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Issue of March 2005 

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New Products & Services

Layer2 Ethernet Switch


Foundry Networks has launched a new switch family to its 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) network infrastructure products, the SuperX family of Layer 2/3 compact modular switches. D-link claims the new family of switches offers high Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 10-GbE density per rack, low GbE and 10-GbE price-per-port in a modular switch, wire-speed throughput and forwarding on every port, and a compact form factor that allows installation of up to eight systems per 7-foot rack. The SuperX family has features such as a hot-swappable, standards-based Power over Ethernet (PoE) upgrade module, and Foundry's IronWare package of reliability and security features.

The SuperX family comprises of hardware-based switching packet processor and switch fabric, Layer 2 features and upgradeability to full Layer 3, a non-blocking architecture, redundant and hot swappable AC/DC power supplies, bandwidth management, traffic monitoring, and security, resiliency and accounting features. The 6 RU-high SuperX family supports up to 128 wire-speed 10-GbE ports, 1632 wire-speed GbE or 10/100/1000 ports, and 1536 wire-speed 10/100/1000 PoE ports per rack.

The SuperX family includes three switches, each designed for distinct network environments and applications. These are the FastIron SuperX Edge and Wiring Closet Switch, TurboIron SuperX Enterprise and Metro Layer 3 Backbone Switch, and BigIron SuperX 10 GbE Aggregation and Core Switch.

D-link claims that SuperX systems provide more efficient and precise interface configurability than most switch offerings because they use half-width port modules, and 12 combo (copper or fiber) ports are integrated into the management module for additional flexibility and density.

D-Link (India) Limited
Tel: (022) 2652 6696/ 5690 2210
Fax: (022) 2652 8914/ 8476

QOS Monitoring


MRO-Tek's eSONA100's architecture is based on Custom ASIC that enhances bandwidth management at wire speed. It claims to deliver 100 Mbps, reliably and with low power consumption. The eSONA100 is available with 10/100 Base-Tx for both LAN and WAN ports and 10/100 Base-Tx for LAN and 100 Base-Fx for WAN. This helps the eSONA100 seamlessly integrates with any network infrastructure.

Built with the flexibility to have configuration option on device bootup, the eSONA100 has dual firmware support. It uses a console port, Telnet, SNMP or LITEVIEW Manager, so it has easy local and remote access. eSONA100 can manage 8 bi-directional queues at different layers L2/L3/L4. The traffic classification can be based on IP, IPSubnet, TCP/UDP port, VLAN tag and MAC.

Time of day implementation for policies enables scheduling of policies without affecting the user productivity. Metering information provides the actual consumption of bandwidth to monitor traffic on the system. The LITEVIEW Manager, a GUI based NMS enables remote management of the eSONA100.

Key Features

  • Auto MDI/MDI-X on 10/100 mbps Ethernet
  • Port(RJ 45)
  • 10/100Base-Tx or 100Base-Fx for the WAN
  • Ethernet bandwidth at n X 64 KBPS upto 100 MPBS at wire speed performance.
  • Per class bandwidth can be configured to the minimum granularity of 1 kbps steps.
  • CLI, SNMP and Telnet based access for easy management.
  • Dual firmware support
  • Simple back up and Restoration of the configuration files from local and remote sites.

eSONA100 costs Rs. 56,250/-.

MRO-Tek Limited
Tel: (080) 23332951
Fax: (080) 2333 3415

Patch Manager

PatchEasy 6.3

SecureSynergy recently un-veiled PatchEasy 6.3, its newest version of the company's patch management software that offers functionality for the Microsoft Windows platform and also adds patching capabilities for Red Hat Linux and Solaris operating systems.

The product's new features are:

  • Patch rollback capability for previous configurations
  • Scanning by IP range and subnet to locate all manageable computers
  • Reboot notification for clients
  • Named master agents managed from console
  • Database size reduction
  • Multi-Locale Support for adding new languages rapidly

PatchEasy 6.3 will be available to customers through SecureSynergy's Distributor/VAR network for the following prices: 51-100 user slab (1year) - Rs.987/- Per user, 51-100 user slab (2year) - Rs.1360/-Per user.

SecureSynergy Pvt Ltd
Tel: (022) 28258825, 28259996
Fax: (022) 28251242

PC Blades


Breaking away from the conventional server managed thin clients, ClearCube Solutions are opening up to the Indian market with their PC Blade solution. The solution connects a dumb terminal to an Intel P4 or Dual Xeon PC set up in a remote location. Targeted predominantly at financial and government services, this solution ensures the users a desktop environment and the company of reliable computing, as per ClearCube.

The components of the ClearCube solution include:

  • A PC Blade, mounted on a rack in a cage
  • A cage that can house 8 PC blades in a 3U high enclosure
  • A backpack that enables remote management of the blades
  • A user port: This comes in two configurations, the I/Port or the C/Port. The C/Port connects directly to the blade, where as the I/Port can do so over Ethernet. This is a VHS tape sized device that sits on the desktop and connects all the peripherals to the blade.
  • ClearCube Management Suite (CMS), that enables management of the solution.

The advantage of the solution is that the computing power of one PC can be split across four users and when the PCs are not being used they can function as servers. In every blade rack a spare blade can be added as a backup in case of breakdown. For every blade a backup is created on the other blades in the group, in an encrypted format, whereever free space is available. In case of a breakdown the extra blade is can pull all the backed up information, and ClearCube assures a maximum of 20 minutes for the person to have a functional PC up and running.

The solution's pricing has not been finalised yet for the Indian market, but ClearCube officials anticipate the average cost per user to be one and a half times a desktop PC.

ClearCube Technology International Inc.
Tel: (022) 24968339
Fax: (022) 24930949

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