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Issue of September 2005 

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Shelf Space

Systems management Red Hat Network

Red Hat Network

Red Hat Network by Red Hat Inc includes a monitoring module and support for Solaris. Red Hat Network is a web-based systems management platform intended to help users manage the complete lifecycle of their Red Hat enterprise Linux systems. Enterprises can now manage activities such as patching, provisioning, rollback, configuration management, and monitoring.

The Red Hat Network monitoring module has four areas of functionality.

Probes. To monitor systems, network functionality, or applications. It has over 60 pre-built probes including those for Oracle, MySQL, Apache, and BEA.

Probe suites. Create probe suites and deploy them to the systems. Adjust the probe configurations for all systems that received the suite.

Notifications. When critical thresholds of a probe are reached, an e-mail alert is sent to the contact defined in the probe.

Reporting. View graphs of a probe’s performance.
Company: Red Hat Inc
Tel: 022 3987 8888
Fax: 022 3987 8899
Web site:
Price: NA

Thin client


Evio developed by Parrus IT Solutions can be employed to extend the life of PCs. It helps organisations to eliminate periodic and recurring investments in upgrading or replacing existing PCs.

Once the EVIO chip is installed into any PC it can execute and process 32-bit Windows applications such as ERP, Office and Mail, and allow connectivity options to Unix/Linux/IBM servers. Evio basically converts a PC into a thin client and has features such as wireless support, file sharing, network and peripherals support. It has an in-built protocol support, so multiple applications across different operating systems can be executed from the same PC. It also has support for Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP (for terminal services), Novell local client, X11, XDMCP and terminal emulations.

Company: Parrus IT
Tel: 080 3061 7684
Fax: 080 2353 4806
Web site:
Price: Rs 3,000 approx.

Mobile e-mail access


HutchMail provides enterprise users with real-time access to office mail over GPRS. HutchMail users will be able to use their Hutch phones to access mail, both personal and official, from Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes.

HutchMail is available for the Nokia 60/80 series, Sony Ericsson, Windows Pocket PC and Windows smartphones.

Any new e-mail, calendar entries and contacts will reach the user’s phone the moment he reaches his mail server. He can then create, view, reply, delete and forward them in real-time and in sync with the server, as well as receive, view, save, edit, send Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF attachments on the handset. All e-mail will be protected with AES 128-bit encryption.

Company: Hutchison Max Telecom
Tel: 022 5664 5000
Fax: 022 5666 1200
Web site:
Price: Rs 899 (monthly subscription for unlimited usage). Usage-based packages Rs 499/month (for actual usage charged@50p/10 KB with 100 MB free) or Rs 199/month (for actual usage charged @50p/10 KB).

Content Filter

Sonicwall CSM 2100 CF v 2.0

The CSM 2100 CF v 2.0 by Sonicwall combines real-time gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, Internet filtering and network protection. The filter removes malicious Internet threats before they can infect the network. It comes with an onboard dynamic rating engine to enable users to obtain real-time ratings for the new URLs that are not rated.

The product also provides granular controls to manage access to Web sites containing inappropriate and potentially illegal Web content. Additional features include advanced graphical reporting and analytic tools to monitor network usage.

Company: IT Secure Software
Tel: 022 2645 4782
Web site:
Price: Rs 2,09,550 onwards, including a one-year 25-user subscription to Sonicwall’s premium edition content filtering service, gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware services.

EPM Solution

Astra and ARC

Manthan's enterprise performance management (EPM) solution, Astra, targets retailers to measure the effectiveness of strategy execution. ARC is a reporting and analytics solution for retail operations managers.

Astra covers business methods and models such as balanced scorecard, benchmarking, comparisons and casualty analysis so that planning managers can link strategy with operations and also track, monitor and measure the effectiveness of their strategy. ARC is built on the retail concept of plan-buy-move-sell-analyse, and has pre-built business KPI's, metrics as well as pre-canned forms of data and visual reporting to provide a decision support mechanism to the core transactional systems of a retailer.

Company: Manthan Systems
Tel: 080 2299 0585
Fax: 080 2299 0586
Web site:
Price: Rs 1.12 crore to Rs 2.25 crore

Data migration

EMC/Softek LDMF software

The EMC/Softek Logical Data Migration Facility (LDMF) software, expected to be generally available by September 2005, is said to be able to relocate data at the dataset-level on storage arrays operating within mainframe environments without downtime. According to EMC, the LDMF software transparently moves datasets online from one volume to another and automatically updates catalogue information to reflect the change in location.

Stated benefits of the software include capabilities for mainframe administrators to more efficiently relocate information onto new storage or storage tiers, to non-disruptively optimise volume utilisation and performance, and to consolidate datasets into fewer volumes to minimise resource consumption.

In addition to migrating data to larger volumes and arrays, the LDMF software is also targeted at processes such as reclaiming unit control blocks and dataset-level workload balancing.

Company: EMC India
Tel: 011 5556 3800
Web site:
Price: Typical installations are expected to be priced in the low $100,000s.

Software lifecycle management

Digite Enterprise 4.2

Digite Enterprise 4.2 by Digite Inc is used for IT portfolio and process governance. Version 4.2 includes portfolio management, financial management and SLA management capabilities along with the software lifecycle management capabilities of the product.

Additional features are financial and portfolio prioritisation configurable templates, SDLC process maps, and customisable metrics components for automating the organisation’s software processes that comply with CMMi practices. It comes with application integration like software configuration management tools for various Microsoft Office products. Digite says that Digite Enterprise 4.2 also integrates the PPM required by organisations involved in software development with software lifecycle management.

Company: Digite Inc
Tel: 022 2831 6033/34/35
Fax: 022 2838 2645
Web site:
Price: Rs 22.5 lakh onwards (depending on the number of licences, number of users, and type of deployment)

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