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Issue of June 2005 

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Grid computing

The article “Harvesting grid computing’s power” in the March 2005 issue of Network Magazine, which was written by Anil Patrick R, was very informative and useful. 200503/xsp01.shtml

Being part of an active grid community in Israel, I look forward to seeing more such articles in the future.

Avner Algom
General Manager
The Israeli Association of Grid Technologies (IGT)
Hertzelia, Israel 46140

Cases for BI

Thank you for replying to my query regarding Business Intelligence (BI) and Competitive Intelligence (CI) in banks. It has helped me get a clear perspective on the process.

Has Network Magazine published any case studies related to BI in banking? If yes, can you please give me the issue dates?

Karin Smith

Dear Karin Smith

We covered Business Intelligence extensively in our issue dated July 2003, where we featured case studies of Standard Chartered Bank, India, and Reserve Bank of India.

The May 2005 cover story was on CRM; there are also some case studies regarding BI and analytical CRM in the issue. Refer to:

IP SAN set-up

The April 2005 cover story on IP SAN was well written and informative. Can you inform me about the minimal hardware configuration that is required to set up a 1 TB IP SAN?

Arun Shejwal

Dear Arun Shejwal

Although the hardware required to set up an IP SAN is easily available off the shelf, most IP SANs operate because of the SAN controller software (for routing traffic). It is not a good idea to set up an IP SAN by yourself unless you have the in-house expertise to develop this software.

On the hardware side, you can use a commonly available GbE switch for switching, Serial ATA drives (7,200 rpm minimum speed) and Cat 6 cabling. But just these won’t give you the performance if you don’t have the required software.

IS 2005 issue

I read Network Magazine regularly and my company subscribes to it as well. I saw the advertisement of the nationwide survey that will be conducted jointly by IMRB and you, titled Infrastructure Strategies 2005. I would like a copy of the survey results along with the June edition of your magazine.

I request you to book my copy, and let me know of any charges that will be necessary.

Jaresh Jhala
RPG Life Sciences
Ankleshwar, Gujarat

Dear Jaresh Jhala

Thank you for writing to us. Articles related to the findings of the Infrastructure Strategies 2005 survey will appear in the June 2005 issue of Network Magazine. Since you are a regular subscriber, you will receive the June issue as usual which will have any information you may want to look for.

Happy reading

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