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Issue of February 2004 

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Towards Information Assurance

The importance of developing a professional approach to computer security cannot be over emphasized—and that seems to be the underlying theme of this book.

The path to effective (if not watertight) security seems to be Information Assurance (IA). For the uninitiated, Information Assurance is an interdisciplinary activity that protects the most complex organizational asset—its data and the ability to provide information. IA has become so significant that the National Security Agency has established centers of excellence in information assurance at many universities in the US. This book was written to provide the 'fundamental concepts of security' to students at these centers of excellence.

To fulfill this objective, the book shows us how to access threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to a network. It throws light on various hacking methods, including sniffing, spoofing, viruses, Trojan horses, and worms.

Moving a step forward, you'll learn how to defend against access, modification, denial-of-service, and repudiation attacks—using various security technologies, products and strategies.

Indian IT services companies that transact with multi-national companies are required to comply with certain standards. These are defined by federal and state laws such as the Patriot Act, HIPAA and Graham Leach-Bliley. There are notes on the legal issues on Information Security in this book.

The book also shows you how to create security policies, manage risks, and implement an information security program.

Though the book includes contemporary topics like e-commerce security and wireless security, it lacks notes on Security Certification.

Title: Fundamentals of Network Security
Author: Eric Maiwald
Publisher: Wiley Dreamtech India
Pages: 645
Price: Rs 349/-

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