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Issue of July 2005 

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F5 enters India

Dan Matte
Global Senior Vice-president, Marketing
F5 Networks

F5 Networks has announced that it is entering the Indian market, with its entire portfolio of products and solutions, including BIG-IP, FirePass, Traffic-Shield, and iControl.

Comments Dan Matte, F5’s Global Senior Vice-president, Marketing, “The Indian economy is growing rapidly, and outsourcing and offshoring have made it an important IT hub. There is immense demand for secure and accelerated application delivery and we have the solutions to meet that demand.”

BIG-IP helps in local, global and link traffic management. It has four versions: BIG-IP 1500, 3400, 6400 and 6800. FirePass provides secure application access, and is available in three versions—FirePass600 for small business VPNs, FirePass1000 for medium enterprises, and FirePass 4100 for large enterprises. TrafficShield 4100 is an application firewall, which filters attacks, cloaks applications, scrubs outgoing content and provides security services. iControl software development kit is a standards-based interface (SOAP/XML), and iControl services manager is centralised management for F5 devices.

F5 has extended its BIG-IP platform by adding BIG-IP 6800. This platform targets midsize and large enterprises as well as hosting providers. According to Gartner, application developers, owners, and their networking counterparts seeking an architectural approach to accelerating web-based and related applications should consider F5’s BIG-IP platform.

F5 also announced the appointment of Shailendra Sahasrabudhe as the GM for India.

F5 is headquartered in Seattle, and has over 700 employees worldwide.

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