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Issue of November 2005 

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Shelf Space

Enterprise Content Management

EMC Documentum 5.3

EMC’s Documentum 5.3 is an enterprise content management platform that provides content, process and repository services. The content service features include federated search that lets it perform content searches across multiple repositories and the Documentum client for Outlook enables Microsoft Outlook users to perform all the content management tasks without exiting the application. It also includes content transformation services to convert documents, images, audio, video, or medical images.

Process service features include collaborative services based on process and business rules, process engine for enabling persistent state management, work queue processing, and other process execution

Contact: EMC Documentum
Tel: 065 6427 1123
Pricing: NA

Enterprise Web Reporting

Intellicus Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise report from Intellicus targets large enterprises as well as the SMB segment. It provides access to all information assets by providing reports to employees, managers, partners, and customers.

Features include report design on the desktop or the Web, built in graphical query generator and compiler allows a non-programmer to develop complex reports. It supports multiple platform including Linux, Windows, Solaris.

The tool also has a centralised report repository and a system administrator to deploy, download, publish, and maintain the reports from a Web browser. It also allows role-based access control on various reporting functions including viewing, printing and saving.

Contact: Intellicus
Tel: 0120 536 3300
Price: Starts from Rs 40,000


Veritas Cluster Server

Veritas Cluster Server is an open systems clustering solution. It supports up to 32 node clusters. It is claimed to protect everything from a single critical database instance to the largest, globally dispersed, multi-application clusters.

The server’s features include testing production disaster recovery plans without disruption, and workload management. So cluster administrators can move beyond reactive recovery to proactive management of application availability.

Veritas claims that by combining the cluster server with data replication, enterprise customers can achieve and maintain data centre availability and by combining clustering and replication, organisations can achieve a recovery time objective of minutes versus that of days or weeks with manual processes.

Contact:Veritas Software
Tel: 022 5695 0227
Price: US $3,500 per server

Multi-Service Access Router

D-Link DRO 200i

D-Link DRO-200i is part of the multi-service access router series to connect remote sites to corporate networks. It is built around an XScale architecture (ARM core with NPEs) from Intel (IXP425) and the hardware is designed with one LAN and four WAN interfaces.

It supports various protocols including RIP, OSPF, QoS, PPP and V.35 to provide secure Internet, intranet and extranet access with VPN and firewall protection. The D-Link multi-service access routers have many security features from simple firewalling such as NAT to VPN, IPSec and authentication. Other access security functions include PAP and CHAP.

The D-Link DRO-200i features one 10/100 Mbps fast ethernet port, a V.35 WAN interface, a AUX Async serial port, a WAN3/DMZ Port, two voice ports and an ISDN WAN interface.

Contact: D-Link India
Tel: 080 2678 3137
Price: Rs 23,000

Disk-based backup

Quantum DPM 5500

Quantum’s DPM5500 provides implementation of disk-based backup for Windows environments. Its disk-based backup system is coupled with Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2006 to provide a tiered storage architecture solution.

It offers a data protection solution that delivers replication features claimed to result in greater restore granularity. Integrated features include Opyton hardware-based compression technology, tape migration capabilities for disaster recovery and to enable users to frame tiered storage environments.

Quantum DPM5500 appliance combines: Quantum’s disk-based backup system, Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2006, media server and tape archive software.

The appliance has network connectivity through dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and TOE (TCP/IP offload engine) capabilities. Features such as redundant and hot-swappable fans, hot-swap disk drives and redundant power are also present.

Contact: Quantum Corporation
Tel: 080 2353 2610
Price: Approx. $50,000

Firewall/VPN appliance

Juniper ISG 1000

Juniper Networks’ ISG 1000 targets medium and large enterprise. It provides strong access control, secure communications, and network and application-level security for deploying firewall, virtual private networking (VPN) and intrusion prevention services.

ISG 1000 has the ability to integrate full IDP software with the underlying ISG operating system, ScreenOS. The ISG 1000 uses up to two security modules, each with their own processing and memory, to deliver a claimed firewall/VPN and IDP throughput of up to 1 Gbps.

The ISG 1000 features includes dynamic routing, including OSPF, BGP, and RIP and NAT/route/transparent deployment options. Virtualised IDP attack protection is also present in the ISG 1000. Role-based administration allows a security team to delegate management authority to proper personnel, allowing one team to manage only the IDP component.

Contact: Juniper Networks India
Phone: 022 3068 0011
Price: NA


Aten KVM solutions

Aten Technology’s enterprise-class KVM solutions support the Solaris OS for SPARC, x86 and x64 platforms as well as Intel and AMD platforms. Three KVM solutions are available—Matrix KVM, CS1758 and CS1754.

The Matrix is a Cat 5-based KVM switch that allows four users to directly access and control up to 32 computers simultaneously and independently. The system provides the capability to link 32 users and 2,096 computers through a combination of daisy chaining and cascading.

The CS1758 and CS1754 are two KVM solutions targeted at SMBs and can be used in a desktop format. The two CS models also provide audio support as well as support for the USB Sun keyboard and mouse.

Contact: Cubix Micro Systems.
Tel: 020 2425 1594/95
Price: CS1754 4-port Rs 21,500
         CS1758 8 port Rs 40,000
         Matrix KVM switch KM 0432 (32 server 4 consoles) approx Rs 3 lakhs


Gigabyte Server Solutions

Gigabyte Technology has targeted the server entry level as well as middle-end market with its products on Intel and AMD platforms. The company claims that its servers are compatible to all major operating systems and work on majority platforms/applications.

The Gigabyte server includes Gigabyte server management tools with features including IPMI 1.5 compliant firmware, ICMB & IPMB support, system health monitoring, platform event filtering and management, remote management and configuration management.

The vendor company claims that its servers can be used for all departmental server applications, internet infrastructure and network storage.

The server based products from Gigabyte includes Rackmount servers, server/workstation main boards, storage arrays and storage servers.

Contact:Gigabyte Technology (India)
Tel: 022 2652 6696/3061 6666
Price: Starts from Rs 30,000

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