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Issue of March 2004 

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Online IT systems management

‘Insite’ for application networks

Datacraft India Limited offers an online IT systems management service called 'Insite' through NOCs called STARtrac in various global locations. A look at the STARtrac in Bangalore tells us more about its services and features. by Soutiman Das Gupta

Datacraft India Limited (DIL) specializes in providing IT solutions and services that help businesses to operate across 'Application Networks'. Application networks, according to DIL, are the convergence of two previous separate areas of IT: application integration and network infrastructure. And going by this philosophy, the company offers an on-line, real-time IT monitoring and management service called 'Insite'.

Insite offers enterprises three levels to choose from. This service can range from basic fault monitoring to extensive predictive analysis, and reporting. DIL claims that it can also span multiple technology and business areas, depending on a company's requirements.

The Insite services are available through STARtrac. These are Datacraft's 24-hour network management centers located throughout APAC. And DIL runs a STARtrac NOC in Bangalore.

Some insight on Insite

Insite is a real-time, online IT systems management service. It provides online access to real-time status and performance data across a range of technology and business applications. DIL claims that it helps to facilitate effective control of the IT environments that support these applications.

Insite's services range from basic fault monitoring to performance and configuration management, and to extensive predictive analysis. It is aimed at maximizing performance and can be a tool for capacity planning and service level reporting.

At the foundation

The foundation that supports Insite, is the company's Global Services Operating Architecture (GSOA). GSOA is a customized configuration of commercial and proprietary software that is pieced together with application integration modules.

The foundation provides the technology to offer Insite customers access to a dedicated, secure service portal, which provides a real-time window into the status of their IT environment operations, as well as the performance of their SLAs.

enterprise Services

Insite is available across a spectrum of customer operations—from multi-service networks like WANs, enterprise systems like servers, storage applications, and to interactive systems like Web systems.

Customers can choose from three levels of service that vary in delivery from reactive reporting of faults, to providing recommendations on how to improve performance, to proactive monitoring.

Level 1 is a reactive service level, Level 2 is an interactive service level, and Level 3 is a proactive service level.


Fault monitoring - Insite can identify faults, diagnose them and recommend steps to resolve them.

It includes:

  • Proactive fault identification
  • Root cause analysis
  • Fault diagnosis and escalation
  • Multidimensional notification
  • Fault resolution management
  • Escalation management

Performance monitoring - Performance metrics can effectively monitor and measure your IT environment.

It includes:

  • Utilization (technical/information reporting)
  • Threshold monitoring
  • Configurable thresholds
  • Predictive analysis
  • IT systems modeling

Systems configuration monitoring - Insite gathers complete configuration data and monitors changes with tools and applications developed specifically for this task.

It includes:

  • Online infrastructure diagrams
  • Security authentication
  • Change control
  • Change management
  • Configuration archiving

Technical/information reporting - As various network management services are performed, Insite gathers data and generates reports in response to certain events or milestones as specified by the SLA.

Reporting services include:

  • Event analysis vs. multiple SLAs
  • Extensive infrastructure reports

Soutiman Das Gupta can be reached at

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