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Issue of October 2005 

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Shelf Space


SSL VPN 200 and 2000

The SSL VPN 200 and SSL VPN 2000 from Sonicwall target the SMB segment. Sonicwall says that they provide organisations with secure access to network resources such as e-mail, files, intranet and applications for mobile employees.

The remote users require a standard Web browser to launch a personalised portal and to access e-mail, files, applications and internal company Web sites. For more powerful capabilities such as secure access to any resource on the corporate network—including servers and complex or home-grown applications—it provides a downloadable thin client (NetExtender) on the user’s desktop or laptop.

SSL VPN features include a graphical user interface and a getting-started guide for easy deployment and management.

Company: IT Secure Software
Tel: 022 2645 4782
Web site:
Price: NA

VPN Solutions

Firebox SSL Core VPN Gateway

Watchguard's Firebox SSL core VPN gateway provides two access modes, secure access client and kiosk for security capabilities such as blocking worm traversal, session time-out, two factor authentication and digital certificates. It also provides network access to wireless devices and partner networks.

In the secure access client mode, users can access any application or network resource. In kiosk mode users can access Citrix ICA, remote desktop, SSH, telnet 3270 emulator, VNC servers and any other Web-based network resource using Web-enabled handhelds, laptops, desktops or internet kiosks whose browsers support SSL in Java or Windows environments.

Company: Watchguard Technologies
Tel: 022 2521 5657
Web site:
Price: 5 Tunnel Pack - concurrent users - Rs 25,650
10 Tunnel Pack - concurrent users - Rs 50,850

Cat 6a cabling

ADC Krone CopperTen

CopperTen is ADC Krone’s elliptical-shaped augmented category 6 cable. The cable can enable a 10 gigabit ethernet to be implemented over unshielded twisted pair up to the full 100 metres required for a structured cabling system.

Normal category 6 cabling systems have insertion loss and alien crosstalk at higher frequencies which disrupt transmission and high-speed data communication. However, Krone says that the CopperTen uses an elliptical shape to avoid the disturbance from signal noise emerging from the adjacent cables within the same bundle. The cable ellipse is non-symmetrical and off-centre and creates a larger air footprint to generate more separation and prevent alien crosstalk by isolating each connector from the other.

Company: ADC Krone
Tel: 080 2225 1904
Fax: 080 2225 1693/0587
Web site:
Price: NA

Network racks

BestNet Network Rack system

Eurotech Technologies has introduced the BestNet 19-inch network rack systems for switches, hubs, patch panels and UPS equipment. It has four adjustable 19” vertical slots and square slots to enable easy mounting of equipment. The enclosure systems are equipped with extra depth, power strips, cable organisers, shelves, fan trays, modem tray, mounting hardware, cooling fan and back plate.

The BestNet network racks not only keep servers and other IT hardware in a consolidated and secure manner, but also provide physical security and prevent unauthorised access to critical IT equipment. The aluminium and steel profiles connected to welded steel end-frames result in low weight and permit quick assembly.

Company: Eurotech Technologies
Tel: 080 2220 7911
Fax: 080 2220 7955
Web site:
Price: 6U—Rs 2,750, 9U—Rs 3,600, 12U—Rs 4,250, 17U—Rs 8,750, 22U—Rs 10,500, 27U—Rs 12,000, 32U—Rs 16,000, 42U—Rs 19,000.

Ethernet switch

AT-8624 POE

AT-8624 PoE by Allied Telesyn is a 24-port layer 3 Fast Ethernet switch with power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities. It targets the mid-sized networks and distributed networks.

PoE allows devices to receive power over the existing LAN cabling and eliminates the need for separate power supplies. Powered devices like IP phones, wireless access points, network webcams and hubs/switches can make use of the PoE technology to draw power from the AT-8624 PoE’s power supply. AT-8624 PoE can also power Web cams used in security applications, and provide uninterrupted service even in the case of power failure, as the network can be backed up with a UPS system. It provides stacking support.

Company: Allied Telesyn
Tel: 022 5676 4244
Web site:
Price: Rs 1,25,000 (plus taxes)

Wide area file access

Brocade WAFS

Brocade has introduced its tapestry wide area file services (WAFS) that provide LAN-speed read-write access to shared files across WANs so the organisations can consolidate their IT assets and protect remote data at the same time.

Tapestry WAFS uses a pair of appliances, one at a central site and one at a remote office. The appliances communicate through protocols optimised for the performance and reliability of a WAN. The appliance fits into an existing IP infrastructure. Intelligent caching is said to give fast performance across the WAN to NAS devices or file and print servers. Brocade says it provides a secure, reliable file transmission across WANs.

Tapestry WAFS is based on Microsoft’s Windows platform, and provides native integration and security for branch offices using Microsoft applications.

Company: Brocade Communications
Phone: 0124 502 8873
Web site:
Price: Rs 15 lakh onwards

IP telephony

Nortel BCM-50

Business Communication Manager-50 (BCM-50), launched by Nortel, is a product targeted at SMBs as well as call centres. The BCM-50 converges voice and data communication with a capacity of three to 20 stations.

The BCM-50 platform provides capabilities like telephony features, voice and unified messaging, IP networking, and Internet and intranet access. It also provides IP telephony to users’ desktops, and an integrated router option for Ethernet or ADSL broadband access.

Company: Nortel India
Tel: 011 2651 1748
Fax: 011 2651 1755
Web site:

Antivirus software

Microworld eScan corporate edition

The corporate edition of eScan is a security suite that targets the corporate and enterprise sector for protection against viruses, objectionable content, hackers and privacy threats. It provides real-time virus and content scanning of desktops, servers and gateways, including the scanning of SMTP, POP3 and HTTP traffic.

Features include MailScan for mail server and anti-spamming facilities. It restricts access to non-productive Web sites during work hours, and provides remote access file rights to restrict the creation and modification of specific file types in a user-specified folder. It also provides remote installation, un-installation and monitoring across the enterprise from a single console.

Company: MicroWorld Software Services
Tel: 022 2826 5701
Web site:
Price: Five user box of e-Scan corporate edition Rs 12,607

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