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Issue of October 2004 

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Securing the future

A recent event held by Frost and Sullivan, "Emerging paradigms in information security" threw light on the emerging trends of the security market. Speaking on Self Defending Networks (SDNs), with special emphasis on day zero protection, the event sought to alert participants of the unending certainty that new variants of worms would forever attempt to attack the systems.

The concept the speakers offered in return was day zero protection by means of an intrusion detection system. What that effectively means is the computer registers the pattern of unauthorized activity, and if more than a recommended number of users complain of the same problem that activity is quarantines. As such, an unknown virus will be detected as soon as it is found in the system. Time that was earlier lost on identifying a thumbprint and then creating anti-virus will now no longer be as long. Symantec claimed to be the best suited for that because of their wide spread protection implementation, and online connectivity for clients to their consequent database.

What the security specialists at the event recommended was that every network should run a combination of anti-virus, fire wall and intrusion detection for complete security. That was the solution Cisco offered with their SDN. Cisco has made a tie up with some of the leading anti-virus and security solution providers to offer a wholesome solution. The SDNs only seeming catch is that its intrusion detection and policy implementation will not work unless all the hardware (including switches and routers) are those of Cisco.

- Deepali Gupta

Frost & Sullivan, Technology Awards 2004 at a glance
Sl No Company Name Award Category Market Category
1 Polycom Market Leadership Award Video Conferencing Systems
2 SISL Market Leadership Award Healthcare Information Systems
3 Nortel Competitve Strategy Award India Interaction CRM
4 Concerto Software Market Leadership Award Outbound Systems
5 Talisma Market Leadership Award Email Management Software
6 HCL Infinet Ltd. Competitve Strategy Award PBX
7 SAP Market Leadership Award Mid Market ERP
8 Sify Market Leadership Award IP VPN
9 ISS Market Leadership Award IDS
10 Cisco Industry Leadership Award Network Security
11 Cisco Industry Leadership Award Wireless LAN
12 Tata Telecom Industry Leadership Award Interaction CRM
13 Tata Telecom Industry Leadership Award Enterprise Voice Equipment
14 Tata Telecom Market Leadership Award PBX
15 Tata Telecom Market Leadership Award IP Telephony
16 Tata Telecom Market Leadership Award ACD
17 Tata Telecom Market Leadership Award CTI Enabling Software
18 Tata Telecom Market Leadership Award Call Monitoring Slutions
19 Tata Telecom CEO of the Year Enterprise Communications Segment
20 NICE Systems Market Leadership Award Call Monitoring Slutions
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