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Issue of June 2005 

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Shelf Space


Cisco 1800 series and 870 series

Cisco has introduced its 1800 series fixed configuration and 870 integrated services range of routers.

The 1800 series has a maximum flash memory capacity of 128 MB, integrated 10/100 Base-T WAN ports and 802.1Q VLAN. The routers are Wi-Fi-certified, and support Wi-Fi Protected Access. The 870 series supports multiple DSL technologies, broadband cable and metro Ethernet connections. It has a 4-port 10/100 managed switch with VLAN support, secure WLAN 802.11b/g option with use of multiple antennas and remote management capabilities.

Cisco Systems India
Tel: 080-25159326

Price: Starts at $1,295 for 1800 series fixed configuration routers with optional 802.11a/b/g, and $649 for 870 series fixed configuration routers with optional 802.11b/g

Tape loaders

Exabyte LTO-3 tape autoloader

Exabyte Corporation has launched the Magnum 1 x 7 LTO tape autoloader for SMBs and departmental installations. It offers one LTO-3 drive and seven cartridge slots.

The autoloader achieves data transfer speeds of up to 576 GB/hr and has a capacity of up to 5.6 TB in a 2U form factor. The standard features include a barcode reader and an Ethernet port for remote management. The LTO-3 Ultrium tape drives integrated by Exabyte have a capacity of up to 400 GB (800 GB compressed) and transfer speeds of 80 MB/sec (160 MB/sec compressed).

Exabyte India
Tel: 080-28386808

Price: Below Rs 2.85 lakh or $7,000

Storage software

Storage Foundation 4.1

Novell and Veritas Software have launched the Storage Foundation 4.1, which can be deployed on the Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9 platform. This is aimed at customers who are considering and planning data centre migrations from Unix to Linux.

Veritas now has its storage management and high availability software on the Linux kernel 2.6 platform. Veritas Storage Foundation software has capabilities such as storage area network support with dynamic multipathing, online storage management, high performance file system and database access. There is also 64-bit application support for Linux environments, with up to 128 TB file systems.

Veritas Volume Manager provides data portability across Unix and Linux, with its Portable Data Container utility which is claimed to ease migration between systems. The Veritas File System enables end users to reduce storage costs by using tiered storage and automatically placing data on the appropriate class of storage.

Tel: 022-56950227-30
Fax: 022-56750398

Price: Starts at $1,495 per server


SMC TigerSwitch 10G

SMC Networks has launched SMC TigerSwitch 10G—an 8-port 10 Gigabit Layer 2 managed switch (SMC8708L2). It has eight XFP slots and 160 Gbps non-blocking architecture which is claimed to guarantee simultaneous full duplex activity on all ports, even when running at full load.

The SMC8708L2 supports up to 256 port-based or tagged VLANs with automatic recognition and dynamic VLAN channelling by GARP VLAN Registration Protocol. Individual Non-Ipv4-Protocols can be isolated via the support of protocol-based VLANs, according to IEEE 802.1v. With eight physical queues, QoS-features can be executed with eight priority levels. The SMC8708L2 is complemented with two new TigerStack 1000, stackable managed switches: SMC8724M and SMC8748M.

SMC Networks
Tel: 011-51436361/2

Price: $9,999

Monitoring Tool


MonitorEyeT helps system administrators monitor networks across multiple geographical locations without moving around physically. The knowledge base maintained by MonitorEyeT may also be used for analysing problems associated with different devices/applications. The vendor affirms that the tool can also be used for future decisions related to the IT infrastructure, type of devices, application vendors, etc.

MonitorEyeT is claimed to be highly configurable and provide flexibility to the user. It is written using Java for making it a generic and portable system that can be used on an array of platforms. It is based on SNMP. The tool uses HTTP for communication between the agent and the monitor. This helps it to operate in conjunction with the firewall.

Equitech Systems Software (I)
Tel: 022-28524610
Fax: 022-28524615

Price: Base price Rs 4,60,000

Content Publisher


Elicitus is a desktop authoring tool for trainers, educators, subject matter experts and other e-learning creators worldwide. It can be used for creating online learning, CBTs, training presentations, exams and assessments quickly and without programming. It provides good ready-made visual layouts, and a variety of question types and navigation styles. It also allows users to track their courses using LMS such as Pathlore, Plateau, Saba, Tracorp, Trainontrack, Blackboard, ThinQ, SST MX, Aspen (Sumtotal), LearnerWeb and WebCT. Elicitus supports courses in many languages supported by Unicode. It is claimed to take two hours to learn, and six more to master.

Tel: 020-25284201-03
Fax: 020-25285411

Price: $1,395 per authoring licence up to 20 licences


Web and Desktop Security Products

Websense has released its new versions of Websense CPM and Websense Web Security Suite—Lockdown Edition. These provide security using removable devices for exporting corporate information and retrieving files infected with malcode.

CPM is claimed to stop the execution of spyware, keyloggers, peer-to-peer file sharing, blackhat hacking tools, etc. Websense Web Security Suite provides spyware protection, blocks access to malicious mobile code and other Web-based threats, and prevents spyware and keylogging transmissions back to third-party host sites.

Tel: 022-56309466
Fax: 022-22870640

Price: Rs 1,000 to 5,000 (per client machine)

Enterprise communication

Microsoft RTC

Microsoft India has launched its range of Real Time Communication (RTC) technologies—Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005 (a Web conferencing service), Microsoft Office Live Communication Server 2005 (enterprise instant messaging server) and Microsoft Office Communicator, (real-time communications frontend).

Live Communication is available in Standard and Enterprise editions. It provides both instant messaging and presence awareness. Office Communicator supports VoIP, integrated telephony, enhanced instant messaging and presence awareness. Live Meeting is available in Standard and Professional editions, and is licensed as a hosted online service. It is available in several language versions such as Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and German.

Microsoft India
Tel: 0124-5158000/2567000
Fax: 0124-5158888

Price: Live Communications Server 2005: Standard Edition - $787, Enterprise Edition - $3,154, Others - NA

Business intelligence

Oracle Business Intelligence 10g

Oracle has launched Oracle Business Intelligence 10g, a standalone product designed to address the analytical requirements of businesses. It aims to reduce the cost and complexity associated with building and deploying BI solutions. It features several BI tools, from ad-hoc query, reporting and analysis to ETL to BI application development, all in a single package.

The product comprises several components: Oracle Discoverer for query, reporting and analysis with dashboard features; Oracle Spreadsheet Add-In, which gives direct access to Oracle OLAP from within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets; Oracle Warehouse Builder for robust data quality and ETL functionality; and Oracle BI Beans for custom BI application development.


Oracle India
Tel: 022-56796200
Fax: 022-56796300

Price: $20,000 per processor or $400 per named user

Fibre connectivity

For access and premise networks

Sterlite Optical Technologies has launched OH-LiteT, Giga-LiteT and SuperLANT for access and premise networks. OH-LiteT is a low loss optical fibre optimised for use in the 1310 nm window.

Giga-LiteT is a high performance multimode fibre designed for use in premises wiring applications such as LANs. The cables support Gigabit Ethernet standards and are compatible with all common systems according to EN 50173, ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA 568-B. Sterlite SuperLANT cables are available in Cat 5e and Cat 6 variants.

Sterlite Optical Technologies
Tel: 020-30514000
Fax: 020-26138083

Price: NA

USB print servers

Max USB print servers

Max Infosolutions has introduced 1 and 2 port USB print servers. The 1 port server shares a USB printer with all network users. It is compatible with Windows 98/2000/Me/XP. It has a 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet connector, a USB connector and LEDs for link and status.

The 2 port USB server has 1 port parallel, and shares up to three printers (2 USB and 1 Parallel) with all network users. It has DB 25 and 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet connectors, LEDs for USB, status and parallel, and is Windows 98/2000/Me/XP-compatible. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Max Infosolutions
Tel: 022-55974693

Price: 1 Port USB print server - Rs 6,500
3 Port print server - Rs 8,000

RFID solution


SSA Global has introduced SSA RFID to the Asia Pacific and Japan marketplace in partnership with IBM and Intermec. It includes an RFID solution consisting of hardware, software, middleware and deployment services. It is deployable on the IBM eServer iSeries platform. IBM Websphere middleware affords integration to Intermec's scanning, printing and labelling equipment.

Customers are currently using RFID to manage more efficiently and track the movement of materials, and to comply with generally-accepted industry standards for RFID-related data and technology requirements. This product is also claimed to enable users to buy and implement an RFID solution quickly to achieve compliance and ROI by tapping into inbound compliance, outbound compliance and manufacturing. This will help manufacturers, distributors and retailers capture value throughout the supply chain. SSA RFID is claimed to allow users integrate business applications across i5/OS, AIX, Linux and Windows in a single integrated environment, thereby reducing the overall cost of ownership and time-to-value.

Tel: 022-28236056

Price: NA

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