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Issue of June 2005 

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Intel to go multi-core

Narendra Bhandari
Asia Pacific Regional Manager Solutions Engineering Group
Intel Technology India

Intel has announced that it has more than 15 multi-core processor projects underway across the company's high-end server, volume server, workstation, desktop, mobile and networking platform families.

According to Narendra Bhandari, Asia Pacific Regional Manager, Solutions Engineering Group, Intel Technology India, multi-core processor capability will enable enhanced performance, reduce power consumption and allow more efficient simultaneous processing of multiple tasks.

The multi-core architecture entails silicon design engineers placing two or more Pentium execution cores or computational engines in a single processor. The multi-core processor plugs directly in a single processor socket, but the OS perceives each execution core as a discrete logical processor with all associated resources. In the first quarter of 2006, Intel intends to deliver two Xeon dual-core chips.

Intel's first dual-core processor-based platform is the Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 840 running at 3.2 GHz along with the 955X Express Chipset.

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