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Issue of October 2004 

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Autonomic OS


The Nitix operating system from Net-itech is claimed to be an autonomic operating system. This means it is an OS that is self-managed (adjusts itself according to workload demands), self-healing (detects, diagnoses and repairs problems), self-configuring (automatically incorporates and configures new components), self-optimizing (does performance tuning), and self-protecting (anticipates and defends against security breaches).

Net-itech claims that this linux based server OS is the first in the world to satisfy the autonomic computing system criteria. Nitix is a sub-20 MB OS that is built on a Linux kernel and incorporates autonomic elements. This is claimed to give it self-diagnostic and self-healing capabilities that enable the system to discover problems or potential problems and automatically find a way to fix those problems in order to keep functioning properly.

When setting up a new NITIX-powered server, NITIX automatically detects and configures standard networking parameters. When adding new users to NITIX -powered server, NITIX automatically creates a personal directory, an email account and a personal web-page for each user. The OS also has fast recovery features and continuous automated backup systems.

Autonomic protection features include intelligent protection features against security attacks and an auto configuring firewall/VPN. Nitix can also be run from read only media like a solid state disk or a CD-ROM. Connectivity features include an integrated web server and redundant internet connectivity.

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