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Issue of November 2004 

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It's all in the mind

Title: On Track to the Top
Author: Nick Farr-Jones and Bill James
Publisher: Tata McGraw Hill
Pages: 197
Price: Rs. 195/-

Whether it's sports or business, an athletic race or a corporate one success is entirely dependent on

the contenders' mind and discipline, suggests Jacques Van Schalkwyk, author of On Track to the Top. According to Schalkwyk success boils down to a combination of talent, opportunity, effort and learning.

He makes his stand clear when he refers to opportunity and talent, and does not speak of fate or some mysterious power. He points to the capacity to create, develop and seize it: "What Goethe said, 'The right man is the man who seizes the moment.' What should be added, 'The right person is the one who creates the moment.'" Further more the author establishes that becoming awesome is not a question, decision or event, it is a journey. That journey he breaks into eight aptly titled chapters.

Begin with passion: at the outset, there has to be a dedication and desire before taking on a project.

Believe you can: Self-crippling self-criticism does not help. Have faith in yourself.

Focus your action: Every step you take should be in the direction of your goal.

Do it as one: Single handed success is only too rare, learn to take your team along.

Fuel your energy: Don't allow the enthusiasm and energy to die down midway. If starting with a bang is important so is finishing with one. So between the two relax and don't exhaust yourself.

Bite the bullet: Persist no matter what. Don't give up because you feel you have lost the lead.

Break the barrier: Do not get stuck at something that appears impossible

Act with character: Excellence and competitiveness goes hand in hand with integrity and honesty.

- Deepali Gupta

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