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Issue of March 2004 

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New Products & Services

Wireless multi-mode device

SMC Multi-Mode EZ Connect 2.4 GHz 54 Mbps Device

The SMC2870W 2.4 GHz 54 Mbps wireless multi-mode device is claimed to be able to serve as a wireless access point, repeater or adapter. SMC also claims that it can anchor the wireless network, extend its range or connect to virtually any Ethernet-capable device.

Operating using the 802.11g Wi-Fi standard, the SMC2870W 802.11g adapter is claimed to install and communicate without drivers. It can also be configured to serve as a wireless access point, to provide network access to other wireless 802.11g and 802.11b devices. Using its support for Wireless Distribution System (WDS), it can extend the range of a wireless 2.4GHz network using a point-to-point, point-to-multipoint configuration; or as a wireless adapter, to connect virtually any Ethernet-capable device into a wireless network.

The SMC2870W incorporates SMC's PRISM Nitro technology, which is claimed to provide upto 50 percent more throughput in g-only networks, and upto 300 percent more in mixed-mode (802.11b and g) networks, by eliminating collisions and employing packet bursting technology. Security features include advanced setup via the Web browser to configure 64-bit or 128-bit WEP encryption, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), disable SSID broadcast, and MAC address filtering.

Available in January 2004, the new SMC2870W is available at an MSRP of Rs 20,250 plus taxes and local duties.

SMC Networks India
Tel: (11) 26234613
Tel/Fax: (11) 26444940
Mobile: +91 98100 52469

Enterprise Storage

Acer Enterprise Storage Solutions

The Acer Storage Centre (ASC) from Acer is a solution for storage virtualization, provisioning, and management. These solutions are targeted at SMEs and large enterprises.

Acer claims that these storage solutions are based on a building block approach and being extremely flexible, can be built around SCSI or FC storage solutions, without limiting future technologies like Serial ATA, iSCSI, and Serial SCSI. The current storage offerings from Acer include the Altos S300 (SCSI JBOD), Altos S700 (FC JBOD), and the Altos S700F (FC RAID External Storage Array).

In addition to basic storage consolidation, ASC is also claimed to offer advanced features like active-active failover, synchronous mirroring, remote replication, snapshot copy, and zero impact backup enabler. The entry-level storage solution is slated to be available for Rs 10 Lakh onwards.

Acer India (Pvt) Ltd
Tel: (80) 2521 9520/21/23
Fax: (80) 2521 9535
Website: switches

Hanut BigView KVM switches

Hanut BigView KVM switches from Hulasi Metals is claimed to offer a rich feature-set at an economical price.

When used in daisy chain network the BigView KVM switches can control up to 116 computer systems. BigView KVM switches have support for Intel and USB enabled Sun servers and workstations.

Claimed features of the KVM switches are high video quality, easy PC selection through On Screen Display (OSD), 8-character password protection, and search for server by name. BigView KVM switches are available in 4 port, 8 port, and 16 port models.

Hulasi Metals
Tel: (141) 221 1115 (4 lines)/ 221 3247
Fax: (141) 221 2888 / 236 3970


PC-cillin Internet Security 2004

The PC-cillin Internet Security 2004 from Trend Micro is a PC-based security solution against Internet-based threats like viruses, hackers, privacy threats, and spam. The solution is targeted at home users and small office/home office (SOHO) users.

The product incorporates a Network Virus Emergency Center console, which sends early warnings of new threats to users, and allows virus pattern files to be automatically updated for updated protection. Automated cleaning and restoration tools are triggered in the event viruses are caught to keep systems functioning properly.

In addition, Trend Micro Internet Security includes a personal firewall component for protection from hackers and intruders, and privacy and spyware protection to protect passwords, bank account numbers, and other personal information. Anti-spam and URL filtering features are claimed to block unsolicited junk email, and help control access to inappropriate websites.

Trend Micro Incorporated
Tel: (22) 2659 2005/993
Fax: (22) 2659 0354
Website: www.trendmicro.comPatch Management


PatchEasy from SecureSynergy is an enterprise patch management tool for deploying and management of patches. The tool is claimed to automatically update or 'patch' networked PCs and Servers with required updates, security patches, bug fixes, version upgrades, service packs, and signature updates.

SecureSynergy claims that PatchEasy enables enterprises to review and deploy patches that have been tested for interdependencies and compatibility within their IT environments. PatchEasy also has management reporting features.

PatchEasy can automate patch management for all Microsoft business and consumer applications like Windows Server 2003, XP, IIS, MS Office, and Internet Explorer. The complete compatibility list is available at

Tel: (22) 2825 8825/ 2825 9996
Fax: (22 2825 1242

Tape Autoloader

Exabyte VXA-2 PacketLoader Firewire version

VXA-2 PacketLoader 1x10 1U from Exabyte is a FireWire 800 Autoloader for Mac users. It features FireWire 800 connectivity in a 1U form factor.

This autoloader is claimed to be able to provide two weeks of unattended backup upto 1.6 TB (assumes 2:1 compression) of capacity in ten 160 GB cartridges (assumes 2:1 compression) and includes a rack mount kit, cables, backup software, and a cleaning tape. It is targeted at Mac users who want to upgrade from single tape drives to a VXA-2 automated backup solution. Compatibility with Apple Xserve is also available in the VXA-2 PacketLoader.

Exabyte India
Telefax: (80) 838.6808
Website: www.

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