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Issue of October 2005 

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“Server management is getting easier”

S Rajendran, General Manager, Sales and Marketing CPG, Acer India, says that server management has become easier because enterprise management solutions are able to link into server management solutions.

Why do you think server management in enterprises is getting easier?

Server management is getting easier due to two reasons. First, due to the introduction of hardware-driven management modules. These modules allow large enterprises and even SMEs to develop server management capabilities. It effectively means that manageability is now percolating down to the SME level.

Second, there is an increasing trend, among the medium-sized corporates to cultivate an enterprise perspective on management. As a result enterprise management solutions now link into server management applications and provide an integrated view of the entire IT infrastructure of the organisation.

What is the current trend among Indian enterprises as far as servers are concerned?

Indian enterprises are turning to rack-optimised servers and blade servers on a large scale. This reduces the size and space taken up by the servers. There is also a clear shift towards server farms and quasi-grid computing architectures, even for commercial requirements.

We also find that many Indian enterprises consolidate storage, and implement storage practices on the basis of need by intermixing of NAS and SAN–and not of technology (NAS vs. SAN vs. DAS).

—Kumar Dawada

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