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Issue of January 2005 

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So much for canning spam

According to the latest report from Sophos, the United States leads the world when it comes to generating spam. Around 42.11 percent of Spam generated worldwide originates from the US despite the CAN-SPAM act that is in place.

Top 12 spam spewers
1. United States 42.11%

2. South Korea 13.43%

3. China (incl Hong Kong) 8.44%

4. Canada 5.71%

5. Brazil 3.34%

6. Japan 2.57%

7. France 1.37%

8. Spain 1.18%

9. United Kingdom 1.13%

10. Germany 1.03%

11. Taiwan 1.00%

12. Mexico 0.89%

Others 17.8%

The research results were obtained from Sophos’s global network of honeypots. Researchers at Sophos scanned all spam messages received at its global network of honeypots throughout 2004 and at the top of the list was the United States, which is responsible for exporting 42.11 percent of all spam.

"When we first reported on the top spamming countries back in February 2004, the USA had the excuse that the CAN-SPAM act had only been in existence for a couple of months," said Graham Cluley senior technology consultant for Sophos. "Almost a year later and millions of spam messages down the line, it is evident that the CAN-SPAM legislation has made little headway in damming the flood of spam."

Sophos notes that the most broadband-connected country in the world, South Korea, has held tightly onto its position as a leading producer of spam. The country comes second at 13.43 percent—way behind USA.

- Mumbai Bureau

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