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Issue of December 2005 

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“The mobility space has a unique set of problems”

Raj Nathan, Senior Vice-president, Information Technology Solution Group, Sybase, discusses the benefits and challenges that mobile devices offer on the enterprise front.

Is there a pressing need for information mobility in the enterprise?

There is definitely a need for information mobility in the enterprise today. Especially for people like me, who are travelling 70 percent of the time and have important tasks like hiring people. For example, being away can result in the delay of decisions resulting in the loss of a good candidate. Hence it will be great if I am able to access my information and act upon it using my mobile device.

What are the common mobile database applications in the enterprise?

Applications have to be extended to the mobile enterprise. You continue to interact with the same enterprise application over the mobile device. There is a need for a persistent store and a database on the device. This is because sometimes when you are interacting, you may not always be connected. So to be always available, it is necessary to store information in the device itself.

Are there any issues with regard to information management while extending enterprise applications using mobile databases?

The mobility space also creates a unique set of problems. One of the problems with mobile devices occurs when you go from one place to another. The connection may weaken in between and you may even lose it for a while.

This brings in unique sets of problems in the mobility world which are not so intense in the enterprise world. Another issue to tackle is the large variety of mobile devices available in the market.

Sneha Khanna

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