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Issue of September 2004 

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Manage the B'school way

Title: Management: Principles and Guidelines
Authors: Thomas N. Duening, John M. Ivancevich
Publisher: Biztantra
Pages: 528
Price: Rs. 299/-

Subdivided into lessons as in a text book, Management: Principles and Guidelines is a management refresher course for top management and an important debut for aspiring and low level managers. It fundamentally deals with the Evolution of management, Planning, Organization and Leadership skills required in management.

The authors commence with the three phase management theory underwent over the last 100 years. Starting with the classical approach, then the behavioral approach and finally the scientific approach, it covers the completion management principles as we know them.

Duening and Ivancevich are quick to point out that the classical approach is far from outdated. In fact they list the following Fayol's Principles of Management as fundamental:

1) Division of Labour
2) Management authority with responsibility
3) Unity of command and direction
4) Initiative
5) Discipline

Furthermore, the authors subdivide planning into the scope, time frame and level of detail. While planning any manager must consider these three. Prioritization and strategic planning with regard to objectives and operations are key to a manager's job. Planning also helps with organization.

In an organization three things have to be taken into account: The job design, knowledge management and human resources. "The proper use of people involves understanding both individual and organizational needs.

The book also dwells on leadership, motivational skills and approaches. From there it enters specific management scenarios, like SCM. Each segment is associated with a case study, and as such the authors not only explain their point, they also substantiate their claim. It makes for well-planned reading for forward looking managers.

-Deepali Gupta

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