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Issue of August 2004 

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August 2004

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Infrastructure Strategies 2004
Business Continuity

CIO Strategies: Tackling The Hurdles

Keeping pace with change
Change is good. In fact, it's one of the few constants. But an institution (more likely one from the Banking sector), that invested a few crores of rupees in state-of-the-art infrastructure, won't easily accept the fact that a part of its IT infrastructure is obsolete.

Married to the Org.
Despite the oft-repeated phrase, "No one is indispensable," every organization acknowledges that people are a valuable asset. Because when people move on for better opportunities, they take with them skill sets that are essential for the business.
For a few hours more…
The role of the modern day CIO is quite different from the IS Manager of yesteryear. The significance of IT has increased since it has progressed from being just a support function to a business enabler.

IT budgets: A case for business
Traditionally, pitching for IT budgets has been a big challenge for CIOs. Planning for IT is now treated like any other business activity.

"Vendors should be treated like business partners"
Choosing solutions providers for one's IT infrastructure requirements can be tricky business. After sitting through vendor presentations and considering all the "discounts" and value-adds, a CIO is still concerned about the level of service he will get in future.

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McAfee pushes for proactive security
"Put the smarts into cable testing"
Color printing set to go mainstream in enterprises
An IntelliJack is born
Oracle gropes for grid market in India

Security Watch
Virus authors traditionally wrote their virus code, compiled it and released the virus into the wild, where they went forth, multiplied and caused misery to one and all.
Clearing the hurdles
IS 2004 provides radical benefits to the CIO community
Keeping with the tradition of being the best source of information management and strategy learnings for Indian CIOs, Network Magazine organized its annual event: Infrastructure Strategies 2004 (IS 2004).

'We need to examine how IT manages things'
'B-class cities are showing positive trends towards EAS software'

The Road more or less traveled
Close your eyes…wait, not yet, first read the rest. Take a deep breath. Feel the cool monsoon air entering your body.
Open Revolution
Down the SAN memory lane
A campus WLAN, RFIDs, biometrics, smart cards, and a wedding
Maintaining the precious edge
New Products & Services
Managing storage through layers
Remote help in management
Wipro Technologies set up its Network Operations Center (NOC) also called Global Network Operations Center at the beginning of 2001 with a workforce of just 10 people.
Cracking the Hacker
A strategy to consider
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