to protect its network and improve productivity. The solution also includes Linksys One Colour Manager IP Phone (PHM12000), which is a low-cost Voice over IP and provides the voice quality and features of a small business key phone system.

The solution also includes Linksys One Analog VoIP Gateway (VGA2000) aimed at improving the flexibility of the system.

Contact: Cisco Systems India
Tel : 011 5561 1000
Fax: 011 2376 6126
Price: NA


Siemon’s BladePatch

Siemon’s BladePatch patch cord is a solution for high-density patching environments. It features a push-pull boot design to control the latch, enabling easy access and removal of the cord in tight-fitting areas.

All BladePatch patch cords are compatible with standards-based RJ45 outlets and meet FCC68.500 and IEC 60603-7 specifications, allowing long-term resistance to humidity-based corrosion, extreme temperatures and airborne contaminants. It is also compatible with both T568A and T568B wiring schemes, which allows it to accommodate all Ethernet applications. It features Siemon’s patented cross-pair metallic isolator and 360° crimp, which maintain pair geometry and eliminate deformation, resulting in high transmission performance.

Contact: Siemon India
Tel: 011 5562 9661
Fax: 011 5562 9660
Price: NA

Cluster solution

Altix 1330 cluster

The Altix 1330 cluster solution from Silicon Graphics is a mid-range storage and data management product. Based on shared-memory architecture, the Altix 1330 can be used to drive mixed workloads of different types.

Its features include the ability to scale out to hundreds of nodes and scale up to 16 processors with 128 GB of shared memory per node. It is also able to operate on industry standard products like Red Hat Advanced Server or Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. It includes Scali Manage cluster management software, Voltaire InfiniBand interconnect solutions or Gigabit Ethernet interconnect, and Altair PBS Professional or Platform LSF HPC workload management software. The Altix 1330 scalable node architecture reduces administrative costs because there are fewer nodes to build and manage. It also reduces the cost of interconnect fabric and software licences.

Contact: SGI India
Tel: 012 4258 0681
Fax: 012 4258 0586
Price: The 16-processor Altix 1330 node starts at approx. $ 90,000.

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