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Issue of July 2004 

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We'd love to hear from you

In recent months we at Network Magazine (India) have endeavored to improve the various sections in our publication. Our new initiatives are driven by industry feedback. But we'd also like to implement our readers' suggestions.

So dear reader, we'd like to know your thoughts on any sections of the magazine. Did you like something in particular? Can we improve a certain section? Do you have a good suggestion or story idea?

Most reader feedback is received through our website. But you can write directly to any of us here at the editorial. You'll find our writers' e-mail addresses at the end of their respective articles.
Keep the feedback coming and we'll try to give you stories you want.

Linux Migration

It was very interesting to read the cover story articles on Linux in the March 2003 issue of Network Magazine written by Soutiman Das Gupta. They are very informative and cover almost all areas of concern.

In case of migration I would like to know the cost benefits (ROI, support, training) of Linux. It will also help to know the cost of using Linux vis -à-vis that of a proprietary system. It will help us greatly to make a decision to migrate our IT infrastructure to Linux.

Ranjeet Singh

Dear Ranjeet Singh

Thank you for your letter. We are glad that you found the cover story articles on Linux interesting and useful.
Migration to Linux can show cost benefits but it really differs from case to case. It‘s a good idea to get in touch with the leading vendors like Red Hat and Suse, or consultants who will visit your site, look at the infrastructure, and give you a realistic picture.

We wish you all the best.

NSE's not down

The case study article in the April 2003 issue of Network Magazine on NSE's disaster recovery initiatives, called 'NSE - Not down in disaster', written by Soutiman Das Gupta was very good.

I hope to see more articles like that in your magazine.

Deb Ghosh
Chief Architect of Financial Services, TIBCO Software
Dear Deb Ghosh

Thank you for your appreciation. We certainly will publish more such case studies in future issues. And this is especially because disaster recovery and business continuity planning are on their way to become boardroom issues in many organizations.

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