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Issue of July 2004 

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New Products & Services

Security software

SonicWall Global Security

IT Secure brings the SonicWall Global Security client (GSC), an integrated desktop firewall and VPN client solution, to India. The GSC extends corporate security to the mobile desktop by providing security for data transmissions and email, and robust monitoring, management capabilities.

Residing on the mobile user's system, the Global Security Client automatically updates the client with the latest security policy. So, all policies can be centrally implemented. It then communicates with a company's SonicWall gateway, at headquarters, each time the individual logs on to the network. Therefore, no prompting or human intervention is necessary--the process is completely seamless.

The desktop firewall component of the GSC provides security to the laptop any time it is logged on to the Internet. Hence all data on the system is protected. Besides, when connected to corporate HQ via VPN, the GSC blocks hackers from penetrating the corporate network via the remote VPN connection.

The SonicWall Global Security Client provides an additional layer of security by protecting businesses against accidentally or intentionally running applications from the Internet that are designated as “untrusted” by the network administrator.

The SGS works in conjunction with a Sonicwall range of firewalls also available now.


IT Secure
Phone: (022) 26454782
Fax: (022) 26422182

Unified Storage Application

NetApp FAS920 and FAS920c

Network Appliance, Inc. has made new additions to its unified storage platform: the FAS920 and FAS920c. The FAS920 is based on the FAS900 series architecture and replaces the F825 storage system.

The FAS920 system is designed to provide enterprise-class performance, reliability, and advanced data management features for midrange applications. The FAS920 helps businesses to consolidate multiple storage units, decrease system overhead, and increase performance for background activities. The FAS920c is the clustered version of the FAS920.

The balance of capacity and performance with flexible I/O configuration enables the NetApp FAS920 to power a broad range of applications in NAS and SAN configurations simultaneously. Deployed in large service-provider networks and data-intensive environments, including those running database/ERP and other enterprise applications, the FAS920 is a proven price-performance workhorse scaling to 12TB in a clustered configuration. These midrange systems are targeted at Exchange, home directories, large storage consolidation, and database environments.

The FAS920 is included on the Windows® Server catalogue for Microsoft, and the product has been well received among customers running Microsoft® enterprise applications. The FAS920 supports Fiber Channel SAN, iSCSI SAN, and NAS environments.

Network Appliance
Phone: (080) 25327470
Fax: (080) 25092331


All-in-One Phone, Fax, Printer

Hewlett-Packard India Pvt. Ltd. recently launched a 5-in-one functionality printer. The new HP OJ 4255 is armed with printer, fax, scanner and copier and phone facilities. It is compact and has well integrated multi-functions for any customer.

Installed on it is an numeric keypad and one-touch last number redial option. It's fax features include fax forwarding, 90 programmable speed dials, up to 100-page fax memory. The HP Officejet also offers 4800-optimised dpi colour printing for best in resolution source images of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.

HP claims that the OJ 4255 is the only entry level AIO today which Integrates phone and fax features that can serve as a communication centre at the desktop. It comes with a 33.6 built in modem offering upto 3sec per page fax transmission. It also offers advanced photo printing features by means of its optional 6-ink colour capability with up to 4800 dpi color printing for source images of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. Plus it has a 72-hour memory back up.

HP India
Tel: (080) 25216121
Fax: (080) 25276966

Power Conditioning


Launched by Emerson Network Power (India) Pvt. Ltd., the UPStation GXT 2U UPS is available in 1-3 kVA ratings… and for the first time it offers the flexibility of rack or tower mounting.

The GXT 2U UPS system is designed to protect mission-critical equipment such as servers and telecommunications equipment, from a host of power problems. It has a built-in surge suppressors, and includes power factor correction, internal batteries, frequency conversion capability, unlimited external battery connectability and internal automatic / manual bypass capabilities. With this product ENPI are targeting the SME segment. Common accepted as the biggest spender in power solutions.

The GTX 2U UPS is capable of handling potential power problems like power spikes and transients, EMI/RFI noise, voltage sags, burnout conditions and harmonics. It can transfer the critical load to utility power (bypass mode) in the event of adverse conditions within the UPS. This adds an extra measure of reliability and availability to the supported equipment without the use of any additional cabinets.

Emerson Network Power (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: (022) 2580 2388
Fax: (022) 25828358

Storage Hardware

Dell/EMC AX100, SAN for SME

The Dell/EMC AX100 series is available in a direct-attached (SAN-ready) configuration. Both configurations offer advanced features such as software for snapshots, provisioning, and array management normally found in higher-cost, enterprise-class systems.

Dell has helped eliminate cost and complexity concerns by partnering with EMC, Brocade and QLogic to create an affordable networked storage solution that does not require specialized storage skills for installation and use.

This new solution can provide upto 3 TBs of storage on its 12 SATA drives. It can be easily set up with wizard-based tools. The solution includes software to manage the deployment, automate failover and provide backup. Other features also include dual controllers and mirrored cache, ensure high availability for critical data. With the Dell/EMC AX100 customers can tailor their product support to a broad range of service options that best fit their business needs.

The Dell/EMC AX100 offers customers greater levels of scalability, simplified management, improved capacity utilization and streamlined back-ups. It also includes the Brocade Silkworm 8 port 3250 switch, the Qlogic QLA 200 HBAs and support for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Novell NetWare.

Dell Computer India Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: 1-600-33-8044 or (080) 25068050
Fax: (080) 25586107

Cooling Solutions

Uninterruptible Cooling Solution - 24X7

The UCS-24X7, by Emerson Network Power (ENP) India, an uninterruptible cooling solution is devised for server rooms in small to mid sized IT companies. It is meant to cool important installations such as Critical Server Rooms, Telecommunication Facilities, Industrial Process Control Rooms, Broadcast Facilities, Building Services Control Rooms, Surveillance and Monitoring Centers and Medical Equipment Installations.

According to ENP India, the UCS-24X7 offers a High Sensible Ratio of upto 92 percent and offers high energy efficiency thanks to its use of the Compliant Scroll Compressors. It is capable of filtering air upto a 5 micron level with a filtration efficiency of 95 percent protecting electronic equipment from dust as well.

UCS 24X7 attempts to ensure 24X7 cooling, is energy efficient and has a product lifecycle of 10 years. "It also offers power saving costs for an average server room load and guarantees a return on investment in 18 months,” assures ENP India. “Customers will now have the benefit of optimal technology at a low price,” adds Mr. Thanigaivelu, Corporate Champion- Air Channel, ENP India.

Emerson Network Power India
Tel: (022) 25802388/ 25807000
Fax: (022) 25828358/ 25800829

Mid-tier Storage Hardware

EMC Clariion CX Series

The Clariion CX Series has a high performance no-single-points-of-failure architecture that scales from 5 to 240 drives. It incorporates the FLARE storage operating environment, easily adapts to succeeding microprocessor generations. It can even support dual storage processors that can offer twice the performance.

The Clariion architecture and FLARE also support the MetaLUN capability. The MetaLUN can increase the flexibility and control of data layout in arrays through concatenation and striping. Plus each cache is mirrored to prevent loss of data even in case the processor fails.

The Clariion Series supports both Fiber Channels and lower performing ATAs in the same array. This deployment flexibility allows you to match your performance and cost requirements with your application requirements.

Suited to organizations deploying Windows, Linux, NetWare and UNIX, the Clariion series accommodates all: SAN, NAS and DAS environments.

EMC India
Tel: (080) 25095822/23
Fax: (080) 25095840

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