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Issue of August 2005 

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Shelf Space

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Controllers

Midspan Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) controllers

ADC KRONE has launched Midspan Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) controllers featuring dual compliance with IEEE 802.3af and legacy VoIP devices as well as optional N+1 redundant powering capabilities. KRONE’s Midspan PoE Controllers allow enterprise network managers to power VoIP phones, WiFi access points, IP security cameras and other devices without upgrading or replacing Ethernet switches and structured cabling. The PoE controllers feature field upgradeable N+1 redundant powering capabilities.

Company: Krone Communications Ltd.
Tel: 080 2225 1904
Fax: 080 2225 1693 / 2225 0587
Web site:
Price: Not available


GigaExpress smart switch

D-Link has launched a range of the D-Link GigaExpress family of smart switches. The D-Link GigaExpress family consists of 16-port (DGS-1216T), 24-port (DGS-1224T), 26-port (DES-1226G), 48-port (DGS-1248T) and 50-port (DES-1250G) models. DES-1226G provides 24 10/100Base-TX ports for workstations and two combo 1000 Base-T/SFP. DES-1250G provides 4810/100Base-TX ports for workstations and two combo 1000 Base-T/SFP. DGS-1216T provides 16 0/100/1000 Base-T ports for copper Gigabit connection and two combo SFP for flexible fibre Gigabit connection. DGS-1224T provides 24 10/100/1000 Base-T ports for copper Gigabit connection and two combo SFP for flexible fibre Gigabit connection. DGS-1248T provides 48 10/100Base-T ports for Gigabit connection and four combo SFP for flexible fibre Gigabit connection.

Company: D-Link India Ltd.
Tel: 022 2652 6696 / 5690 2210
Fax: 022 2652 8914 / 8476
Web site:
Price: DGS-1216T Rs 35,000; DGS-1224T Rs 40,000;
DGS-1248T Rs 71,820; DES-1226G Rs 15,000; DES-1250G Rs 27,720


E320 Broadband Router

Juniper Networks have announced some enhancements to its line of E-series routing platforms. The improvements were made in the E320 broadband services router, with new features for the ERX routing platform. The E320 broadband router ranges from a capacity of 100 to 320 Gbps, and also supports up to 128,000 individual subscribers. E320 supports VoIP, IP-based television (IPTV), ATM, Ethernet, and also the DSL forum’s TR059 architecture. E320 includes the JUNOSe modular operating system software.

The two new line modules for the ERX routing platforms include a high-density Ethernet line module that provides 8 ports of Gigabit Ethernet per slot and increases the Ethernet density of the ERX-1440 to 96 ports per chassis. ERX has small form factor pluggable (SFP) optics and many port options, along with an ATM plus Ethernet line module that provides a combination of Ethernet and ATM technology in a single slot.

Company: Juniper Networks India
Tel: 022 3068 0011
Fax: 022 3068 0010
Web site:
Price: Not available

Tape Library

LTO-3 Tape Libraries

Exabyte Corporation has launched two tape libraries featuring IBM’s third-generation LTO Ultrium tape drive technology (LTO-3)—221L Plus and 110L Plus LTO Tape Libraries. The Exabyte 221L Plus Tape Library features two LTO-3 drives and 21 cartridge slots. The 221L tape library provides capacity of up to 16.8 TB and data transfer speeds of more than 1.1 TB per hour. It also offers a native fibre channel interface. Other features include a compact 5u form factor and remote management capabilities, a bar code scanner and Ethernet interface. The Exabyte 110L Plus Tape Library with LTO-3 features one LTO-3 drive and ten cartridge slots, providing capacity of up to 8 TB, and data transfer speed of up to 576 GB per hour. The 110L with LTO-3 also offers a bar code reader and an Ethernet port with remote management.

Company: Exabyte India
Tel: 080 2838 6808
Web site:
Price: 110L Plus Rs 5 lakh onwards
221L Plus Rs 6 lakh onwards

Telecom Equipment

AdvancedTCA products

Intel launched its second generation AdvancedTCA (Telecom Computing Architecture) products. The new products include three blades and related technologies for building IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) equipment and services.

AdvancedTCA is a series of industry-standard specifications for carrier-grade communications equipment. The IMS architecture defines a set of industry-standard equipment built on modular communication platforms such as AdvancedTCA, and allows communications and media services to be managed independently on the network.

Company: Intel Asia Electronics
Tel: 022 659 8811 / 659 8800
Fax: 022 659 8809
Web site:
Price: Intel NetStructure MPCBL0010 $2,950 MSRP; Intel NetStructure IXB28504xGbEFS secure packet processing blade $12,299 MSRP; Intel NetStructure MPCMM0002 Chassis Management Module $995 MSRP.

Storage Virtualisation

TagmaStore Network Storage Controller

Hitachi has launched the TagmaStore Network Storage Controller model NSC55. It includes parallel crossbar switch architecture, a large-scale controller-based virtualisation layer, and a set of software tools in a rack-mounted, modular form factor. The NSC55 manages up to 16 petabytes of externally attached heterogeneous storage. It offers internal bandwidth of 12.1 Gbps, a 64 GB cache, 48 fibre channel ports, and 16 FICON ports.

Additional features include embedded NAS Blades, mainframe connectivity, and native disk-based WORM software. NSC55, powered by 32 multi-processors, is designed for extremely heavy I/O workloads.

Company: Hitachi Data Systems India
Tel: 022 2652 6100 / 2652 6110 / 2651 6121
Fax: 022 2652 6115
Web site:
Price: Entry-level platform is priced at $120,000. Software and services extra as per actual requirement.



Sahara 1U Dual Xeon Server

Sahara Computers have launched an Intel 1U dual Xeon, 4 bay SCSI server. It has 1MB/2 MB L2 cache and support for up to six DDR 266 modules and 24 GB of memory.

The HDD interface consists of an SCSI interface supported by Adaptec AIC-7901 Ultra320 SCSI controller, support for single channel Ultra320 LVD SCSI, and serial ATA RAID interface. It has four externally swappable HDD bays and requires a 480W PFC power supply.

Company: Sahara Computers and Electronics Ltd.
Tel: 0120 5397 235
Fax: 0120 5397 700
Web site:
Price: Rs 99,999

Data Management Software

Windchill 8.0

Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) has launched Windchill 8.0, a data management and collaboration software. Windchill 8.0 is a major component of the PTC product development system.

According to PTC, the main features of this new product include improved LAN performance over the previous Windchill releases, improved heterogeneous mechanical and electronic computer-aided design (MCAD and ECAD) data management capabilities, and new source code configuration management capabilities.

PTC has also introduced new Windchill add-on modules for standard Windchill solutions. The features include Windchill parts link classification and re-use, Windchill archive, and Windchill enterprise systems integration.

Company: Parametric Tech (India)
Tel: 022 655 3761 / 62, 655 8031
Fax: 022 655 8079
Web site:
Price: Not available

Enterprise Printing

Canon’s enterprise product launch

Canon India has launched 17 new multi-functional document management and document imaging products targeted at the workgroup, departmental and enterprise segments. The products launched include Image Runner (iR) Multi-Functional devices, Enterprise Document Management Software, and Variable Data Printing Software. The iR models are equipped with 300 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM and a 20 GB hard disk as standard. This new range of products use Canon’s Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform, which is a Java-based application platform that allows the creation of customised software applications. This platform can be embedded in the Canon multifunctional peripheral devices.

Company: Canon India
Tel: 0124 516 0000
Fax: 0124 516 0011
Web site:
Price: Rs 75,000 onwards


PowerEdge SC430

Dell has launched the PowerEdge SC430, which features Intel’s new dual-core processor technology. Its features include provision of up to 4 GB of DDR-2 SDRAM, a choice of 2.53 GHz Intel Socket-T Celeron, 2.8/3.0 GHz Intel P4 Prescott or 3.0/3.2 GHz Intel Pentium D dual-core processor; availability of three PCI Express Slots, and two 32bit/33 MHz legacy PCI slots, optional SATA drives or U320 SCSI drives; and an optional Travan TR-40 or DAT72 tape backup unit. It supports Windows Server 2003, and Red Hat and Suse Linux operating systems.

Company: Dell India
Tel: 1600 425 4026 or 080 2506 8026
Web site:
Price: Starts at Rs 27,810, excluding VAT

Enterprise Solutions

3Com Corporation

3Com Corporation has launched four new enterprise-class product families for the network. The new products include the new 3Com Switch 5500 family, the expanded 3Com Switch 7700 family, the new 3Com Tipping Point Quarantine Protection and the 3Com enterprise management system (EMS).

The 3Com Switch 5500 is available in seven 10/100 and five different Gigabit models. It is claimed to deliver robust layer 2/3/4 switching, and the flexibility to upgrade the power supply to support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) services for IP phones or wireless access points.

3Com Switch 7700 family extensions include two new chassis, the 3Com Switch 7754 and 7757. Supporting 4-slots and 7-slots respectively, the 7700 models are designed for enterprises that need high density modular 10/100/1000 Mbps switching for workgroup connectivity.

3Com TippingPoint Quarantine is network-based, and confines infected or non-compliant PCs for remediation. Quarantine policies can be set based on thresholds for specific IPS filters, and customised for different sets of endpoint devices.

The 3Com Enterprise Management Suite delivers network configuration management in an enterprise network of 3Com and other vendor equipment.

Company: 3Com India
Tel: 022 2430 7508
Fax: 022 430 0949
Web site:
Price: The 10/100 model of the Switch 5500 ranges from $2,495 to $4,495 for non-PoE, and $3,795 to $6,495 for PoE versions.

The Gigabit models of the Switch 5500 range from $5,995 to $10,995 for non PoE, and $7,495 to $13,495 for PoE.
The Switch 7700 extensions range from $1,795 to $4,995 for the new chassis, new fabric, or the 48-port gigabit module.
3Com EMS ranges from $9,995 to $44,995, depending on the number of devices being managed.

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