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Issue of May 2004 

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New Products and services

Data Center Solution

APC InfraStruXure

APC has launched InfraStruXure, a patent-pending, integrated architecture for the Network Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI). Expanding the building block approach beyond power, InfraStruXure integrates the rack, cooling, power, management and services that comprise NCPI into an open, adaptable and integrated solution.

InfraStruXure enables IT managers to select a variety of standardized components to create a customized solution. According to APC, this approach provides the reliability, affordability and predictability of standardized solutions, yet is completely customized to solve specific problems. InfraStruXure also allows additional capacity to be purchased and installed only when needed thereby limiting waste.

Additional features of the InfraStruXure Architecture include:

  • Optimal cooling distribution and heat exhaust for rack environments prevents overheating
  • Pay as you grow scalability optimizes capital expenditure and lowers operating expenses
  • Rack-optimized design is space efficient, and as opposed to room-based design allows customers to target availability
  • Additional enclosure depth provides better cable management and power distribution
  • Web-based build-out tool reduces complex one-time engineering of the total integrated solution
  • Pre-engineered, integrated solution decreases human error and lowers repair time
  • Monitoring of power and environment at the rack level helps avoid downtime

American Power Conversion
Tel: (80) 2227 2496/2221 3798
Fax: (80) 22213816

Collaboration platform

Novell GroupWise for Linux

Novell said its collaboration platform now runs entirely on Linux. It announced Novell GroupWise 6.5 for Linux, which will be available from April 15.

A Novell Nterprise product, GroupWise handles e-mail, calendaring, instant messaging, contact management, document management and workflow services across network operating systems like Novell NetWare, Windows NT/2000 and now Linux.

Novell said Ximian Evolution, its e-mail and workgroup client for Linux-based systems, will feature native support for GroupWise for Linux, later this year. In addition, basic GroupWise plug-in support for the Gaim instant messaging client will be available in the next 30 days (after March 19), distributed through the Gaim open source project.

While Ximian Evolution will connect Linux desktops with GroupWise 6.5 for Linux, the GroupWise Windows client and the GroupWise Cross-Platform client are also supported on GroupWise 6.5 running on a Linux server, giving customers added choice and flexibility. The plug-in for the Gaim instant messaging client will allow Linux desktops to connect directly to the GroupWise Messenger server included in GroupWise 6.5 for secure instant messaging within the enterprise. GroupWise for Linux is supported on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions.

Onward Novell Software (I) Ltd
Tel: (22) 28342244
Fax: (22) 28342223

Data Center Library

Scaler i2000

ADIC's Scaler i2000 is a next-generation data center library. It is built around ADIC's iPlatform architecture. According to ADIC, the Scaler i2000 integrates advanced backup functions into the library to increase overall data protection, simplify management, reduce the need for external servers and software—and save companies time and money over the life of their backup systems.

Designed for storage network operation, the Scaler i2000 increases the performance and reliability of SAN backup. Its advanced scalability offers capacity-on-demand growth from 100 to over 2,200 cartridges.

ADIC claims the Scaler i2000 offers advanced features for reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS)—and this makes it suitable for the rigors of high-duty-cycle data center operation.

The key features of this data center library are:

Fundamental architecture advance - integrates external components and reduces costs by embedding advanced functionality in the library.

High density - 720 slots per square meter.

Improved performance in SAN environments through unified management, proactive data path readiness checks, and optimized drive performance.

Scalability - capacity on demand growth from 100 to more than 2,200 cartridges in a single library.

Advanced RAS features for higher system reliability and faster, more efficient service.

Policy-based alerts - proactive system monitoring, integrated policy engine, and e-mail alerting system for early problem detection.

Real-time reporting, including data written/read, slot utilization, and library activity status.

Native partitioning and true mixed-media operation—supports enterprise backup consolidation without external servers and software.

Drive aggregation reduces switch ports and cabling requirements up to 75 percent.

Adic Ltd
Tel: (22) 28521402, 9821610718

NAS Server

Dell PowerVault 745N

Dell announced the PowerVault 745N, a network attached storage (NAS) server designed to help small businesses, corporate workgroups and branch offices address increasing data storage needs.

This next generation storage server provides enterprise-class capacity of up to 4 TB of external SCSI-attached storage. In addition to new levels of expandability, the system's management features and performance capabilities deliver advanced functionality for critical business tasks such as data consolidation and backup. Powered by Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 and the latest Intel processors, it can be deployed quickly and easily on to virtually any network.

The 1U rack-optimized PowerVault 745N offers customers a choice of Intel Celeron or Pentium 4 processor with speeds up to 3.2 GHz and storage capacity ranging from 160GB to 4TB, ensuring that storage systems can scale to accommodate business growth.

The PowerVault 745N also comes with advanced software options that help ease system administration and increase data protection. For example, customers can take Snapshot Copies of their data, a critical data protection feature that allows them to quickly revert back to previous versions of data in the case of software issues or accidental file deletion.

Dell status reporting tools and Web-based management tools provide real-time system utilization and performance information and enable remote monitoring from a central console.

The PowerVault 745N also supports Dell PowerVault tape back-up devices and data protection software from VERITAS and Yosemite Technologies for fast, simple backup to disk and tape capabilities.

Dell India
Tel: 1-600-33-8044 (Toll Free)

Integration Server

BizTalk Server 2004

Microsoft Corporation India launched BizTalk Server 2004, its integration server offering for enterprises. BizTalk Server 2004, aimed at businesses with multiple applications and extensive customer and partner networks will enable Enterprise Application Integration and Business Process Integration. It will provide organizations with the core engine, development tools, adapters and vertical accelerators needed to integrate and automate their business.

BizTalk Server 2004 comes in four flavours: Enterprise, Standard, Partner and Developer. In addition to the application integration capabilities found in previous versions, BizTalk Server 2004 delivers new capabilities to enable enterprises to more effectively manage and apply rules to business processes, connect to trading partners, and analyze the health of their business processes. The new functionality in BizTalk Server 2004 includes the following:

Business process management (BPM) provides a highly scalable messaging and orchestration engine with enterprise-class BPM capabilities, including support for Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), an emerging standard for linking business processes between trading partners, applications and business users.

Integration with Visual Studio .NET 2003 enables developers to build, orchestrate and manage business processes using a highly productive integrated development environment.

Health Activity Tracking (HAT) allows administrators to monitor and manage the health of their business processes within their BizTalk Server environments.

Enterprise single sign-on streamlines the sign-on verification process for Windows and non-Windows users accessing line-of-business applications.

Highly scalable business rule engine enables business analysts to create flexible and more-responsive rules and policies around business processes.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) provides information workers with real-time monitoring of business processes in familiar tools, such as Microsoft Office Excel or Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

Microsoft Corporation India
Tel: (11) 6294600
Fax: (11) 6292650

External Storage

Maxtor OneTouch

Maxtor OneTouch, a sleek new external drive for personal storage, has just been launched in India.

The drive comes with Dantz Retrospect Express software and has a sleek new industrial design. And Maxtor claims this is the first push-button backup & restore hard drive in the market today.

According to Maxtor, OneTouch drives simplify storage and the process of making backup copies for personal, business and family files; pictures, music, and digital video clips. Capacities range from 120GB to 300GB.

The OneTouch button can also be customized to auto-launch applications. In essence, you can easily transform your Maxtor OneTouch drive into a digital photo album, music jukebox or digital video player.

The Maxtor OneTouch products are compatible with both Macs and PCs and come integrated with Dantz Retrospect Express software to easily customize data backup and restore options.

Tel: (11) 30943377
Fax: (11) 51811691

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