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Issue of November 2004 

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New Products & Services

Server Hardware

IBM eServep5

eServer p5 by IBM is a line of UNIX and Linux servers using high performance 64-bit POWER5 microprocessors and Micro-Partitioning, to achieve computing performance and reduced costs for a wide range of business and scientific applications. The eServer p5 systems - p5-520, p5-550 and p5-570 Express, are positioned to meet a variety of clients needs—from small to medium-sized businesses to large enterprise-level clients.

The series extends beyond traditional UNIX servers with mainframe-inspired features by providing higher utilization, performance, flexibility, and lower IT management costs.

These systems use from 2 to 16 POWER5 microprocessors to deliver potent performance and scalability available on a UNIX platform leveraging the industry standard Power Architecture.

The p5 allows for server consolidation and mixed workloads on a single system by giving businesses the capability to run multiple different operating systems like AIX, Linux, simultaneously. The Micro-Partitioning in IBM's Virtualization Engine, which significantly improves utilization and reduce IT costs. The new eServer p5 systems are the first UNIX systems to enable clients to run multiple (up to ten) virtual servers or Micro-Partitions on a single microprocessor. This allows businesses to better utilize processors and automatically reconfigure processor partitions in less than one second to meet changing on demand business needs.

Contact: IBM India
Tel: (080) 22063667
Fax: (080) 22063363

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