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Issue of August 2005 

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Equipment for a call centre

I read the article ‘Building a call centre’ written by Soutiman Das Gupta. The article is informative. A friend of mine is planning to set up a cyber café with around seven computers. He wants to use wireless connectivity.

Can you give me an idea of the kind of equipment he needs to purchase and install?

Vivek Pant

Dear Vivek Pant,

Since your friend wishes to use wireless technologies, here are a few suggestions:

  • Use wireless network adapters on every PC
  • Use one 802.11x access point at a strategic location in the room
  • Use a broadband link with facilities for failover

You can make a choice between 802.11b, which allows 11 Mbps shared bandwidth, and 802.11g, which offers 54 Mbps.

You can buy the wireless LAN equipment from a number of vendors such as Cisco, D-Link, 3Com and Krone.

You can visit the nearest reseller (Tech Pacific etc) or put a request on the vendor’s Web site.

Search facilities on Web site

We are regular readers of Network Magazine and find the articles very interesting, informative and useful.

We wanted to look up a previously published article related to ICICI Bank from the archives section of the magazine’s Web site ( Since we did not remember the issue date we hoped to find a site search facility on the Web site.

We were surprised to discover that there is no such facility. Can you let us know if there is any facility to look up specific articles from your archives by using keywords?

J Jeyaveerapandian
Deputy Director
Tuticorin Port Trust
Tamil Nadu

Dear J Jeyaveerapandian,

To take care of your requirements, we have introduced a search feature on our Web site. You can view the page at

We hope you will use this facility to look up the articles you want by putting in names and keywords.

Articles and products to be featured

I work for a Wi-Fi security service provider in Pune. I have three queries:

The IT Head of our organisation would like to contribute an article to Network Magazine to be featured in the ‘Vendor Voice’ section. How can he go about it?

We would like to have our company’s upcoming IT products featured in the section called ‘Shelf Space’ which highlights new arrivals. How do we go about it?

Is there a fee for either of the above?

Sudhakar Mishra

Dear Sudhakar Mishra

Thank you for writing to us.

Here is our response to your queries.

1) Network Magazine prints articles written by experts from the vendor/service provider community in the section called ‘Vendor Voice.’
You can request the technology head of your company to write a 1,200-1,400 word article which deals with technology or management issues. In your case, the topic could be related to the need for Wi-Fi security, the solution options, or business benefits.

The article must be vendor-neutral. You can attach graphs and diagrams with it. You can look at Vendor Voice articles of previous issues in the archives section of our Web site as well. We’ll print the article if after evaluation we find that it is relevant to our readers. There are no charges for publishing such a contributory article.

2) You can e-mail or courier your product information to us. If the products are relevant to our audience, they will be considered for use in the ‘Shelf Space’ section of the magazine. There are no charges for this either.

You can send us feedback by e-mail or write directly to any of us here in the editorial department.

The Editor
Network Magazine
Business Publications Division
Indian Express Newspapers (Mumbai) Ltd.
1st Floor, Express Towers, Nariman Point
Mumbai 400021

You’ll find our writers’ e-mail addresses at the end of their respective articles. We look forward to hear from you.

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