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Issue of April 2004 

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New Products & Services


Dell PowerEdge 700/750

The PowerEdge 700 from Dell is a tower server, and the PowerEdge 750 is a 1U rackmount system. These single-processor servers are targeted at SMBs and remote offices.

The new systems are claimed to be ideal for small workgroups and remote offices with limited IT resources or space. The PowerEdge 700 and PowerEdge 750 servers feature Intel Pentium 4 processors with 1 MB cache. The PowerEdge 750 range starts at Rs 60,240. The PowerEdge 700 with a price starting at Rs 58,946 can hold up to 1 TB of data internally.

The servers come with Dell OpenManage standards-based systems management tools, and enterprises with remote offices can upgrade their servers with remote management cards. PowerEdge server product specifications are also available from Dell.

Dell India.
Tel: (80) 506 8026, 1600-44-4026 (Toll free)

Thin client

Itona TC

The Itona TC is a thin client device for corporate networks from VXL Instruments. VXL claims that the Itona TC's low price, combined with the device's sidecar add-on provides organizations with the cost effectiveness of a thin client solution as well as the application reliability of a traditional PC. Itona is targeted at the public sector industries as well as medium and large enterprises.

The device has a Via C3 800 MHz processor and a high-resolution (resolutions exceeding 1280x1024 with over 24 bits of colour depth) graphics system. Powered by Window CE .net, Windows XP Embedded and Gio Linux, the Itona provides client management and configuration using VXL InControl Enterprise management software. All the terminal settings can be manipulated from a central server, allowing complete control over the desktop environment. All user data is stored and backed up on the central servers.

Contact: VXL Instruments Limited.
Tel: (80) 2852 0046
Fax: (80) 2852 0095

Reporting solution

Score - OSC

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, and Microsoft has launched its reporting solution product 'Score - Office as Smart Client'. The solution will provide customers with updated support and features to enhance the experience of using their existing ERP/legacy systems.

The Score - OSC solution has been jointly developed to enable the customer to analyze and gain insight into business data. This solution incorporates Microsoft Office applications like MS Excel or MS Word that most users find comfortable. Key benefits of OSC are corporate scorecard, business intelligence, reporting extension, and data integration. The solution makes use of a role based, table driven setup/administration and is claimed to have a low TCO.

Microsoft Corporation (I) Pvt Ltd.
Tel: (22) 2284 4000
Fax: (22) 2288 3040

Security appliances

Sonicwall Pro 2040

The Sonicwall Pro 2040 appliance from IT Secure is claimed to deliver high-end security features to mid-size businesses. The Pro 2040 uses SonicWALL's SonicOS operating system and a high performance hardware architecture, to deliver business-class firewall throughput and VPN concentration.

The appliance architecture includes a processor and cryptographic accelerator that delivers a 200 Mbps stateful packet inspection firewall along with a 50 Mbps 3DES or AES VPN throughput. The 2040 also supports the AES encryption standard. Remote installations of 2040 can also be configured and managed centrally using Sonicwall's Global Management system.

The appliance provides failover for Internet and IPSec VPN connectivity to a second ISP link in case of failure of the primary link. One of the user-defined ports can be configured as a secondary WAN port. This port can be used in 'active-active' load sharing or fail-over configuration for maximizing total network bandwidth.

The Sonicwall Pro 2040 provides the ability to define an object like a user group, network address range, service or interface. When security policies change, the administrator can modify the pre-defined object and propagate the changes instantly without redefining rules.

Network administrators can group multiple physical interfaces on Sonicwall Pro 2040 into logical 'zones' for ease of management and flexibility. In addition to NAT (many-to-one), the Sonicwall Pro 2040 exposes control of NAT policies to administrators for one-to-one NAT, many-to-many NAT, one-to-many NAT, inbound Port Address Translation (PAT), flexible NAT (for overlapping IP addresses), as well as NAT policies on selective source/destination/source translations.

SonicOS Enhanced, an optional software upgrade for the Sonicwall Pro 2040, is claimed to add significant functionality to the product. Upgrading to SonicOS Enhanced activates a fourth user-assigned port on the Sonicwall Pro 2040 that can be configured either as an additional LAN, WAN, DMZ, or as a hardware failover, offering greater network configuration flexibility. The 2040 is available at a retail price of Rs 1,73,000 for the appliance with standard OS and Rs 77,000 for upgrading to Enhanced OS.

IT Secure Software Pvt Ltd.
Tel: (22) 643 1233 / 643 1246 / 645 4782
Fax: (22) 642 2182

VPN Firewalls

D-Link DFL-1500

The DFL-1500 from D-Link India is a network secure firewall/VPN router. The firewall/VPN is targeted at the enterprise with VPN support, network availability through connection backup/load balancing, and easy administration.

DFL-1500 offers firewall protection with content filtering. The VPN router comes with IPSec data encryption/authentication, VPN tunnels and VPN pass-through support. Fast hardware-based VPN encryption and decryption is present in the DFL-1500 along with five 10/100BASE-TX ports user-configurable as WAN ports, internal LAN ports and DMZ port.

Secure system management is done via a VPN tunnel on an interface. Session bandwidth control can also be performed in the VPN tunnel. The DFL-1500 is configurable to two WAN ports with integrated WAN load balancer/backup along with automatic checking of WAN connection statusUser authentication/access control.

Other features include scheduled policies/parental control with URL/domain blocking, and bandwidth management with real-time monitoring providing traffic detail. Web-based management and remote control and software via a browser are standard features of the DFL-1500.

D-Link India Limited.
Tel: (22) 2652 6696/ 5690 2210
Fax: (22) 2652 8914/ 8476

Laser printer

Canon Laser Shot LBP 3200

The Laser Shot LBP 3200 from Canon India, is a laser printer claimed to be able to deliver professional results for the SOHO market and the business user. The Laser Shot LBP 3200 prints at 18 pages per minute.

The unit uses Canon's on-demand toner fusing technology that is claimed to reduce the initial warmup time producing an extremely fast printing response for first prints. Documents can be printed at a high resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. In addition, the Laser Shot LBP 3200 also has 2400 dpi equivalent smoothing technology AIR (Automatic Image Refinement) to sharpen prints.

The printer has stand-by mode as a standard to reduce unnecessary noise and save on power. An additional convenience-added feature includes the all-in-one EP-26 toner cartridge. It is possible to replace the cartridge in a single step. It prints on a variety of paper including thick paper, transparencies, labels and envelopes. The model also has network printing capability using the optional network adaptor C-6200U.

The model is priced at Rs. 14,999.

Canon India.
Tel: (11) 2680 6572-74,2680 7317-19
Fax: (11)2680 7180

Enterprise security

McAfee Active Threat Protection

The McAfee Active Threat Protection is claimed to be a broad system security solution that combines desktop, server, gateway, and groupware protection solutions to secure enterprises.

McAfee Active Threat Protection complements McAfee Active Mail Protection. McAfee Active Mail Protection integrates anti-spam, proactive anti-virus solutions, content filtering, user-group based policy support, centralized policy management, and reporting for protection against inappropriate content, spam, viruses, and malicious code in e-mail.

McAfee Active Threat Protection includes McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, McAfee Desktop Firewall, McAfee GroupShield, McAfee SpamKiller, and McAfee WebShield SMTP. As a promotional offer, the solution includes McAfee PortalShield for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.

McAfee Active Threat Protection is centrally managed by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), a system security management tool. McAfee Active Threat Protection includes McAfee GroupShield for content and email protection on desktops and servers. It also has McAfee SpamKiller, which is claimed to protect businesses from malicious threats on desktops and servers and to reduce the costs associated with spam and lost productivity.

McAfee Desktop Firewall is claimed to provide proactive defense and control of systems, helping to prevent blended threats from spreading and protecting wireless remote and broadband users from attacks. With McAfee Desktop Firewall, organizations can prevent unsecured clients from connecting to the network until their systems are updated and can help enforce the common operating environment without the need to remove administrator rights.

McAfee WebShield, a software-based firewall-independent scanner is claimed to easily plug into existing networks and add protection at the gateway, without impacting other performance critical systems such as firewalls or mail servers.

McAfee Active Threat Protection also includes McAfee PortalShield for Microsoft SharePoint Server for a limited time. The solution offers content security for all document stores and allows users to securely access, find and share the information regardless of the physical location of information on the portal. McAfee PortalShield also includes capabilities to protect Microsoft SharePoint servers by detecting, cleaning and removing documents that are stored in SharePoint workspaces.

Network Associates.
Tel: (22) 5693 5278
Fax: (22) 2665 0078

Network security platforms

Lanner FW-7650

The network security platform FW-7650 from Lanner electronics is based on the Intel Pentium 4 and Intel Celeron processors. The platform is claimed to be suitable for network applications like VPNs, Firewalls, IDSs, Multi-Homing, Residential Gateways, routers, and MTU/MDU. It is a 1U rack-mountable unit and targeted at the enterprise market.

FW-7650 uses socket 478 and supports Intel Pentium 4 and Intel Celeron processors with speeds of up to 2.4 GHz. The platform also supports two DDR200/266 DIMM sockets that support up to 2 GB SDRAM. It also supports two Gb Ethernet ports, four 10/100 ports, and interfaces like compact flash type II socket, serial, PCI and mini PCI interfaces. Lanner also makes accelerator cards to the system's mini PCI expansion slot, which is claimed to increase network security performance.

Lanner Electronic India Pvt Ltd.
Tel: (22) 665 4108/ 665 2065/665 2055/ 692 6190
Fax: (22) 612 8610

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