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Issue of January 2005 

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Your opinion is important to us

We at Network Magazine (India) continuously endeavor to improve our publication. Although our new initiatives are driven by industry feedback, we'd love to implement your suggestions.

So dear reader, we'd like to know your thoughts on our magazine. If you like something in particular... or think we could improve certain sections...or you just have a story idea, send us mail.

You can send us feedback by e-mail or write directly to any of us here in the editorial department. You'll find our writers' e-mail addresses at the end of their respective articles. We look forward to hearing from you.

What providers provide

Dear Sir,

I was wondering whether firms providing broadband services would also consider providing redundant connectivity? In your opinion, does a company that offers a bundled package of all its broadband offerings including redundant connectivity, exist?


Greg DeWhitt
XiNCOM Corp.

Dear Greg Dewhitt

All broadband service providers build a fair amount of redundancy in their systems. It is considered a basic business need to be up and running 24x7 (or at least as close to that as possible).

In my opinion all broadband service providers have put redundancy in their systems in the form of multiple links, clustering, load balancing, and business continuity measures.

How to set up a LAN?

Dear Sir,

Could you please tell us how to set up a LAN on our campus. If possible, please include the documents and literature required to understand the equipment required for the LAN.


Dipak Bunde
Pune University

Dear Dipak Bunde

Our cover story this month is dedicated to the setting up and deployment of LANs and WANs in enterprises. It includes an article on campus connectivity.

I hope you will find the articles in this issue informative, and sufficient to answer your questions.

Reader friendly writing

Dear Sir,

The article on broadband through copper is

fantastic. It is a well structured overview, with no

confusing terminology. It also explains DSL technology perfectly. There is so much advertising on broadband

technologies on the Internet it can be difficult to find any actual information.

I found this article quite easily through and have recommended it to my class. It provided me with the basic understanding I required for my third-year networking research assignment.


Helen Paterson
Anglia Polytechnic University

Dear Helen Paterson

I am glad to hear that you found the article interesting and useful.

We will continue to publish other articles that deal with a number of enterprise IT infrastructure issues in the future. I hope you will find them useful too.

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