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Issue of March 2005 

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March 2005

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Infrastructure Strategies 2004
Business Continuity


Driving Regulatory Compliance
Protecting consumers and companies
Regulations and compliance:
The technological trail to compliance

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Spyware biggest network threat in 2005
BI for everyone
Indian medium businesses spent $2.9 billion on IT
Worm targets MySQL
Red Hat sets up centre for Indian support
Raman lasers and Intel
WiMAX to propel wireless usage
Holographic storage to go commercial

Clear as mud, no more...
Indian regulatory authorities appear to agree with Franklin D. Roosevelt. That's probably why Indian industry is guided by a plethora of principles and guidelines but there are very few actual regulations in force.

Hindustan Lever's IT strategist.
After numerous, varied assignments, and considerable globe-trotting, KG Mohan has settled into his role as the Vice-President of IT at Hindustan Lever. He shares the highlights of his career with Deepali Gupta

A matter of strategy
When Yes Bank decided to outsource its entire IT infrastructure, it took this decision from the strategic standpoint of reducing its expenditure upon IT and to gain flexibility. Here's why the bank did what it did, and the benefits that it derived from its decision. by Soutiman Das Gupta
Storing it the IP way
L&T Hazira's Heavy Engineering Division chose IP over Fibre Channel for its SAN to save costs and to utilise the IP skills of its IT staff.
by Soutiman Das Gupta
'IS is a journey'
IM is the via media in the trade-off between security and efficiency
Wireless in SOHO land
Bracing for the compliance storm
The benefits of sharing knowledge
Data protection in heterogeneous IT environments
Harvesting grid computing’s power
The virtues of grid computing have been discussed before. Now Satyam's grid computing practice offers consulting and other related services for enterprises that want to set up an in-house grid computing infrastructure, says Anil Patrick R
The Gift of Presence
From the author of Who moved my cheese? comes The Present, a parable that attempts to connect with its readers at different levels. Spencer Johnson tells you that the secret to success and happiness lies in living in the present rather than dwelling in the past or in the future.
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