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Issue of February 2004 

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New Products & Services

Gigabit Ethernet Switch

D-Link DGS-3312SR

D-Link has launched a Layer 3 Modular Gigabit Ethernet Switch, the DGS-3312SR. This switch can be used as a stacking master switch or as a small core switch, supporting copper and fiber connections.

The switch has 12 dedicated 2 Gbps links to 12 stackable switches in a fault-tolerant star architecture, redundant power backup, modular configuration, Layer 3 packet routing, and extensive management capability.

The Fault Tolerant Stacking scheme uses a star architecture, where packets are switched directly through the Stacking Master. Any single broken link between a switch and the Stacking Master will not affect the rest of the links of the stack. The stack is fully scalable upto 288 ports for departmental user connections, plus 12 Gigabit ports for server and backbone attachment.

Expansion modules available for the switch include DEM-540 (4-port stacking module), DEM-340MG (4-port SFP (mini GBIC) module) and DEM-340T (4-port copper Gigabit module).

D-Link (India) Pvt Ltd.
Tel: (22) 652 6696/ 6578 /6623
Fax: (22) 652 8914/ 8476

Ethernet Switch

3Com Baseline Switch 2250

The new 3Com Baseline Switch 2250 is claimed to be an affordable and unmanaged Layer 2 switch. With 48 auto-sensing Ethernet/Fast Ethernet ports and two high-speed dual purpose Gigabit connections—either 10/100/1000, or fiber SFP (Small Form-Factor Plug-in, or mini-GBIC) transceiver slots—this switch is targeted at small to medium businesses and enterprise networks looking for unmanaged switching.

It is claimed that the switch's plug-and-play design makes the unit easy to install and operate while advanced features, such as support for traffic prioritization, make it suitable for larger enterprise networks, running real-time applications. It can also operate free-standing or rack-mounted. The 2250 comes with a limited lifetime warranty and next business day advanced hardware replacement in major markets.

3Com India Pvt Ltd.
Tel: (11) 629 3177
Fax: (11) 6236509

Infrastructure management

eG infrastructure management suite

eG innovations offer their product suite to monitor and manage IT infrastructure. Using eG's product suite, customers can monitor their entire infrastructure—including the network, servers, and applications.

Support for over fifty popular applications like Web servers, databases, e-mail servers, and middleware components is available in the eG suite. For other custom applications, eG offers an Integration Console plug-in to its products that allows users to extend the capabilities of eG's product suite.

A 100 percent Web-based architecture ensures that eG's solution can be used to centrally manage servers and applications hosted in remote locations from just a Web browser. eG claims that the remote monitoring capability is ideal for service providers who are looking at new revenue generation opportunities; software vendors with customers around the world, who can use eG's product suite to monitor installation at remote customer sites; and global corporates with offices situated across continents, who can use eG's suite to centrally monitor and manage the different locations.

eG Innovations Pvt Ltd.
Tel: (22) 5692 6344

Enterprise security

Gateway anti-virus and anti-spam

InterScan VirusWall from Trend Micro is claimed to provide real-time detection and cleanup of viruses and malicious code at the gateway for SMTP, HTTP, and FTP Internet traffic.

The integrated solution can be configured to respond to virus detection and security violation incidents in several ways, alone or in combination. It can be configured locally via a Windows interface or remotely using a Web browser. Windows GUI and ISAPI/CGI Web browser configuration interfaces are claimed to offer administrators flexible management options.

InterScan VirusWall can also be integrated with many leading firewall and third-party products from Check Point, Cisco, Lucent, Microsoft and NetScreen. The product integrates with Trend Micro Control Manager for centralized configuration and management of Trend Micro products and services.

Trend Micro Incorporated.
Tel: (22) 2659 2005/ 993
Fax: (22) 2659 0354


HP StorageWorks NAS 2000s

Hewlett-Packard India now offers their NAS 2000s. The company claims that this is the first NAS device in the world utilizing Microsoft's new Windows Storage Server 2003 operating system and the first to incorporate print services.

The NAS 2000S is targeted at workgroups and small businesses that require rapidly deployable storage along with remote manageability. Key features of the product include added quota management software as a base feature, Windows Storage Server OS, management GUI, optimized file serving and snapshots.

Hewlett-Packard India Pvt Ltd
Tel: (80) 521 6121/ 527 6966


Vaman DataServer

The Vaman DataServer is an RDBMS from Vaman Technologies. Vaman DataServer is claimed to be a platform independent, lightweight, fully functional Database server.

Vaman DataServer is claimed to be small in size with a footprint of less than 10 MB at runtime. Claimed typical installation time is less than 5 minutes for the DataServer. It is ODBC compliant, can support Terabyte databases, and is platform independent with versions on Windows, Linux, and Unix.

Vaman Technologies.
Tel: (22) 5697 4373/ 93, 5691 0988

Product Lifecycle Management

WebPDM product lifecycle solution

The WebPDM product lifecycle solution from Gerber is targeted at the apparel industry. WebPDM is claimed to enable manufacturers to communicate flawlessly with retailers, factories and the entire product development team to keep track of all the details related to a product. This reduces product development time, improves quality, and saves money. Other offerings in the apparel product suite include Product Tracking, Line Planning, and Quality Audit.

ICICI Infotech.
Tel: (22) 5592 8000
Fax: (22) 5591 2030
Website: www.

Disaster Recovery

Veritas Bare Metal

Restore 4.7

Veritas offers Bare Metal Restore 4.7, disaster recovery software designed to automate the rapid server recovery of heterogeneous enterprises.

The new features of Bare Metal Restore 4.7 include external procedures and expanded platform support. Bare Metal Restore features dissimilar system restore, which allows administrators to restore a Windows system to target hardware that is completely different than the original source hardware.

The manufacturers claim that the new external procedures capability allows administrators to insert custom scripts within the data recovery process allowing for the automation of database and application recovery. It is also claimed that with the external procedures feature, server, database and application recovery can be performed in fewer steps to reduce manual error and allow rapid recovery of data.

Bare Metal Restore 4.7 is available at the beginning of February 2004 at no additional cost to existing Bare Metal Restore users with support and maintenance contracts. For new users, Bare Metal Restore starts at US $900 per Windows client and $1,000 per Unix client.

Veritas Software.
Tel: (22) 5695 0227 - 30
Fax: (22) 5675 0398

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