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Issue of August 2004 

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New Products & Services

Security Analyzer


Fortinet has partnered with eIQnetworks to deliver the FortiReporter tool, a software-based security reporting and analysis solution. A part of the Fortilog, the FortiReporter provides information that enables users to understand and manage their networks, spot and repel attacks.

FortiReporter Security Analyzer includes more than 400 reporting options. It is a browser-based solution that allows users to combine data and generate reports from multiple, geographically distributed security devices. It easily installs on any off-the-shelf server platform and can collect and analyze data from the full range of FortiGate Antivirus Firewall models and across all functions - including firewall, antivirus, VPN, content filtering, IDS, IPS and traffic shaping. FortiReporter Security Analyzer can process up to 40 GB of syslog data per day from a large number of security devices - decreasing report processing time and enabling the delivery of instant reports.

Reports can be delivered in multiple languages and formats - including HTML, MS Word and MS Excel. Users can generate and access reports remotely from a secure Internet connection via a Web-browser. Reports can also be sent easily via e-mail or be aggregated into individual Web portals.

FortiReporter Security Analyzer also provides in-depth overviews of virus and worm activity and enables critical correlation to help IT administrators minimize response times and takes proactive measures to reduce network vulnerabilities.


Tech pac
Tel: (022) 55960238
Fax: (022) 55960106

Security Appliance


Trend Micros (TM) recently introduced the TM Network VirusWall, an outbreak prevention appliance designed to scan. detect, and block threats in a company's network. The device allows security administrators to block network viruses and identify vulnerable or non-compliant network devices to help mitigate or eliminate the propagation point for internal outbreaks.

Network VirusWall can detect and block network viruses even within a data packet. So embeded worms such as "Worm_Sasser", "MSBlaster", and "Slammer" are completely taken care of. This function can be critical for data intensive companies.

The Network VirusWall plugs into the network LAN segments and from there it checks every new user for security standards. So, with the help of tools such as the TM Control Manager 3.0 and Outbreak Prevention Services, the VirusWall enables enforcement of security policies at a centralized location.

With this product In the VirusWall TM also introduced the TM Vulnerability Assessment, which allows administrators to isolate vulnerable devices from the rest of the network.


Wipro Ltd.
Tel: (080) 51145023
Fax:(080) 55114487


Dell Precision

Dell recently introduced the Dell Precision 470 and 670 workstations based on a new core architecture that is designed to deliver high levels of processor, graphics and storage performance. The new workstations bring customers the power of 64-bit computing with the ability to efficiently run all of today's 32-bit applications. The Dell Precision 470 and 670 workstations are specifically engineered to deliver power, scalability, and flexible form factors for a variety of workstation environments.

The Dell Precision is powered by the new Intel Xeon processors with Extended Memory 64-bit technology. The dual processor-capable workstations enable more performance-intensive design applications to manipulate larger, more complex visual models in sharp detail by breaking past the 4GB memory barrier of today's systems and accessing up to 16GB of memory. The platforms' compatibility with legacy 32-bit applications will allow customers to deploy a 64-bit operating system and still run 32-bit applications across their entire enterprise.

The Dell Precision systems integrate the new platforms including DDR2, and PCI-Express. DDR2 optimizes the desktop architecture by satisfying the increased demands of faster processors, graphics and I/O subsystems. PCI-Express can quadruple graphics bandwidth, improve internal data connections, and offer a dedicated, high-speed interface for peripherals (x4 link with up to 2GB/s bandwidth).


Dell Computer India Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: 1-600-33-8044 or
(080) 25068050
Fax: (080) 25586107

Hard Disk


The third-generation MaXLine drives, SATA MaXLine III by Maxtor Corporation feature a 16MB buffer and are designed to the enterprise standard of one million hour mean time to failure (MTTF). The new SATA II features including native command queuing (NCQ), capacity up to 300GB, 7200 RPM speed and Maxtor MaxCommand technology. So, the drives are ideally suited to provide cost-effective storage for midline and nearline applications, such as fixed-content storage and disk-to-disk back up.

MaXLine III drives also feature hot-plug functionality, providing customers using RAID or other large storage arrays with better serviceability and flexibility in case a dynamic upgrade is required. Reliability improvements include staggered spin up, which minimizes the power surge when a subsystem powers up.

SATA hard drives can be implemented in a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) architecture, MaXLine drives can be integrated with SAS drives in a single SAS system. This Serial in a Box storage architecture provides flexibility and scalability in one enclosure that can serve as a universal building block for constructing a data center's storage infrastructure. High-capacity MaXLine drives can be used for applications requiring the maximum capacity at the best cost and installed together with performance-oriented SAS drives for high transactional performance, allowing customers to maximize their total cost of ownership.


Phone (011) 51811694-96
Fax: (011) 51811691-93



Available with a dual processor module, the HP MX2 server is aimed at providing high performance and reliability in a small space with the help of its compact rack-dense design. It now also includes the HP Integrity rx4640-8 platform.

The features of the server include:

  • The Intel Itanium 2 processor
  • The dual processor has two Itaniums with 32 MB of Level 4 cache
  • The HP zx1 chipset
  • Multiples Oss: HP-UX, Linux (with single processor), Windows and OpenVMS
  • Rack-optimized 4U chassis
  • A Quick Find LED panel

Along with this the MX2 offers a range of business management tools to optimize the server to the business needs. It has complete high availability and business continuity tools for enhanced data integrity and reduced planned maintenance time. The consistent management tools allow easy integration of HP integrity platforms into existing HP 9000, AlphaServer and ProLiant computing environments.

The MX2 comprises services to make the transition to the Itanium architecture seamless and its field replaceable parts and simple swap-our repairs lead to easier upgrades, maintenance and repairs.


HP India
Tel: (080) 25216121
Fax: (080) 25276966

SME Servers eServer i5

Systems with POWER5 processor

IBM has introduced eServer i5, for the SME segment, the first systems powered by IBM's POWER5 microprocessors. It provides, power, flexibility and cost benefits. eServer i5 can integrate and run multiple operating systems simultaneously including i5/OS, Windows, Linux and AIX 5L. Plus it has IBM's new Virtualization Engine technology embedded for enhanced virtualization features.

POWER5 features an impressive 276 million transistors per processor, and is manufactured with 0.13-micron copper wiring and SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator) technologies. In addition to providing communications acceleration and chip multiprocessing, POWER5 offers simultaneous multithreading (SMT). So, a single processor core is transformed into two logical processors, as seen by the operating systems and application software.

The eServer i5 servers are pre-loaded and tested with an integrated operating system, i5/OS. The i5/OS integrates the base software a business needs, including the industry standards-based IBM DB2 UDB database.

The eServer i5 comes in two models - eServer i5 520 Express Edition and eServer i5 570.


IBM India Limited
Tel: (080) 2206 3659
Fax: (080) 2206 3617

Data Protection

BrightStor ARCserve

Computer Associates' BrightStor ARCserve Backup (BAB) r11 for Windows is an advanced data protection solution. CA claims the solution enables integrity and availability of critical business data on Microsoft Windows, NetWare, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X servers and clients. Plus it supports DAS, NAS, and SAN environments.

BAB delivers increased backup performance thanks to its multiplexing capabilities that enable multiple backup jobs to be written simultaneously to the same tape media. It has disk-to-disk backup and disk-to-disk-to-tape staging for better performance and backup flexibility. A new Pre-Flight Check feature allows the BAB to check for issues with scheduled backup jobs before the administrator leaves for the night.

It supports the new Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) feature from Microsoft Storage Technologies. Thus, it works with VSS-aware applications and services to create "snap-shot" copies of open volumes and application data sets. This enables safe, sound backups without interrupting workflow or compromising on the integrity of the backup data.

This BAB integrates with the BrightStor ARCserve Backup for Laptops & Desktops r11. It therefore provides complete, transparent data protection for laptop and desktop users as well.

The BAB provided tutorials and speed installations for first-time users; more that 30 report standards, for customized report generation; support for Write Once Read Many (WORM) devices, designed to ensure regulatory compliance; industrial-strength security features; and localization into seven languages.


Computer Associates
Tel: (22) 5641 3800
Fax: (22) 5641 3810

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