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Issue of October 2004 

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Track 5: document management

Managing documents in the right manner

Organisations have unprocessed data repositories like receipts, forms, and printouts. Document management is the weapon of choice when it comes to integrating this data into enterprise systems

Productivity is important to every organisation. Most organi-sations have large repositories of unprocessed data in paper form such as receipts, forms, and printouts. This leads to the formation of different unusable data silos that cannot be used by business applications. The fifth conference track will examine how to improve office efficiency with the effective creation, management and distribution of information using document management and workgroup printing solutions.

Leveraging information

Today's businesses are powered by information and it is crucial to convert unprocessed data into business critical content. This can be done by using proper document management and content management systems.

Document management deals with intelligent capture and distribution of information within an organisation. It is essential to have proper systems in place for efficient cost-effective operation of content management systems and printing workflows.

Document and content management solutions allow organisations to securely capture, manage, and share hard-copy and digital information. Document management systems can quickly capture, extract, verify, process, and index large quantities of information. They then automatically send clean data, documents and attachments to multiple archival and retrieval systems. Operations such as forms processing can be streamlined and optimised, significantly contributing to greater business efficiency. These systems also go a long way in sharing information across applications to improve business decision-making. Document management systems also help keep Web sites and other content constantly updated.

Compliance is yet another reason why businesses need to take document management seriously. With governments becoming strict about compliance, it is imperative for enterprises to go in for proper document and content management systems.

A multifunctional approach

The use of multifunctional devices (MFDs) is a document management trend that has caught on very fast. Today, MFDs are an integral part of document management solutions. When combined with suitable document management software, MFDs provide capabilities to process, index, store, and manage all types of documents. These include scanned documents, electronic documents and computer outputs.

Other factors spurring the growth of MFDs in the document management space are decreasing acquisition and operation costs. Earlier, MFDs used to be expensive and this prevented many organisations from using them for document management. With prices dropping down to affordable levels, MFDs are the first choice as an input device for many document management solutions.

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