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Issue of April 2005 

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New Products & Services


Dell / EMC AX100i

The Dell / EMC AX100i IP SAN solution is built around the Dell / EMC AX100 array. The company says that this solution is well-suited for meeting the needs of small organisations and workgroups as it brings down the cost of acquiring and running an entry-level SAN solution.

The AX100i uses standard networking components such as a Dell PowerConnect Ethernet switch. Apparently, users can cut the cost of an entry-level SAN by up to 50 percent by taking advantage of this Ethernet-based solution in place of a traditional FC-based one.

The Dell / EMC AX100i supports applications such as Exchange and SQL Server. It is said to extend the key benefits of the AX100 with simplified set-up, management, scalability and streamlined back-ups. The AX100i connects to a standard Ethernet network in just a few steps using wizard-based tools.

At a price less than Rs 3,00,000, the AX100i offers features for data security such as cache vaulting and data scrubbing. The product also offers advanced functionality software for automated failover and snapshots that are normally found in enterprise-class systems. Buyers have the option of scaling the AX100i to support up to eight servers on a network.

The AX100i has features such as:

  • 2U Dell / EMC AX100i array with up to two controllers and up to 12 SATA drives. These drives are capable of providing storage capacities ranging from 480 GB to 3 TB
  • iSCSI network interface module
  • Support for Microsoft Windows

Organisations have the choice of picking product support options to fit their business needs.

Dell Computer India
Tel: 1-600-33-8044 or (080) 2506 8050
Fax: (080) 2558 6107
Price: Starts at Rs 2,93,718


SonicWALL gateway anti-virus

SonicWALL's gateway anti-virus now includes an Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention subscription service. It uses a deep packet inspection engine to deliver virus protection, intrusion prevention and anti-spyware capabilities directly on the security gateway. Additional anti-spyware features are said to allow SonicWALL to disrupt background communication from spyware already present on the desktop, and prevent e-mailed threats by scanning and then blocking spyware-infected e-mail.

Some features of SonicWALL's anti-spyware protection:

  • Blocks spyware delivered through auto-installed ActiveX components
  • Scans and logs spyware threats transmitted through the network, and alerts administrators when new spyware is detected and / or blocked
  • Stops existing spyware programmes from communicating in the background with blackhat hackers and servers on the Internet
  • Provides granular control over networked applications. This enabes administrators to selectively permit or deny the installation of individual spyware programmes
  • Prevents e-mailed spyware threats by scanning and then blocking infected e-mail transmitted through SMTP, IMAP or Web-based e-mail

Features provided by SonicWALL's gateway anti-virus protection are:

  • Real-time anti-virus scanning
  • A reassembly-free deep packet inspection engine
  • Concurrent scanning of an unlimited number of files of unlimited size for viruses, support for a variety of protocol types and a constantly updated database.

The key features of SonicWALL's Intrusion Prevention protection are:

  • A constantly-updated signatures database (more than 2,000 signatures)
  • Deep packet inspection engine
  • Protection against buffer overflows, worms, trojans and backdoor exploits
  • Prevention of IM and P2P applications
  • Protection from threats originating in the internal as well as external network.

Current subscribers to the Gateway Anti-Virus or Intrusion Prevention service will receive the anti-spyware component through an automatic download at no additional cost.

SonicWall Inc
Tel: (080) 5124 0450 / 1-600-449-255
Price: Rs 10,500


McAfee Anti-Spyware Enterprise

McAfee has announced the availability of McAfee Anti-Spyware Enterprise with proactive On-Access Scanning to identify and eliminate potentially unwanted programmes (PUPs) such spyware, adware, dialers, keyloggers, cookies and remote-control programmes.

McAfee says that Anti-Spyware Enterprise is easily deployed, controlled and monitored with centralised management tools designed specifically for the requirements of small-to-medium businesses or large distributed enterprises.

The Anti-Spyware Enterprise can integrate with McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 7.1 and 8.0i. Central management under a single console is done with the scalable McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) for the enterprise, and McAfee ProtectionPilot designed specifically for small-to-medium businesses.

Ingram Micro
Tel: 044-2233 3071 / 73
Price: Rs 1,000 per node for an organisation with one to 25 nodes.

Layer 3 switch


The Allied Telesyn AT-8624 is a Layer 3 Fast Ethernet switch with Layer 2/3/4+ intelligence. Allied's AT-8600 series has support for multimedia applications such as voice and video.

Network administrators can define throughput levels for each port. This helps them control access to it based on the category of the user.

Broadcast storm protection and bandwidth limiting can be implemented at the edge of the network, where users connect for allocation of bandwidth on a per port basis. The bandwidth limiting feature provides granularity. Ingress limits can be defined down to 64 Kbps segments, and egress limits down to 1 Mbps segments.

Allied Telesyn claims that the switch has simple configuration through both the command line and a graphical interface, which helps the switch work with existing management systems providing full SNMP support.

The switch has a customisable trigger facility that provides a mechanism for automatic timed management of the switch by automating the execution of switch commands in response to certain events.

The AT-8624 has full support for multimedia Layer 4 applications, a one rack unit (1RU) form factor, high-speed uplink modules, IP routing, a redundant power supply option, and stacking support.

Allied Telesyn
Tel: 022 5676 4244 / 45
Price: Rs 89,990

Data warehousing

Teradata Warehouse 8.0

This data warehousing solution combines hardware and software. It has capabilities to collate data from all the information repositories in an organisation-operational CRM, traditional BI, analytical BI, etc.

The product includes the following components:

  • Teradata Database V2R6.0
  • Teradata Tools and Utilities 8.0
  • NCR 5380 Server
  • Teradata Replication Services
  • Teradata Dual Active Solution
  • Teradata applications and partner applications
  • Teradata Global Consulting Services

Some of the features included in 'Tools and Utilities' are:

Application Programming Interfaces: These include the ODBC Driver for Teradata, the Teradata Call-Level Interface (CLI), and the TS/API, which permits applications that normally access IBM DB2 to run against Teradata.

Language pre-processors: These include COBOL, C and PL/1. Teradata says that with the libraries in these pre-processors, developers can create or enhance client or host-based applications that access the Teradata RDBMS.

Data load utilities: FastLoad, MultiLoad, FastExport, Teradata Warehouse Builder and Basic Teradata Query facility (BTEQ) are utilities that are said to seamlessly allow the centralisation of data from disparate sources into the Teradata Warehouse. These utilities also permit the import and export of data to and from host-based and client-resident data sources, including mainframe host databases, enterprise server databases or departmental data marts.

Database administration tools: These include ASF/2 for backup, archive, and recovery; the Database Window (DBW) for status and performance statistics; the Administration Workstation (AWS) for a single point of administrative control over the entire Teradata system; and TDQM for query workload management.

As part of its data warehouse solution, Teradata partners with software vendors including Ab Initio, Ambeo, Ascential, Atanasoft, BEZ, Business Objects, Cognos, DecisionPoint Software, ETI, GoldenGate, Hyperion, Informatica, KXEN, MicroStrategy, Prescient, SAS, Siebel Systems and Ward Analytics to ensure compatibility across software.

Teradata India Business
Development Centre
Tel: (022) 5695 7500
Fax: (022) 5695 7555
ss Price: NA

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