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Issue of May 2005 

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Dead link on your Website

The articles in the cover story titled ‘Following the outsourcing trail’ in the October 2004 issue of Network Magazine were very good. The article ‘Better Engagement for Better Business’ written by Soutiman Das Gupta was especially interesting.

But when I typed into a browser the URL mentioned in the article which would supposedly allow us to download a sample copy of an SLA agreement, I found that the link was dead. Can you please mail me a copy of the sample SLA agreement?



Dear Mr Aravind

Thank you for pointing out that the link to the sample SLA document is not working. We are sorry for the inconvenience and have rectified the matter. The link is working now and you can access it. We have also mailed you a copy of the document at your e-mail address.

Thank you for your favourable comments on the articles. We appreciate your critical feedback and will be glad to receive more from you in future.

Archive of questions and answers

In the earlier issues of Network Magazine there was a section where enterprise user problems related to networking were answered by technology experts.

Unfortunately you seem to have discontinued it, and I don’t find it in the online version either. Since this section was particularly useful to me and my organisation, can you keep an archive of the technical questions and answers available for users who might have disposed of their subscribed issues?


H Krishnan
Assistant VP (IT)
Rajashree Cements
Malkhed, Karnataka

Dear Mr Krishnan

Thank you very much for writing to us. Your comments are valuable.

We did have a technology helpdesk section in our magazine earlier, but have discontinued it more than two years ago. We now address similar queries through the section called ‘Inbox’ in the magazine, where this letter is printed.

The ‘Inbox’ sections of previous issues can be viewed in the ‘archives’ section on our Website

I hope you will find it useful.

BI in Banking?

The cover story articles in the July 2003 issue of Network Magazine on Business Intelligence written by Soutiman Das Gupta were very interesting. I would like to know how we can apply Business Intelligence (BI) or Competitive Intelligence (CI) in banking, and what the benefits are.



Dear Karin

Thank you for your appreciation.

Within the banking industry there are unique needs that differentiate banks from other companies. As banks become more sophisticated in their analysis of customer behaviour, there are specific data points that should be accessed and taken into account to perform accurate analysis.

Challenges such as accurate segmentation or identifying cross-sell and retention opportunities can be successfully addressed by incorporating appropriate BI software and solutions. Tailored to meet the unique needs of the banking industry, BI solutions enable companies to implement effective business strategies, maximise profits and manage corporate and consumer risk.

BI solutions can address banking-specific issues including segmentation, customer retention, cross-sell, credit scoring and campaign management. In addition, using BI software and solutions, an enterprise-wide business scorecard with banking-specific Key Performance Indicators can be developed to give a single, strategic view of an enterprise to help drive the banking strategies forward.

You can send us feedback by e-mail or write directly to any of us here in the editorial department.

The Editor
Network Magazine
Business Publications Division
Indian Express Newspapers (Mumbai) Ltd.
1st Floor, Express Towers, Nariman Point
Mumbai 400021

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